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Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Are You Stressed Out, Over Stressed, or Consumed with Stressors You Can't Control?

I want to give an unsolicited recommendation to Lori. As busy minded serial entrepreneur, father of four, philanthropist, and overall adrenaline junky, I found that I made very little time for me. Through Lori's guidance and consulting, I have found ways to relieve stress, relax, all while being more productive. I don't know if she's taking on new clients in her private practice, but if she is, line up!!!!! 

Mike Welch

90-Minute Stress Reduction Hypnosis Session and Consultation with Audio $252 Value


Why Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Stress causes numerous physical, performance reduction and health problems.  Stress can lead to anxiety, burnout, and inability to focus and function.  Stress causes muscle tension, physical and emotional pain, and can result in difficulty sleeping.

1.  Performance in School and Life

Is Your Child Having Problems with Test Anxiety, Performance Anxiety or Social Anxiety?

When you are affected by stress, brain potential is impaired. You can't figure out how to juggle responsibilities, to set priorities.

2.  Obesity

Read "Stress #1 Cause of Obesity, Healthy Problems and Unhappiness"

3.  Health

We all know by now that stress kills, and that we all have stress. 

In fact, research now suggests that 90+% of all disease and illness have stress to thank for their underlying cause.

Since most health conditions result from stress which causes imbalances in the body's systems, our stress management program can be useful for over 30 conditions: READ MORE>>>

Attention Deficit Disorders ADD/ADHD
Back, Joint, Muscle, and Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines
Hormonal Balance-PMS
Negative Self-Talk
Weight Management and Weight Loss AND MORE

How Stress Happens>>>

Stress Reduction Solutions

1.  90-Minute Stress Reduction Hypnosis Session and Consultation with CD $252 Value


AND for a LIMITED TIME we are including Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with your session FREE.  Value $25.

2.  Rapid Results Coaching

Learn stress management tools through our "Rapid Results" coaching program to reduce your level of stress when needed.  This is the best solution for a busy mind and inner chaos. 

3.  Mindscapes Audios

Another great tool we offer is our MindScapes Audios that include brain entrainment technology.  Sound therapy and voice scripting for personal empowerment enables clients to not only reduce stress while working with us, they also have tools to use for a lifetime. Check out Breathe and Be Empowered.  This is our best seller.

"Lori, First I must say I LOVE YOU - YOU ARE AMAZING!

I listened to your Breathe and Be Empowered Audio today on the airplane.  Within the first 5 minutes I calmed down. When the session was over and I opened my eyes to the realization where I was, it was great!  I enjoyed the rest of the flight and was COMPLETELY anxiety free! I can't believe the transformation in only 30 minutes. 
Lisa Burnside-Burnside Dynamics, LLC 

5.  Games.  Another fun way to reduce stress is by playing games.  Read about a Fun Way to Reduce Stress with Bubble Wrap!

Once stress is reduced or overcome, you can substantially increase your chances of improving health, clarity, and capabilities for achieving peak performance personally and professionally.

Free "Rapid Results" Phone Consultations, so call today.

For more information call 651-260-4540 or contact us now.


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