Tips to Conquer the Unease of Life

It used to be when I was younger, I’d hear about a vicious or disastrous event of some sort every once in a while. Then it was every few weeks. Now as I am older, with the newspaper, TV, Internet, it could be every day that I hear about a horrific killing, a terrible accident, cruelty, abuse, divorce, people dying, illness and disease or a weather calamity has occurred somewhere near home and around the globe. Due to our technological advances, our world awareness and peace of mind is being shaken to the core. As a mind coach I’ve noticed that the frequent incidences of turbulent times, stress, and conflict are creating massive amounts of unhappy and unhealthy individuals!

What are we to do?

Just think more positive?  Just pretend it will get better on its own?  Nope!

If you are honest with yourself, you too feel this unease in some part of your body and in your life. People all around us are full of fear, worry, feeling overburdened, incompetent, struggling in relationships, working exhaustively hard to pay their bills, trying to save for retirement, dealing with ill health, mounting medical bill, fearing being attacked, struggling with addiction, and more.  This negative energy and influence of an out of control world, creates a toxic thinking pattern resulting in hopelessness.  It’s contagious, it grows, and it can be a terrible trap!

Now is the time for complete awareness of what is happening in your mind, how you perceive the future, and how you cope with it all. No one is excluded from this sticky web. It’s not the time to put your head in the sand and pretend it does not affect you.  Ignorance is not bliss and thinking it will be over soon is silly. Usually toxic thinking such as fear and worry, get worse not better, when left to the same pattern of thinking that created it.  If nothing changes, things usually get worse.  It’s like a spark that ignites in a forest during a drought, ravaging all life in its pathway.  If you are an emotionally sensitive person; an empath, a caregiver, a healer, a highly sensory person, you know it is more that you feel you can take at times.  This is the time to deal internally with one’s own dis-ease/unease, whatever form that takes.

  1. The first step is awareness; what is happening in my life that affects me on an emotional and physical level?
  2. The second step is acceptance of the unease however it manifests; this situation causes me to feel (fearful, stressed out, anxious, worried, overwhelmed) and I feel these emotions in my body here (muscle tension in my back and shoulders).  I accept the fact that these situations affect me in this way.
  3. The last step is contemplation of the next step. What can I do to deal with my perceptions that cause me to feel discomfort, so I can have peace of mind in a world I am traumatized by?

One example for feeling better is by thinking this way…

What if everything happening in my world was happening FOR me, not TO me?  What if it was shaping me into a more enlightened, stronger, courageous, and wiser person?  What if everything I was experiencing was for my benefit and preparing me to live the purposeful life I am destined to live?

Watch this short video clip on how to shape Prosperous Thinking>>

Feelings matter. And when you push feelings of discomfort aside, the body will let you know that it does not like this approach through being uneasy.  If you want to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life, then it’s essential to understand how to manage your thoughts and emotions to bring forth ease and peace of mind no matter what the situation is.  Is this possible?  Yes.  I’ve learned it, use it and now teach it.  

Be well and prosper,

Coach Lori

About the Author

Lori Bestler; Mind Mastery Expert and Personal Development Guru, is a Strategic Mind Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, and founder and owner of the MindScapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center.

Lori has helped to transform thousands of individual’s lives through her Strategic Mind System of Success, Rapid Results Coaching Program and Mind Power Audios, and Speaking engagements. She specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independent business professionals with busy minds. Lori helps clients overcome barriers in thought patterns, limiting beliefs and behavior resulting in improving their business, relationships, health and state of well-being.  Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Lino Lakes MN, assisting clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas, as well as all over the U.S