Hypnosis and Christianity

I am often asked if hypnosis is dabbling into the realm of demonic influence.  There may be those who feel that hypnosis, yoga and other perceived “new age” forms of spirituality is asking for trouble.  I suggest you use caution in EVERYTHING.  There ARE wolves in sheep’s clothing all around. AND there are sincere God serving people in the holistic practices that desire to help others with their God given gifts.  Use discernment!

As a Christian woman, I dare say I am a seeker of truth. I had my concerns prior to getting certified as a hypnotist.  I did tons of research, spent numerous hours in prayer, and with many BIG signs that this was the direction I was being prompted to go…not slightly I might add, I obeyed.

And as God would have it, after experiencing numerous amazing successes in my new hypnosis practice, I encountered several pastors who advocated and encouraged hypnosis as a means of support for positive change and wellness to affirm and encourage my work.

Below you can read a testimonial from a reputable pastor who speaks highly about the benefits of hypnosis .  If you would like to learn more about how hypnosis services are first and foremost focused on helping clients live better lives to the glory of God, feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

Now don’t take my word alone. Scripture says, “With many advisors plans succeed, ” and “Test everything.” If you seek confirmation that reputable individuals are serving God in the field of Hypnosis, read about Rev. William Mitchell.

William Mitchell is the Founder of the Mitchell Institute for Professional Hypnosis and Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics. 

His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts from Culver-Stockton College with a Missouri Secondary Teaching Certificate in Social Studies and graduate theological education at Texas Christian University Brite Divinity School and Phillips University Graduate Seminary in Oklahoma with an earned Master of Divinity.   While serving congregations in Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Texas he did doctoral work at TCU and has now completed a Professional Doctorate of Hypnotherapy from Madison University. 

Rev.Mitchell is currently the Pastor of a small congregation,The First Baptist Church of Stonington,IL.affiliated with the moderate American Baptists. During his active pastoral ministry he served as President and Moderator of several religious groups. With Rev. Mitchell’s interest in psychology , he consults with businesses and schools utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and serves as a Presenter and Trainer for New Leaf Resources, a grief-recovery company.

As a Christian, you learn very quickly that your job is often to get out of the way and allow the Spirit to use you as a tool or vessel so that others lives may be influenced for the good.   As a hypnotist, I believe hypnosis is a tool individuals use to improve their lives.   I am simply the vessel through which people experience the amazing power of hypnosis.   Everyday I am amazed when my clients stop smoking, lose weight, and find relief from stress and other problems.

I practice as a hypnotist because I enjoy helping people make healthy changes in their lives.   Both the mind and the heart are engaged in a good hypnosis session.   Change, true change, is always both mental and emotional.   Hypnosis allows me to serve in a very practical and important manner.

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Testimony from a Pastor…

As a pastor I am regularly asked about the benefits of counseling and therapy centered methods outside of our faith understanding. 

At times it is true that people are hostile to the Christian faith.  What is often the case is that people of faith working to strengthen and heal people struggling through issues in life use their faith in conjunction with other, very fruitful practices, to help people grow and cope. 

Hypnosis, while falsely spoken of in mind control or mind release, terms is a means by which people I know have been helped to deal with ordinary issues and personal growth.  Lori Bestler applies her Christian faith to the practice of helping people grow and face life’s struggles.  Doing this with a variety of efforts and disciplines suited to people where they are is essential to being an effective helper. I would commend people who encounter a new aspect of understanding our faith and the helping professions to take time to ask how a person’s work is shaped by their faith in Christ.  ~Pastor Dale Wilson

Lori works with individuals from many different beliefs, and is adamant about offering her hypnosis services without judgment of race, gender, religion or beliefs, so that she can most effectively help anyone seeking it.

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