NEVER GIVE UP-Success Strategy #4

Today I find that far too many people want the easy way out by looking for quick fixes, seeking immediate gratification and fast solutions to gaining a desired outcome.  I suspect that numerous individuals are missing self-satisfaction, seeing faith in action, and appreciating the serenity found in patience and persistence due to conforming to systems we assume are good.
About a month and a half ago I called the property manager of our townhome association.  I brought to his attention that many of the bushes in the association are drying out.  I suggested, as a past president, that he include a notice in the next mailing to encourage owners to water their bushes in this dry weather or they will die.
Valuing life in all forms, I decided to cut my bush back, water both day and night, even talk and sing to it, and see what happens.  With excitement I noticed my plant slowly and surely coming back to life.  Each branch had new beautiful green growth.  It still looked rather scrawny, but far from dead. 
Watching this grow, slow but sure, I decided I would write a chapter in my upcoming “Pathway to Limitless Potential” book about being patient, nurturing, and caring for those things; plants, animals, environment, and people, that need a little extra tender loving care. So I took a picture of my plant and began writing, with the intention to take another of my bush when it became vibrant again.
One day I took my truck into the shop for an oil change.  Talking to Tom the owner about my bush he told me that his dad desperately wanted to plant an apple tree in his yard.  Time and time again the newly planted tree died.  After Tom’s dad died, he decided to plant an apple tree.  He watered it and sang to it and it grew beautifully.
Now my bush was planted on a slope and water does not stay long in a light rain.  It is obvious that for my plant to survive on this slope it needed to be watered frequently for it to survive, and survive it was doing.  Each day I watered my bush I noticed new sprouts.  I became elated by the fact my bush would soon be beautiful and thriving again.
Then it happened.  I came home from work and my bush was gone.  The association had uprooted every bush in the development, including mine.  I wanted to cry, as if my plant was murdered.  I thought…plants today, people tomorrow. 
Have you ever felt like you were starting to grow and getting in the swing of things again when all of the sudden you’re uprooted like a worthless piece of junk?  Life is certainly full of uncertainty.
Our western culture is full of numerous systems of thought that form our right and wrong thinking.  These mindsets set the stage for our future, rule our thinking, shape our perceptions and precede all actions.  Changing systems of thought is difficult.  People avoid change.  Yet many times change is very needful and essential to growth, improvement, and to avoid repeating mistakes.  
Our society often follows rules that are wasteful due to impatient individuals who follow systems of convenience or conformity without even thinking twice about it.  I wondered, “Did the landscapers even notice that my bush was coming back?  Or did they just yank them all out?”  
After my bush was killed I received a notice to purchase a new bush AND told to be sure to water it so it does not die and have to pay for another one.
I may have lost my precious bush that I had become very attached to, but know in my heart that I did not give up on it.  I knew my determination and efforts would have produced the results I intended.  I’ve decided to share this story with my readers to encourage each one of you to persist in doing good, and to look deeper before you act.  I suggest you think about why you do what you do?  Ask yourself if that is the best way of doing what you are doing?  Maybe, just maybe there are even better solutions available. 
Patterns of habits are often killers in disguise because they affect us without even realizing it. 
With all that said, also remember to be patient with yourself and others.  Sometimes we give up on our goals, dreams, and others way to soon.  Look for growth not perfection and you will likely be more satisfied, fulfilled, and confident.
Next time you decide to judge a situation, a person, a perception and follow a habitual system, think again.  Just think again.  Pausing and re-evaluating a situation just may be a huge turning point in your, someone else, or something’s (a bush’s) life.

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