What the Hell Just Happened?

Our nation hasn’t changed as much as many think.  People who fear Trump being in office might have some legitimate concerns, yet before we create a catastrophic outcome from people panicking and self-inflicted disasters, I encourage us to see the entire picture. People will continue to care about health coverage. Most people do not desire that a wall be built along the border. Most do not want to abandon our allies.  Most still care about others regardless of gender and race, have good morals, positive intentions, and advocate generosity. Hillary winning the popular vote proved that.  Most people still believe that this is one nation under God and live according to Godly principles that tell us to feed the poor, care for the sick and widowed women.  Be aware that all too often, individuals unintentionally create their own worst crises. 

As a huge advocate of creating your reality with your thoughts, I discovered an interesting fact about our new president that you might find interesting. In the 1960s, Donald Trump gravitated to Marble, a Presbyterian church. The lure was Dr. Peale, a household name since the publication of the 1952 best seller that transformed “the power of positive thinking” into a national catchphrase. I’ve personally referenced that book on a few different occasions and found valuable insight with in those pages. Today Norman Vincent Peale is remembered for preaching optimism and personal fulfillment, asserting that it was possible to achieve spiritual and material success in life. He himself became a wealthy man who lived on Fifth Avenue opposite the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Another interesting fact about Donald Trump is that his upbringing revealed that he was a typical “busy minded” type of child.  He was and still is a bit socially disruptive. He has proven that he has a poor “filter” and lacks the wherewithal to know when it’s appropriate to speak a thought and when it’s better to keep it in his own mind.  His unharnessed behavior, reactive personality, belittling and insulting tongue, demonstrates again, a poor “filter”.  His parents were wise enough to get him enrolled in schools which taught more discipline, which some might doubt was effective. 

According to the Washington Post, when Trump was young, he went to the private Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens, where his father, Frederick, a very wealthy real estate developer, was on the governing board. Behavior problems led to Donald’s exit from the school, at which point he was sent to the New York Military Academy at age 13 by his parents, who, according to Biography.com, hoped “the discipline of the school would channel his energy in a positive manner.” One point here that I value considerably is that his parents wanted what was best for Donald, doing what they could to shape him for a life of success and acceptable standards of behavior.

The article also points out that Trump has happily allowed the media to report that he graduated first in his class from Wharton, including in New York Times stories in 1973 and 1976 about him. But the story goes on to say:

Writing in the New York Times magazine in 1984, William Geist reported that “the commencement program from 1968 does not list him as graduating with honors of any kind,” even though “just about every profile ever written about Mr. Trump states that he graduated first in his class at Wharton in 1968.” …  In 1988, New York magazine reported that the idea that Trump had graduated first in his class was a “myth.”

Based on my experience, I wonder if had Trump been a child in today’s times, his teachers and parents might have diagnosed him with ADHD and desired to put him on Ritalin.  I have come to realize that many of my clients as children were disruptive, struggled in school, speak too freely and hurt feelings, act inappropriately at times, struggle with relationships, and yet they are generous, deeply caring, intelligent and successful business men.

My point is to encourage him as our president.  After some serious contemplation about his behavior and researching his upbringing, I sheepishly see something I didn’t before.  I admit I seen mostly faults.  I had my fears about the future would backslide into a previous abyss.  Yet, Trump has been rejected.  He has struggled academically. I am sure he felt incompetent and not good enough at times.  Yet he was driven and had the tenacity to move forward in spite of himself, in spite of his shortcomings.  I think it is important to not assume that our new President Donald Trump is “good” or “bad”.  If truth be told, he and you and I, all have elements of both in us.   I’ve learned that the one that grows is the one you feed.  I’d like to encourage our president toward making wise decisions that support every person in our country. For me I am going to feed the mindset that Trump and the Republican Party will achieve some positive strides in areas that democrats wouldn’t have.  And they will also create some problems. Yet to make this country great, it is up to each of us to take our position and do our part in making our country better.  

Ask not about what this country can do for you; think about what you can do for this country.”  John F. Kennedy

In the days ahead I predict you will continue to see how gullible people can be.  Watch to see those who are swayed by what others say.  They will be triggered by uncomfortable feelings, their thoughts might lead to panic or explosive emotions and they will in turn act irrationally. 

When you can see disorder and not react, you are a mature and wise thinker.  You understand we live in a world full of problems, yet even though you feel frustrated, you take time to think things through, and you’re more responsive, responsible and productive.

Our nation has demonstrated that historically we’ve overcome massive hard times.  There has always been a working class, rich class, and class of obnoxious, abusive, criminals before the election and will continue to be there afterward. Regardless of who is in office those problems will not completely go away.  Be warned; propelling a picture that causes people to panic; feeling prettified about the future is a crime in itself.  Creating hate, fear, throwing out assumptions no matter how calculated they might be, serves no one.  When you do that you are a part of the problem. 

It is my belief that there are many more upstanding, hardworking, and God honoring people in this country than those that cause catastrophic problems. From my perspective and experience I still believe that most people in our country believe in this…

 Why America is One Nation Under God

…The point is this – it is historically indisputable that America was born One Nation under God. It does not require faith, but instead common logic to understand why. Men without a moral compass are incapable of long-term self-governance. The founders knew it because they had seen it. Few modern Americans have experienced what life would be like in a godless society, void of morality, so they question it. Many Americans place their trust in man over God, so they pursue it.

But there is no question what America was, is, should be or must be in order to retain its position of strength as the freest nation of self-governed individuals on earth. We will either be free as One Nation under God, or we will be a nation of fools unaware of our common heritage and on the road to ruin under men in search of power. One does not have to be a Christian to understand this. One must only understand man and his insatiable hunger for power.

Those in search of that power must remove God from society in order to gain access to that power. Those who allow them, do so at their own peril. You are of course free to not like this simple truth. But this truth will never change. It is as it has always been…and shall always be.  http://www.jb-williams.com/6-21-05.htm

Let us be the solution to creating a country we can be proud of. 

A wise business colleague wrote these words which help to dispel some of the sweeping panic certain individuals opposing Trump feel. 

 “While many things are promised on the campaign trail, all newly elected Presidents enter with a constrained ability to enact their agenda unilaterally. As a result, immediate and sweeping political changes are a process, which give markets and the American public time to digest and react. Although often derided by partisans, the inability of a President to swiftly change policies is strength of our political system, not a weakness of it.”  Dave Purdy – Wealth Management Midwest

Many people do not understand the power of the mind and how people can create their own disasters or unleash their deepest desires.  It’s so important to understand how we are all programmed far more than logically thinking beings.  To stop the manifestation of negative thinking I created this video.


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If you’re still struggling with anxious feelings about the future, possibly reading this article will help. 

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Be the change you want to see in the world!  Gandhi     

If it’s to be, it’s up to you and me!!!  Keep believing in the best of outcomes and you will see how some of them WILL come true! 


Lori Bestler; Mind Mastery Expert and Personal Development Guru, is a Mind EmPowerment Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, and founder and owner of the MindScapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center.

Lori has helped to transform thousands of individual’s lives through her Strategic Mind System of Success, Rapid Results Coaching Program and Mind Power Audios, and Speaking engagements. She specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independent business professionals with busy minds as well as empathic individuals. Lori helps clients overcome barriers in thought patterns, limiting beliefs and behavior which can lead to issues such as stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and weight gain, lack of focus and follow-through, and procrastination.  Clients experience results in areas such as financial success, improved relationships, health and state of well-being.  Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Anoka, MN, assisting clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas, as well as all over the U.S.  www.mindscapesunlimited.com