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Beth Schupanitz of Inspiring Health
Registered Nutrition Consultant & Certified Holistic Health Coach

Do you have mood swings? Are you constantly craving sweets? Do you have low energy throughout the day? Do you want to lose weight without deprivation? With this presentation Beth will develop awareness and education on what sugar is, what it does to our bodies and how we can gain control over the cravings, low energy and weight gain that sugar and processed foods create. You’ll leave knowing what food to replace it with and feel empowered to gain control over food and sugar for a lifetime. The skills and knowledge from this presentation will be tips you can ultilize immediately and start seeing results quickly. Remember, if you don’t make time for wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for illness.

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Beth Schupanitz

Women’s Self Defense
Tommy E. Brown of Epic Karate School

Mr. Tommy Brown graduated from Madison University with a degree in Criminology and administration. In 2001 Tommy took a job in Law Enforcement in Arizona and saw firsthand the need to educate the community on personal protection. Tommy has been presenting his personal protection seminars across the country for over a decade. He has educated countless numbers of both women and men on how to stay safe in their day to day lives. Tommy’s ‘Triple A’ method of self protection has been adopted as the standard by several personal protection experts across the country.

In 1998 Mr. Brown founded IMPACT Training Systems under which he opened his first Freestyle Karate center in Queen Creek Arizona. A few years later he opened his second martial arts school in what is now know as San Tan Heights Arizona. In late 2008 Mr. Brown moved back to Minnesota and in 2010 he along with his wife Christiana opened the first EPIC Freestyle Karate Centers here in Minnesota. Along with teaching his Freestyle Karate curriculum, Tommy continues to hold personal protection classes quarterly at his facility in Plymouth, MN. Tommy is also available for private classes, home security assessments and small group seminars.


Tommy Brown

Tracy David, Success Coach & Business Developer @ Designed 4 Freedom, Inc.

Do you ever feel like people respond to you as though you are speaking a foreign language? Have you ever hit a wall at work…you’re not sure what went wrong, why they didn’t buy from you or book an appointment?? How about your significant other, do they ever respond to you with the crazy look, or your maybe your kids tune out when you talk to them?

Tracy’s unique training has a proven track record of producing outrageous and permanent results for her clients. She has 23 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of people break free of fear, indecision and procrastination, while creating long term healthy relationships. Her interactive style, no-nonsense approach, and powerfully insightful teaching will set the record straight and give you practical tools that you can use immediately, producing wildly successful results for you.

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Tommy Brown

Exotic Dance for Fitness
Katherine Fossler, Owner Lady Katherine

Better known as “Lady Katherine” inspires and empowers women to experience the wholeness and transformational energy when they accept and love their bodies. She accomplishes this magic at her studios in Hudson, WI and Eagan, MN and everywhere with her fitness DVDs. Join us Saturday morning for her Exotic Dance for Fitness. This empowering movement is the perfect way to greet the new day! We will begin with some sassy stretching and luxurious, hip-opening movements, followed by ponies, hip dips and more! Wear comfy workout clothes and bare feet.


Katherine Fossler

Lori Bestler, Strategic Mind Coach @ MindScapes UnLimited

Get Ready for a Dynamic, Interactive and Inspirational Journey. Women who feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and stressed out far more than they would like, this presentation is for you! Learn “How to Create the Life You Love Without Burning Out!” It’s frustrating when you feel like no matter how hard you work, you never have a moment to rest. Balancing the demands of life; career, family, health, and spiritually, is a complicated scenario, and most of us muddle through the challenging maze. In this motivating and educational presentation, Lori Bestler shows you how to de-clutter your brain, reduce stress (weighty issues), and learn the essential mind mastery keys to eliminate self-sabotage and limiting beliefs for creating the life you love. Lori’s personal journey overcoming tremendous and painful obstacles allow her to empathize, empower and inspire others. Her programs are designed to demonstrate the power we all possess to triumph against overwhelming odds.

Rarely do you find in one individual a motivational speaker, business & life coach, and hypnotherapist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs with busy minds struggling with anxiety, negative thinking, procrastination, and lack of focus and follow through. Yet Lori Bestler offers just that.

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Lori Bestler