Rebecca Metz
  Thanks Lori for the fantastic hypnosis sessions. This was my first experience and I was very nervous. You made me feel very comfortable and it definately was an enjoyable process. Your Hypnosis Coaching sessions helped me in many ways, especially getting through certain insecurities I have. As a result I was able to open myself up to wonderful experiences and be able to receive so much more positive outcomes. I was amazed at how many doors opened up for me! I also enjoyed finally feeling that I was worthy of them! I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues so they can experience the power of hypnosis."  
  Hi Lori. Thank you - I am feeling better as our session yesterday was very very powerful. I listened to the new CD you gave me this morning and I just set my goals. I am printing the hypnosis session recap off, so I can study it. It seems to me that hypnosis is a very powerful tool, and you knew what I needed most yesterday and honored that. I am very grateful for that, and too, that I felt very protected and like I was in a sacred space. Blessings to you and yours. I look forward to our meeting next Monday!  
  "Lori, I just made a major purchase and had to install a product. This whole process went smoother than similar situations in the past. I didn't get weighed down by the decision. I narrowed the options, researched them, selected one, purchased it, and installed the product. In the past this would have dragged out over several days. WOW, the session for procrastion really worked. THANK YOU!"  
Mike Welch
  I want to give an unsolicited recommendation to Lori. As busy minded serial entrepreneur, father of four, philanthropist, and overall adrenaline junky, I found that I made very little time for me. Through Lori's guidance and consulting, I have found ways to relieve stress, relax, all while being more productive. I don't know if she's taking on new clients in her private practice, but if she is, line up!!!!!  
  Lori, Thank you very much for all you've done coaching me in my goals. All I can say is AWESOME. You've helped me so much. You have given me several tools to use daily to stay on task. Also I now have the knowhow to get focused and plan the most critical parts of my day before getting out of bed to manifest the success I desire.  
Cary Estrem
  I have struggled with the chronic illness of fibromyalgia for most of my adult life, had quit my job and had an empty nest. I had trouble structuring my days and constantly battled fatigue. I could not name my goals and was frustrated that I accomplished so little. By following Lori’s plan and through her positive encouragement, each day I started having more energy and accomplishing more. Friends heard more excitement in my voice and my osteopath detected higher energy levels in my body. Prior to working with Lori, my energy had been extremely low. Lori is very knowledgeable in the area of brain research, helping individuals to understand themselves and manage their lives to achieve their highest potentials. She is very perceptive and has a good way of meeting people where they are in life. I highly recommend Lori’s life coaching sessions to anyone who wants to experience positive life changes.  
Lucy Anderson
  September 2009 A friend of my father came in to talk about ways he could help me grow my business. I told him I was working with you and how you were helping me. He actually said that he could see a huge difference in me compared to the last time we had met. Today I had a meeting with a past client who wants more SEO done for his website. He admitted that he had some problems with me in the past yet after our conversation he decided to work with me again. It’s becoming very obvious to me and everyone around me that the work you are doing with me is showing up in all aspects of my life. Your coaching and other services are possibly the sole reason for obtaining new clients and getting a second chance with unhappy clients I’ve worked with in the past. I just wanted to give you my deepest thanks. I feel so much better about myself and my work. I know that I am going to be a kick-ass business owner, and that nothing is going to stand in my way of obtaining all my goals.  
Stephanie Weber
  "Lori helped me move beyond the stuck places in my mind and take my business to a higher level. With Lori’s superior support, encouragement, and suggestions my confidence grew, I experienced business growth and have unveiled opportunities that I had not yet considered. Through coaching and hypnosis, my vision for expanding leadership and the opportunities our business can offer others is becoming so much more apparent. I am both excited and hopeful about the future of our company now!"  
  Hi Lori, A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and how you've help me focus my efforts.  
Deb Brown
  I wanted to let you know that I did the homework you suggested twice the week after our last appointment. I also have really turned a corner. In a week's time, I gained 4 new clients! I know much of that was due to your help breaking through my mental blocks. Thank you for your help. You are wonderful!  
  Lori made such a difference in my life. I was emotionally exhausted, wounded, and hopeless. It was through Lori's living testimony and ongoing ministry that I have found help in the journey of repairing the broken world that seemed to be swallowing all hope for life and happiness. I met Lori in the spring of 2006 at her Great Escape Retreat. At that time, I was recently separated from my abusive husband, living in a world of pain, anger, hopelessness, and shame. Though her workshop and in getting to know Lori personally, her wisdom and encouragement have shed light on my darkness. In changing the way I view myself, my past, and my future, healing has begun and that broken world is being repaired. At the time of our meeting, I was lost in a losing battle of negative thinking and broken emotions. I felt much shame for the way that my marriage was ending up – surely there was something that I could have done or that I did not do that made him abusive to me. Though Lori's testimony I began to see the pattern of shame as a losing destructive battle, that abuse is never a cause and effect situation. I was encouraged and given hope by hearing her story and seeing first hand how a woman can and did come through overwhelming adversity showing much strength, courage, and the power of resolve. With continued support and never ending encouragement, Lori's resolve has grown within me and empowered me to persevere despite the harsh reality of such a transition. Over the last fourteen months I have changed from a broken spirit to one with life to share; from a soul of despair to one of hope and healing; from a body crippled with sickness to playing with my three children; from a countenance of sorrow to one of joy. The journey is long and hard, but the hope I/we reach for is much greater and far more rewarding. Lori Bestler has certainly been a powerfully positive role model in my journey from the hell of abuse to the freedom of gaining and living life as it was created to be.  
Maureen Heinen
  "I’d previously used hypnosis to quit smoking a couple of times but I kept relapsing after experiencing excessive weight gain. Recently, Lori’s sessions have provided me with a solutions-focused approach replacing urges with more positive stress-relieving relaxation and a strength-based inner stance that can withstand any difficulty. She’s good! And now I’m on my way to Look Good and Feel Great! In Fact... Every Day, In Every Way, I’m Getting Better and Better!"  
Sarah Dawn
  So many positive experiences happened when working with Lori. Sessions awakened me, healed me, empowered me and released me from mental bondage on all levels and areas within my life. My initial motivator to seek Lori’s help was dealing with PTSD from domestic abuse that stripped me of enjoying my everyday life and family. I constantly felt I was in my own cage of pain and despair, and never good enough as a wife and mother. Lori helped me set goals to work through PTSD and negative thought patterns. She was very clear on how her program worked to achieve success, working on one goal at a time while learning how thoughts and subconscious mind operate and can be rewired. Admittedly, I was skeptical. However, with Lori’s positive upbeat personality and her intuitive ability to dig deep into my wants, needs, and limiting beliefs helped me realize things I had not consciously saw before. Soon I was experiencing transformation as certain fears and doubts were dropping at the wayside as I conquered them. Some of the most painfully heartbreaking memories I harbored were suddenly being rewired and the bondage was released. It provided the healing and momentum I needed to move forward in areas where I was stuck or stagnant. I knew all along there was more to life, but I didn’t know how to get there even after years of counseling. Lori helped me in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined. She is passionately dedicated to her clients. If you are seeking powerful genuine guidance to transform yourself and life, I highly recommend Lori's program, tools and encouragement.  
  I got a great email from a recent client; a 78 year old woman named Jean, who had struggled severely with lack of sleep. After taking prednisone for over 10 years, once off medication, she had only been able to sleep 1-2 hours a night for 4 years. She went to a sleep center, a therapist, a chiropractor/hypnotherapist, took medications, and nothing worked. Jean was exhausted when she came to see me, with red blood-shot dry eyes. I was honored that she trusted me to help her after all she had invested in to no avail. My heart felt so bad for her and I was really concerned for her health. After one session and a few emails, Jean sent me this email… "I thank you Lori for your continued interest and help where others have failed. I am so pleased that I'm now sleeping 6-7 hours total a night --most nights--now. I'm sure it's because of your audio and the self-hypnosis techniques you've taught me. It amazes me that when I do wake up during the night I can go back to sleep." Gratefully yours,  
  Dear Lori, Some incredible things happened last week after our first hypnosis coaching session. It's like doors to healing have been opened! I am very excited about the progress- I don't understand it, yet I am excited to work through more of my issues. Tonight my computer is running poorly so I cleared out some history and downloaded an update and thought -- that's what we are doing!! Most happily looking forward to our next session.  
Lori Christenson
  Hi Lori, I have to tell you that since April 28th, I have applied the hypnosis and NLP techniques you taught me and NO more sinus/allergies. I have also closed my eyes, relaxed, did the deep breathing exercises along with the guided imagery techniques as well. I have had great success and will continue to practice what I’ve learned from you. I certainly hope this is something you pursue as I feel it could make a significant difference in the lives of many who suffer from all forms of allergies. Fondly,  
  Lori, thanks for all you've helped me with through hypnosis coaching. My new job you helped me manifest is like a custom fit perfectly tailored suit, I am having a blast. According to the owners I am exceeding all expectations. AND I doubled my income and increased happiness and relationships first year! I want to keep going with hypnosis. I even wore out the cd it no longer plays!  
  Yesterday I had one of my clients who finished her Month One Intensive Coaching Program a few weeks ago. I wanted to check in with her to see how she was doing because she really was having a hard time before seeing me and had a lot to work through. She emailed me today and here is what she said (I LOVE IT!)... Hi Lori, I have to say I am lovin life... I feel so much better. I'm continuing to listen to your breathe and be empowered cd and attract abundance cd, I listen to one of these at least 2x a week. The results have been astounding. I feel like I can do so much more with out the pressure I had constantly put myself under to be perfect. For example: I had a stressful situation come up and I completed it with the least amount of stress that I have ever felt in my entire life, and no ones feelings were hurt as in the past when I am stressed out. I make a list and at the end of the day if something did not get done I am astoundingly "ok" with this. I am more grateful for the things I have accomplished and go to bed in peace. I am still working on "self talk" however I have noticed I am being more positive in my self conversations and this just helps make every day joyful. When I do have a bad moment I am more open to learn from it and less likely to criticize myself. I do use the techniques you taught me to stop negativity and reactivity, to return to a place of peace. When fears come creeping in I have so much more power now to shift my thoughts and move to something I can do something about. I loved my experience with your Strategic Mind Coaching program. I am going to continue because this makes sense and I feel so much more ALIVE. and HAPPY. Thank you for taking your time with me and helping me change my outlook on life. When ever I need a tune-up, you're where I am going for help. Thanks and have a great day!  
Best regards, John
  So I get a call from a past client yesterday . "Can you get me in, I have a job interview with a National Organization and 8 executives on Monday?" I gave up my lunch today to see him. Within one hour after the coaching session he emailed me... "Lori, I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish today, but had no clue how. And I knew I needed to think issues through at a deeper level to and gain clarity. You helped me do exactly that. As a result, I set myself free from limitations that I had placed on myself along time ago. My world has changed and I needed to give myself the power to adapt and be the best I can be for me. Once I grasped that through our session, I knew I was free to pursue limitless opportunities and overcome challenges. Thank you for your help in guiding me today. Whatever I do from here I will do it at my highest level and know that I have much to offer and to give. Have a wonderful weekend and I will keep you updated on my progress.  
  Hi Lori, I wanted to let you know that even though I'm not sure I can pinpoint what part of our sessions where the most successful, I'm definitely doing better because of it. Thank You!  
  "Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection." John Powell “Lori, due to the awesome session we had on Monday, slowly my "stinking thinking" is going away. You were so right to realize that even though I came to you for weight loss, it was goal achievement and years of stinking thinking and self-sabotage that was my real issues. Working with you these past 6 weeks has been a true blessing in my life. You’ve helped me discover the true issues that were hidden even from me such as lack of confidence and worrying way too much about comments from other people. My life is so much better now because I am able to distinguish between useful and useless comments from others. I am able to see my own gifts as well as recognize the gifts of others. Hypnosis Coaching was definitely worth the money I spent since you work on so many different types of problems. I am definitely recommending you to family and friends. Thanks so much!”  
Mary Anne Beers
  "Working with Lori has helped me deal with my fears and identify the beliefs that were not truths, on the contrary, were lies that had been weighing me down for a very long time. I realized that I still held onto many lies - heavy stones - out of loyalty to what I was told by my family and what lies those in my family had also been told. I listened to Lori's "At Peace and Confident" CD. It was powerful for me. When I left one of our sessions, I was able to confidently make a difficult decision. For the first time I had no anxiety because I was making that DECISION FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH AND POWER not weakness. I knew it was the best decision for me. In the past when I said yes to jobs that did not honor who I was, I always experienced a great deal of anxiety, sometimes for months afterwards. This time I did not settle. I have been through many therapies - cognitive and other - for anxiety and depression but Lori's sessions along with the CD’s are really altering something positively in my brain, in a way that no other technique has touched. It is very powerful."