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Are you in a situation wherein you struggle to exercise, eat healthy, or sleep well, and the inability to lose weight, focus and motivate yourself is almost painful?

If yes, you need a smart solution minus the adverse health effects.

Try D.O.S.E; Elevate Coffee and Xanthomax that could help you out of your situation by enhancing your thought process, boosting your memory, and making you much more energetic, productive and happy.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Check it out D.O.S.E for yourself.  If you need more proof, watch the video and read my story below of losing 22 lbs in 3 months without exercise or following a diet…

Product Highlights

The POWERFUL combination of Smart Coffee and XanthoMax

Body Image, what is that? Lori’s Story

Well, spoken from a woman who over the many years of my life, I have seen a shift in my interpretation of what that means TO ME!

You see, from the time I was 17 in high school, through a year of college, and until I was 24, I struggled with eating disorders. I used to starve for days, then binge and release it all. NOT FUN. During that time, I felt fat, especially when I was in a beauty pageant, at 119 lbs., in a swimsuit competition-a dream of my mothers, NOT MINE!

It seems like I had forever compared myself to my skinnier friends, noticing the numbers of guys they “attracted”, and never felt up to par.

Because of my low self-esteem, one of my coping tools was hiding behind a bottle of Boone’s Farm before socializing events. Hey, it’s what I could afford then. I bit my nails down to the cuticle. My complexion showed my anxiety. I would NEVER go swimming, that meant people would see my body, wash off my makeup, and oh, where do I begin with talking about my hair insecurities? I will not talk about how my body image and self-identity was developed, I do that in my business. I just want to make it clear, I am NOT posting this picture to impress you. I am posting it to impress upon you how our perception of our body can be so brutal and disempowering. My first Point: LOVE WHO YOU ARE FIRST, inside your head, before you dwell on your body.

My painful journey, lessons learned through life, led me to a place where, when I was 46, I got a divorce after 20 years of marriage. It was time to divorce myself from many toxic choices and people. Over 2 years, I researched numerous aspects of spirituality, relationships, the mind, especially the busy mind of people with common issues like ADHD, Anxiety, racing minds, addictive personalities, carbo and sugar “addicts”, people on roller coaster rides of weight gain/loss, empathic and HSP qualities and SO MUCH MORE. I even became certified in holistic practices like hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming to HEAL ME.

That path of healing and personal transformation, brought me to a place of developing a unique coaching program specifically for people a lot like me and struggling in areas just like I have.

Now, I tell you this because “People just like me”, have common shortfalls (AND INCREDIBLE STRENGTHS). Of those shortfalls that significantly hinder the strengths ability to be strengths, is focus and productivity. I heard about this “Healthy” coffee, not just coffee with caffeine which I and people like me drink to focus more, the ingredients offer SO MUCH MORE. As a result of testing this coffee to better focus, it not only helped me focus, it energized me, I was “On task” much more.

Then I added this product lines creamer KETOCRE. I NEVER drank creamer. I do not process simple sugars well. However, I read the ingredients and knew that many of them are the individual supplements recommended for people with busy minds-ADHD, and also the healthy fats, so essential to mind and body, would also help sharpen my mind. I’ve read where coconut oil is known to help people with Alzheimer’s. I thought wow, I wonder if this would help my mom?

I felt satisfied in an enlightening way, my cravings were gone. Where I craved large portion sizes, where I would eat a caramel or two after dinner, where I wanted to eat at 8, 9, 10 pm-my big downfall, I could pass, I had will power. It blew my mind.

I can get what my body needs easily and quickly.

Happy Hormones

Now let’s talk about being “Happy”! Metabolic Renewal reports that most women are told to exercise to get rid of weight.  Did you know that exercise plays only a small percentage of our daily calorie burn. Hormones are the true influencers behind weight gain and reduction. Most women constantly fight against their Hormones. Or in other words, their hormones are in constant stress making the metabolism come to a standstill.

If you exercise and still do not seem to lose weight, then the two HAPPY hormone pumping products from Elevacity: Coffee and XanThoMax, are the ticket.

This is called D.O.S.E..

I now see how when you have an assistant (D.O.S.E) that help you produce the happy hormones (which by the way get eaten up by stress and anxiety), you are empowered to naturally make better choices.

These happy hormones, like serotonin and dopamine are lacking in certain types of people, especially those with busy minds. Just look at what many of the drug companies’ medications produce, and these happy hormones are what they do. Yet they also deplete your body of nutrition as well. Most people don’t realize that. So, they help one issue, yet create another problem.

People like me also easily absorb other people’s negative energy, as a result often have addictive personalities to cope.

I’m not going to get into my journey and discoveries from drinking in my youth to stuff my pain, quitting for 16 years to find myself, and now drinking socially again without feeling the pressure to be accepted or fit in. I save that for my coaching program.

Fast forward, recently I heard about this HEALTHY COFFEE from Elevacity. I wanted a jump start in aiding my focus as I have several huge goals in place, and add a product line to offer my clients in ways they most need it. I tried this product.

The results I have experienced went way beyond my desire for better focus. I did NOT set out to lose weight. It came as an added bonus.

After I fell in love with the coffee and the Ketocre (a buttery flavor power cream with a bunch of amazing amino acids in addition to MTC oil powder). I added the Xanthomax.  This increased my ability to feel uplifted.  Things didn’t seem to bother me as much.  Due to not exercising, not getting out in the sun, and taking Vitamin D and magnesium to aid this depleted state, I decided to give this product a shot. AMAZING!!!

Do I feel better due to losing weight? Of course, because I have more energy. Yes, because my pants were getting tight and now are loose. Yes, because I had cravings that I didn’t like and they’re now gone.

Am I more focused.  Absolutely!!!

Am I more uplifted?  Darn right!!!

I feel that my life has gained a wonderful adversary through these 3 products to aid me in some of my shortfalls.

Am I selling you on this? I hope so! It works. Why wouldn’t I tell you about something that made such a positive difference in my life?

Bottom line, being fat or skinny is NOT the issue. The issue is optimizing your mind and body so you can live the life YOU LOVE, and BE who makes you feel good about yourself…NO ONE ELSE.

Be true to YOU!!

Lori  XO

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