Expand the Light

You are a POWERFUL Creator! Do you believe that?  Since the pandemic of 2020, media paralyzed numerous people by engulfing them in fear.  It is becoming very clear how fear is disabling people’s ability to be powerful, intuitive creators of dreams and enjoy life. Additionally, this fear inducing strategy also creates conflict and confusion, drastically weakening hope for a promising future.

Be an Empowered Thinker, who like the Alchemist, can transform a dark mentality into a reality where an up-leveled vision lights the way!!!

Fear indoctrination has spread an infestation of anxiety like wildfire.  Therapists are booked up for months.  People with medical issues stemming from stress cannot get help when they seriously need it. Disease is due to feeling DIS-ease.  There is a virus spreading and it’s in the “mind” not the flu, or COVID, or any other medical diagnosis that wants to give you a shot in the arm.  Emergency rooms are jammed packed. Just recently my father ended up in the hospital for 3 days and then transitional care for 3 days. As I waited in the emergency room seating area, not one seat was available.

People are separating like oil and water, fearing each other, and healthy safe open discussion is a lost art. Trust is hard to find. It can seem as if we are no longer learning from each other. Watch the news if you must, and you will be well aware of the portrayal of a world at war, fighting to mangle the opponent’s reputation, feeding a fear mindset upon viewers. Lies are hard to detect, and honesty is smeared to appear as deceit. What was, is, as the conditioning from generation to generation continues.

How can we feel empowered enough to question the pack, to think for ourself?

How do we move forward, feeling good, while facing such darkness?

Well it is not easy…at first! For now, my best recommendation is that we must remain calm in the calamity. We are VERY POWERFUL beings.  Understanding where this “power” comes from, and its not money, politics, or religion, is essential.  Maintaining your sense of inner peace, which is in reality, refusing to give away your power, is #1. When we understand who the real enemy is, in the “mind”, when we understand that our thoughts have become the enemy through manipulation and programming, we can begin moving out of the dark abyss that has held us captive.

This enemy of the mind is mentally, physically and emotionally crippling people, who, like you, have so much to contribute to the world. When I read this writing below by Victoria Reynolds I was inspired to write my own poem. I knew I had to share them both here on my website. May these words comfort and inspire you to move beyond these fears and follow your heart versus your head. Our times are calling for people who will listen to their inner guidance, the light, and follow that unwordly mystical and magical lead. Here you will find your purpose, place of power, and lasting peace regardless of what is happening around you.


It is not my job to expose the darkness. My job is to help expand the light so the darkness no longer exists.

Every thought, belief, feeling and action is either growing the darkness or expanding the light. If you feel hatred, blame, resentment and harm toward any aspect or being of the darkness, you are feeding the darkness.

The darkness feeds on hate, like a fire with fuel thrown on it.

We can ask that all beings who make dark choices or intentionally propagate the darkness be removed from the planet, but it won’t end the contrast.

Just as England tried to get rid of all crime several hundred years ago by shipping all criminals to Australia, getting rid of all criminals from Earth won’t work either.

It isn’t about the people, it’s about the dark energy of fear. If people are no longer in fear, their natural heart of compassion takes over and there is no desire to do harm.

Yes, as the greatest purveyors of fear leave the planet this does help, and our own resonance will ensure the story no longer repeats itself.

The way to end fear and darkness is to choose, each of us, to no longer feed the darkness and instead focus on expanding our heart light until the darkness no longer exists.

Victoria Reynolds

I Am Us

As the drop of water surrenders
She loses her smallness
While merging with the ocean
Connecting to the mystical mass
Of formlessness
We find our Source, our oneness
Our power and strength
Here in the universal light
Where sun, moon and stars
Shine bright
Illumination revealing
No longer concealing
This is who I am
I am us
Knowing one another
Loving each other
As we dscover ourselves
Full of grace
For there is no other place
To find lasting peace.

Be a Blessing, Be Blessed, Be Well,
Lori Bestler