Life Truly Is Magical

As I sat outside to soak in the sun and whatever else came to mind, I wrote this poem. Toward the end, I was witnessing a swarm of dragonflies appearing. Afterwards I looked up spiritual symbolism of the dragonfly, pretty cool. I added it below the poem if you’re interested…

Exuberant Joy

What I want and have
Illuminates awareness
That I can obtain my desires.
Wanting what I don’t have
Illuminates awareness
That life is filled with more desirables
And pleasures abound.
Wanting, desires, are life giving
They drive passion
Create enthusiasm
Unleash excitement
Move us forward.
Thinking that lack is bad
Hinders gain, creating emotional pain
Appreciating lack is wise
Knowing that what one can have
Is endless
Just as what one can be or do
Is limitless.
being aware of perceived lacking
is nothing more than a messenger
is nothing more than an opportunity
to either embrace what is more fully
or create a way to expand
what one is, has or can do.
No matter what choice you chose
Loving and living with what is
or going after
Never held, seen or experienced before
The joy to be had is galore.
Today I sat awhile
No reason but to notice
To absorb
To appreciate
And in that moment
Dragonflies filled the air.
Life truly is magical.

Be a Blessing, Be Blessed, Be Well,

Lori Bestler

Dragonfly Spiritual Symbolism

The Dragonfly symbolism is used to indicate wisdom, personal transformation and the ability to learn and adapt in life. It is a gentle reminder that the world is full of possibilities.

When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring more lightness and joy into your life. As you observe the dragonfly you may be inclined to delve deep into your emotions and shine your true colors.

If you observe dragonflies closely, it is clear that their meaning and impact on us go much deeper than just being a beautiful part of nature.

Dragonflies can play the role of spiritual guide for us. They are very powerful & graceful. They show us how to navigate life’s chaos with confidence and greater ease.

Dragonflies impressive aerial display motivates us to let go of whatever holds us down or holds us back. They can represent stepping away from self-created illusions that hinder achieving our full potential. And a swarm of dragonflies are indicative of the ability to multiply and soar.