Stop the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Self-Sabotage

Are you ready to start achieving transformative success?

Then it’s time to GET F.I.T!

Today, and many years in the past, a lot of negative people are trying to tell us that it’s nearly impossible to “manifest success”, to make money, to sell – that generating wealth in these times is just too hard.  They say they world is getting worse. Nothing good is happening. People are always bad. It’s too hard to get ahead, things will never get better.  Nobody cares.  Everybody is out to get you.

A lot of people are stuck in the Nobody/Everybody, Always/Never rut.

Believe that if you want; However, I encourage you to choose to believe in the best of all things…even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Strive to prove this “mindset” wrong.

Whatever you think and believe, are self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you believe that making money is hard, it will be. If you thing everyone is bad and nobody cares, nobody is helping, the world is evil and bad, that is all you will see, or at least see much more of that which you think.

Thoughts and beliefs create feelings, and feelings affect our body, behavior and actions.

If your habitual thought pattern is one of self doubt, negativity, fear, etc., then the feeling generated by those thoughts will be dis-empowering and energy draining in your life.  The actions you in turn take may be sabotaging your ability to achieve goals. When you learn how to develop thoughts that are energizing and more useful, you create habitual thoughts, feelings & behaviors that bring you joy, strengthen confidence, and develop a trust that everything will work out just fine. Then positive outcomes happen much more often–in other words, you are getting more of what you want in life; good health, happiness and success.

Your mind is a reticular system.  It is a repeater.  What ever you focus on and think about the most, is like planting seeds into the soil of your future.  If you say “YES, times are hard, YES, I am just not competent enough, Yes, I can’t do it.”  Your mind simply says ok-I’ll help you prove that…times ARE HARD, you are NOT COMPETENT, and you CAN’T DO IT. You therefore are growing weeds.  And you know what weeds do; they spread fast and take over a lawn, or choke out the vegetation or flowers in a garden.

When you recognize that you are planting seed that are weeds in your thoughts…


STOP this thinking.

When you’re self-talk or thoughts are self-sabotaging; I can’t, I’m not good enough, What’s wrong with me?, practice F.I.T.


I teach this technique I created called F.I.T. which stands for Focused Interrupt Technique.  F.I.T. helps my clients significantly shift their thoughts, feelings and physiological reaction to a much better state.

I’ll share with you a part of this technique right now…

Let’s help you alter a “lack of money” mindset to one more prosperous.

Follow these steps:

  1. First close your eyes.
  2. Image you see a stop sign in your mind.
  3. See it flashing the words STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT.
  4. Feel the intensity of those words as if they were a warning that if you didn’t pay attention danger was ahead.
  5. Now, think of something that is opposite of the problem to prove that what you are thinking does not have to be true for you.  Make it a lie.

For example:

Everyone is broke.  STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT.  Times are still prosperous. I know people who are prosperous now.  I have read stories about people who prospered in spite of tremendous obstacles. Present circumstances mean nothing. I can do what ever I put my mind to and want bad enough; I have done it before.

AND IF you believe that…AFFIRM…

  • There is an infinite supply of wealth
  • Money is a reflection of my inner wealth
  • The Universe is my benefactor
  • I deserve happiness, ease and abundance
  • Opportunities to succeed abound
  • Everything I need to generate wealth is available to me right now
  • With focus and effort what I image and desire is possible
  • I  am thinking the same way happy, wealthy people do.
  • I am acting according to my thoughts and beliefs.

What you’ve done is alter the feeling, the vibration of your body, and now, because you’re vibrating at a higher frequency, you attract that which is in alignment.  Keep doing this and see what happens!

What if you struggle with procrastination?

For example, if you’re once again avoiding a project or procrastinating, check in with your feeling(s) (feeling incompetent, intimidated, fearful, or anxious) and trace those feelings back to where they came from.  Maybe you’re thinking, “I never complete these tasks well or on time; my work is never good enough.” Then interrupt those thoughts and immediately tell yourself STOP It! I suggest even putting your hand out like you would signal to someone “STOP” and shout it out too if you keep on thinking those stinkin’ thinkin’ thoughts over and over and over again.

Far too often we generalize and magnify our feelings, as if we ALWAYS make mistakes, or Never do it right.  We easily blow things out of proportion when things are not easy or going our way.  Life happens!  Put your thoughts at rest and take charge.  Stop negative thinking in its tracks before destructive thought patterns take over your life.

Think about the outcome you want. With every statement you think, raise you right hand, from resting at your side, up and off to the side, higher and higher with each declaration.

  • Declare:  “I CAN complete projects on time.”
  • Affirm truth: “I HAVE in the past achieved what I’ve never done before.”
  • Commit: “I will complete this project on time.”
  • Visualize: “I can see myself completing the project on time and feel how good it feels to have done that.”  Visualize yourself completing the project the way you want to and the result: happy boss, happy you, promotion, respect from co-workers, etc. Now take 5 minutes to imagine what you want.  See it if full color.  Feel it and identify those feelings.  What has changed in your life as a result?  Ask yourself what you like about that most.  How does that make you feel?  Grow that feeling.
  • Do it: Take action so you can say I DID complete a project on time. Raising your fist up to the sky, as if to say “Victory is mine!”

Couple this strategy with a quick check-in on your posture–physiology is very connected to your emotions. Stand straight, look up, and smile.

Over time, you will get better at anything with practice.  You will catch yourself thinking the useless thoughts more quickly, and soon be able to interrupt them immediately. In no time at all you’ll find the need to interrupt negative thoughts happening less and less, as your brain/mind learns to route your thought pathways to new neural patterns–the positive thoughts you are training yourself to have.

The great thing is – you can actually train your brain to think this way naturally. It takes practice, yet eventually it becomes habit.

This is more than just the law of attraction. It’s training your brain to stop worrying about the shortage and difficulties.  In this example it is money and procrastination.  This technique helps you to move from living according to a “Lack Mentality” and shift your focus to develop the outcome you want, in your mind first.

Once you can “see” what you want, and can “believe” it is possible and better yet believe it’s there now;  opportunities and the abundance; people, connections, and money that exist seem to soon appear.  This technique helps you fade the problem away both mentally and how it affects you physiologically to create “An Abundance Mentality”.  This is a lifestyle activity for anyone who wants to succeed.

To improve your manifesting skills, practice saying the MindScapes Creed daily.  Plant those positive thinking seeds into your mind and imagination all the time. Go beyond saying the words to imaging that statement to be real.

Get F.I.T today.  Need help?

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