From Anxious to Awesomeness

Lately have you felt poorly?  Maybe you’ve felt out of sorts for far too long and wish you could figure out how to feel better.  Crazy Times Require Mental and Emotional Strength.

Feelings are those things you feel physically, in your body.  When stressed you feel a rapid heartbeat or tension.  When anxious you feel an even more rapid heartbeat and adrenaline surge to prompt you to flee or fight the perceived danger that lurks in your presence.  Any perceived threat will trigger a physical reaction.

These days, in this fear indoctrination world of the media, people are being horribly programmed to sense danger darn near everywhere.  Anything out of the perceived perfection alignment can cause uncomfortable feelings.  A cough, a disagreement, an encounter with someone of a difference race, religion, political view.  It’s definitely one heck of a stress inducing, anxiety creating, debilitating world if you don’t know how to manage it. Once you learn how to manage your mind, feelings and emotions, your life rocks!

Yesterday I worked with 2 clients who were dealing with uncomfortable feelings and the emotional reaction to those feelings. One didn’t even know what was wrong.  He just felt anxiety, uncomfortable, off, and couldn’t articulate it or deal with it. The usual response for most people in this situation is to want to “Fix the Problem”-feeling uncomfortable. Yet what if it’s NOT a problem?

Most feelings come from conditional physiological reactions to past experience, and the emotions that come up at that time align with the old conditioning. Knowing this logically we can then observe, be curious, and desire to explore them-physical feelings in the body and the emotions that come as a result.

When we observe and explore this, having a checklist so to speak to assess the situation, we can move through the discomfort eventually.

Below is my checklist used to ask questions to unveil what might be a root cause of my discomfort, thus enabling me to take action for positive resolve.  My questions include things like:


  • What do you want that you’re not getting?
  • What have you been watching/thinking about a lot or intensely lately? (hopeless, fearful, upset-negative), flip the switch-turn of negative focus, or change the channel-stop watching/reading negative news, being around negative people.
  • Have you been:
    • sleeping well
    • eating nutritionally
    • drinking enough water
    • getting outside in nature to emotionally detox
    • getting in the sun (or taking vitamin D)
    • exercising (movement)
    • doing stimulating things; having fun, social engagement, enjoyable projects, etc.

If you’ve not been doing something, what can you do to change that?

For yourself, begin the process by asking yourself what helps you live your life optimally; healthy.  Health is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  In this example I am targeting mental, emotional, and physical health.

When I do (this), I feel good, healthy, vibrant, confident, energized…

List your answers.

Once you have listed what you’ve learned that you do to gain optimal health, which is creating/maintaining a good feeling life, you can refer to this when you’re out of balance or feeling uncomfortable.  Just go through the list like a mental wellness flow chart. Those you have identified as problematic, simply give your attention to it.  You’re body has been leading you in that direction when you’re uncomfortable, to pay attention to what it needs/wants; a valuable messenger.  Pay attention.

Bottom line, feeling uncomfortable for me is nothing more than a messenger. Now I’m not downplaying feeling uncomfortable, or being emotional.  Life is damn hard sometimes.  Yet, if we don’t have a process to deal with the discomfort, the old patterns get stronger and keep us in a bad place mentally and physically.  With that said, this process for sure works for me. It is definitely not taught in mainstream education.

Admittedly, for my clients, when this is in the beginning stages of learning how to do this, it helps to have support.

Understanding your feelings and emotions is not a natural skill for many.  Most people are body unaware and clueless as to how to manage their mental and emotional health.  This is just as important as any other pursuit in wellness.  Additionally, hypnosis can aid in that deeper discovery to discern what the root cause of issue are and also can help you let go of the past problems and patterns to develop better more useful ones. Not only that, learning how to hypnotize yourself to create the life you live and dream of, to disregard the hype, not give your power away to the systems that keep us mentally and emotionally stuck, sometimes even sick, and be empowered to rise above this lower realm reality.

Truly there is a place we can and are creating, first mentally and emotionally, that rocks!  I hope you are creating it!!!

Life is a tool for self-awareness, meaning of life exploration, and experiencing the broader extent of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. If we are not enjoying the journey, something needs to change.

Be a Blessing, Be Blessed, Be Well,

Lori Bestler