Not sure why this word came to mind this morning. Maybe it’s my higher self instilling a thought to hold onto as I step on the path of my goals for the New Year. For sure I need this reminder, maybe someone else does too.


What is being worthy
It’s feeling worthy
Of all you desire
Worthy of success, abundance
And respect
Worthy is being
Valuable, capable, deserving
Of being loved
Just as you
You are worthy
No requirements
No test to pass
No way can you lose it
Except in your mind
You’ll never find true worthiness
Outside yourself
It’s an acceptance
A belief
A trust
You are worthy
Just because you are born
Because you are a child
Of God most high
A beloved co-creator
And when you feel wounded
The worlds closing in
Your mistakes
Or failures
Are in your face
Or betrayals
Let downs
Feeling undeserving
Fills your heart
Please know
My love
You are not alone
In your false conclusions
As the world masterfully twists truth
No matter how you feel
Or think
The fact remains
You ARE worthy
Of whatever you deeply want
And in the process
Of realizing dreams
Difficult situations appear
To illuminate essential awareness
Through experiences
So grasp this knowing
With all your heart and soul
And go after what you long for
Let no one or nothing
Stop you
It’s why you’re here
My dear
To live
To express
To be
Be a Blessing, Be Blessed, Be Well,
Lori Bestler