Higher Knowing
What I love about aging
Is the passages in and out of stages
Each day, month and year
Full of messages, insights and ideas
To learn from, grow through and explore
When my heart is hurt
I look within
What is there to learn from
What pattern am I to overcome
Nothing happens without potential
An evolutionary resolve awaits
An opportunity lies before me
In each moment, each breath I take
No longer shall I minimize
The Power my thoughts, words and feelings have
On my reality, my relationships and the world
The world a mirror
Reflecting a reality of our innermost life
A mystery unfolding
Form demonstrating formless existence
Solid structures crumbling
Creating a rebirthed existence
Each generation facing opposition
One day realizing the way
Letting go of attachments and judgment
As liberty and freedom light up the soul
A mind once programmed to conform
To fear
Rises up
To observe versus react
Allowing the Self
To live of ones own accord
No longer shall I discount the simple pleasures
Nor shall I magnify and multiply problems
More and more as I age
What I see changes
What I understand expands
How I live, love and dream
Has significance
No need to hide who I am
No need to stifle my voice
It is my journey I live
No one else’s
Such a gift it is to wake
From this higher knowing place.
Be a Blessing, Be Blessed, Be Well,
Lori Bestler