Rapid Results Coaching

Moving You Beyond Inner Barriers for Rapid Results
Shaping an Extraordinary Mindset for Success

Our Rapid Results Mind Empowerment Coaching program is POWERFUL…

We begin by assessing your particular problematic patterns that are self-defeating, then identify areas of focus for creating a powerful customized plan to improve your life.

Based on your goal, by the end of the program you will have begun to shape an EMPOWERED MIND for true and lasting success in all areas of your life; relationships, career, finances, fulfillment, health-mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Brandy Eckman; Globalsites.Net

“Lori, I want you to know that working with you has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself, my family, and my business. As a busy mom, wife, and business woman, you have helped me focus my energy on the things that really matter and not the negative thinking we are all apt to do. Moving to a new state, into a new home, getting kids settled into a new school and going back to work full time with my husband after being a stay at home mom for 12 years would have easily created enormous stress and tension on the marriage and work relationship without your coaching program and intuitive guidance.

Working with both my husband and myself you have helped us gain clarity, grow our business and really become a team professionally. We’ve learned to communicate in a more positive way, leading to less frustrations at home and at the office. Our lives are MUCH better because of the work we did with you. Thank you!”

About Coaching

In these private one-on-one sessions, Lori will help you break down some of life’s stressors and sticking points, discuss challenges, and explore ways to shrink problems as we increase solutions and positive outcomes. Our sessions will be uplifting, encouraging, and empowering you to break through barriers for achieving goals.

RRME Coaching provides a powerful package of mind shifting services that gives coaching the umph to achieve results much more quickly than other programs.

Two Convenient Coaching Options

1. PRIVATE SESSION take a trip to Anoka MN which is most popular and always rewarding.

2. COACHING VIA TELEPHONE or SKYPE allows long distance professionals to benefit from Lori’s program.

How Can Lori Help YOU?

Most problems are rooted in our thought patterns. People are programmed and run on automatic pilot. When we experience problems we either function from a “lower self” mindset or a “higher self” mindset. Problems are part of life and you can’t change that; but you can change the ineffective and destructive way you think and react to problems when they occur.

Where busy minded clients often get stuck READ MORE>>

How would you feel if your life was different?

Pick a Goal

  • Self-identity, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem (Empathic, High Sensitive People)
  • Manage your ‘busy mind’
  • Increase focus, productivity
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Reduce stress and muscle tension
  • Increase confidence
  • Achieve personal and business goals
  • Clarify goals or life purpose
  • Improve sales, team building and sponsoring skills for direct sales leaders
  • Improve relationships, create positive connections
  • Manage Emotions and Clear emotional blocks
  • Behavior change; Weight reduction, Insomnia, Phobias, Bad Habits
  • Overcome Test/Performance/Social Anxiety
  • Banish negative thinking; worry, fear, doubts, limiting beliefs
  • Improve mood, depressed feelings

Think about the realistic possibility of any of these coming true for you

Types of Coaching Sessions

1. Jump Start Session – One 90 Minute Session $180

  • Coaching, Stress Management Session, or Hypnosis
  • Get unstuck, clear, reduce stress, or break-through a barrier

Note:  Typed session recaps (1 hour) and resources $120 (not included)

2.  Rapid Results Coaching Program – Fee $1240 Month One

Prepay/Book all 4 Sessions in Advance – FEE $795  ($445 Savings)
POWERFUL…Based on your goal, by the end of the program you’ll learn how to shift your inner language more effectively, cast out negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, increase your self-awareness, focus and confidence, reduce your stress, stop procrastinating, feel greater peace of mind and self-esteem, You will have your own private, customized guide book as a “road map,” to do what it takes to live the life you desire most.

  • (4) Weekly 90 Minute Sessions; Includes Coaching Evaluation, Educational Piece, and Experiential Integration of Tools
  • (4) Thoroughly Typed Session Summaries recapping key points (up to 2 hours)-emailed weekly as necessary
  • (4)  Weekly Lessons; includes extra resources for reading and knowledge enhancement-emailed weekly as necessary
  • (4) Weekly Action Plans for practicing tools taught and mastering lessons learned-emailed weekly as necessary
  • (1) Rapid Results Audio for shaping brainwaves to enhance focus and reduce stress, increase confidence, and more.
  • 50% Off Audio Downloads
  • Access to coach via emails-responding within 48 hours; answer questions, need insight, other as required

After completing the Rapid Results Coaching Program-Month One, we will evaluate your progress and develop a plan for continued success.  This plan could consist of continuing with weekly coaching for achieving bigger success.  This plan could consist of meeting once a month for four months for sustaining growth, or it could consist of a one month follow-up session for focus and support.

All Clients in Rapid Results Coaching Program have an opportunity to receive a full Powerhouse menu of techniques used in the Strategic Mind System of Success.

3.  Graduates Rapid Results Coaching Program™

Option 1:  (4) 90 Minute Session Package – Fee $695

  • (Includes all of the above with a $100 discount)
  • Prepay Plan/Book all 4 Sessions in Advance

Option 2:  (1) 90 Minute Session Only Fee $150 ($30 discount) Prepay

Option 3:  (4) 90 Minute Session Only Package Fee $495 ($225 savings) Prepay

Schedule your NO COST Rapid Results Phone Consultation

Whether we work together for a month or a year.  You will benefit.  I guarantee it.

Contact Lori for a No Cost Consultation.  No obligations, just a quick 30 minute chat.

Strategic Mind System of Success™


Lori’s uses several coaching and science of the mind techniques and technology for real transformation. She has helped thousands of individual’s breakthrough barriers to increase business success, inner well-being and gain control of their life. She’d love to help you too.>

Powerhouse of techniques used in this program differ based on clients goals and individual needs:

  • Coaching
  • Neuro Linguistic programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sound therapy; brain entrainment and crystal bowl clearing
  • Essential Oils; Medicinal, Aromatherapy
  • and more

Thrilled Coaching Clients

Tosh Tricas – Vice President Field Services; Associa® – the Leader in Community Association Management

Featured in the Dallas Business Journal as an Executive on the Move; March 2012

Lori, thanks for all you’ve helped me with through hypnosis and coaching.  My new job you helped me manifest is like a custom fit perfectly tailored suit, I am having a blast. According to the owners I am exceeding all expectations. AND I doubled my income and increased happiness and relationships first year!  I want to keep going with hypnosis. I even wore out the Surge and Soar and Attracting Abundance cds, they no longer play!  God Bless you!  Tosh

Update one year later…Been a little while, thought I would give you an update. I am now “rocking it” raising sales by more than 6 million per year and I owe it to you. I can’t thank you enough Lori…I wish you all the success you can imagine!!!

Some More of Lori’s Thrilled Clients:

Rebecca Metz-Owner; Webpages That Sell

“Thanks Lori for the fantastic hypnosis and coaching sessions.  This was my first experience and I was very nervous.  You made me feel very comfortable and it definitely was an enjoyable process. Your Hypnosis Coaching sessions helped me in many ways, especially getting through certain insecurities I have.  As a result I was able to open myself up to wonderful experiences and be able to receive so much more positive outcomes.  I was amazed at how many doors opened up for me! I also enjoyed finally feeling that I was worthy of them! I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues so they can experience the power of hypnosis.”

Deb Brown-Owner; Touch Your Clients Heart

“Lori, I wanted to let you know that I did the homework you suggested twice the week after our last appointment.  I also have really turned a corner.  In a week’s time, I gained 4 new clients!  I know much of that was due to your help breaking through my mental blocks.  Thank you for your help as a business coach and hypnosis.  You are wonderful!”

Teresa Thomas-Director; Women In Networking 

“I have experienced Lori’s expertise both through Strategic Mind Coaching and hearing her present. Her presentation had such an impact for myself and the audience that I invited her to present for WIN. I also participated in individualized Strategic Mind Coaching sessions with Lori. Her guidance helped me to illuminate and address the root issues in my thinking that get in the way of success. I saw results after each session and am excited about how I am moving forward now that I am not staying stuck in old patterns of thinking.  I love how she can integrate having the right business building mindset into her work. A LOT of huge, positive shifts happened for me.  Lori is a woman of high integrity who provides great results. I highly recommend Lori and look forward to working with her more both personally and professionally.”

Mike Welch-President at FranNet of Minnesota

“I want to give an unsolicited recommendation to Lori. As a busy minded serial entrepreneur, father of four, philanthropist, and overall adrenaline junky, I found that I made very little time for me. Through Lori’s guidance and consulting, I have found ways to relieve stress, relax, all while being more productive. I don’t know if she’s taking on new clients in her private practice, but if she is, line up!!!!!”

Maureen Heinen-Owner; Send in Maureen Organizing Services

“I just needed to tell others that with Lori’s help, I’ve identified many of the blocks in my mind and in my life that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. She’s so passionate about helping people conquer their ‘busy minds’, it’s an absolute delight working with her! I have had great results from working with Lori as a life coach and hypnotherapist.  I’d recommend her to anyone who’s willing to address the deeper issues that haven’t been exposed with traditional methods. She makes it interesting and fun. And I suggest you attend one of her presentations as a motivational speaker. She will, without a doubt, inspire you to accomplish great things!”

Feel free to read more testimonials to see how others have benefited from Strategic Mind Coaching.

Contact Lori for a No Cost Consultation.  No obligations, just a quick 30 minute chat.