Do YOU Struggle with a BUSY Mind?

busy_brainHi, I’m Lori Bestler, and today I want to tell you that with Life Coaching, Sound Therapy and Hypnosis, I see my busy minded clients lives transformed every day.  I specialize in helping small business owners and independent sales professionals with busy minds overcome barriers such as stress, limiting beliefs and negative thinking which often invades the landscape of their mind.  When this happens, even the most intelligent, talented and ambitious business professional can become scattered, stuck and frustrated to the point where nothing gets accomplished and there’s no momentum to be found.

Many busy minds are misunderstood, sometimes simply labeled as Stupid, Lazy, with ADHD, OCD or Anxiety, given a prescription and sent on their way.

Unfortunately this is not the cure all solution. And for many, the pathway of medication leads to more problems. I am not for or against medication.  However, I do feel strongly that medications are prescribed first where other, more natural alternatives are ignored that could work just as well if not better, and cheaper in the long run.

Common denominators in people with busy minds.

Unfocused and Putting Projects Off Until the Last Minute…

They can struggle with:

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Fears
  • Negative Thinking
  • Lack of Focus and Follow-through

And often busy minds resort to behaviors such as:

  • Emotional Overeating
  • Sugar-Carbohydrates Addictions
  • Smoking Cigarettes

This is a result of thoughts and emotions running in overdrive. Busy minds are typically addicted to adrenaline and can be high achievers one day and exhausted and depressed the next.

A roller coaster of success and failures soon follow.  Their self sabotage tendencies always throw a wrench into their ambitions, and this is a genuine tragedy, not only for the busy minded person, but for the world who could benefit from their creative and brilliant gifts.

Have you heard about the Busy Mind Syndrome and how many busy minded entrepreneurs are suffering as a result?

Bottom line, I’ve discovered a pathway void of drugs and full of confidence building tools and techniques that uplift and support a person who is striving to be successful. Undoubtedly, when you follow the MindScapes UnLimited Strategic Mind Coaching Program, you, as a busy minded individual will gain the skills to reach higher levels in your career, business, health, well-being, and relationships.  We guarantee it!

With Hypnosis,  Coaching, and Mind Power audios , focus, improved health, success, and confidence can be a real possibility for you.  You have so much potential and power to change!  Don’t waste another second being stuck where you are. Check out our best selling audio “Breathe and Be Empowered” and after you download it you can begin getting better sleep right NOW!

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