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Our RAPID RESULTS Neuro Empowerment Audio Program consists of a powerful package of self-hypnosis and motivational audios specifically designed to address problems people, especially those with busy minds, encounter most frequently in life.

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Immediately begin benefiting from our powerful compilations complete with relaxing nature sounds, soothing music, break-through suggestions, echos, and more. Never before has there been an audio created like this. Push play and instantly start a tension relieving experience that will also recharge your battery for hours. Not only that, we’ve used state-of-the-art audio technology and embedded brain entrainment sound waves verified by hundreds of scientific studies over the last thirty-five years to shape brainwaves in a way to improve focus, increase IQ,  improve well-being and health for starters..

MindScapes Self-Hypnosis Audios

We recommend listening to audios in the following order if you want to gain the biggest benefits from the entire program:

First…Breathe and Be Empowered 1st Reduce Anxiety and Hypertension

BEST SELLER…Perfect solution for people with busy minds. Be guided on how to breathe while hearing calming nature sounds, soothing music, relaxing voice and suggestions.  All the while powerful brainwave entrainment helps to reduce stress, anxiety and a racing mind. Listening to this powerful recording will remove anxious feelings and cravings for external substances, while increasing your confidence, focus, and peace of mind.

Second…At Peace and Confident  Quickly Remove Fear, Worry and Doubt

Begin transcending from feeling consumed with worry and doubt into a blissful state of comfort and calm. At Peace and Confident enhances brainwaves to pull you out of downcast thinking. Storytelling, guided imagery and soothing music will help relieve anxious thought patterns, while building self-confidence to a point where you feel at peace, relaxed, and trust that everything will work out just fine.

Third…In Control and Competent  Overcome Procrastination

This audio helps overcome procrastination.  It energizes, enables listener to focus better on highest potential activities, and feel capable to complete the task.  People who have anxiety over completing a project or task, feeling racing heart, ishy pit in stomach, avoiding the tack more than once, will feel calmer and motivated to get to work after listening to this audio.

Fourth…Attracting Abundance  Attracting Abundance

What do you get when you combine powerful self-hypnosis suggestions, visualization techniques, and brainwave entrainment technology? The most powerful tool ever devised for manifesting the life you envision and desire! For those who want to enjoy more positive outcomes in your life, this is for you! Listen to this audio to Tap into the Power of Attraction.. Enjoy relaxing music, soothing nature sounds, powerful suggestions, and more.

Fifth...Surge and Soar Motivation and Super Charge Your Brain

Feel energized and motivated with SURGE and SOAR every morning, afternoon; while power walking or resting in a recliner. Listen anytime you want to be more focused, and gain an uplifting mood to achieve at your optimal level for peak performance. Perfect for these hard to get out of bed in the morning people.  Start your day, push play, and watch your brainwaves wake you up!

Recording artist Lori Bestler began studying the affects of music on her own brain. She composed “SURGE and SOAR” to increase her ability to stay on task, stay positive, and stay energized. Amazed at the positive results gained by listening to “SURGE and SOAR” every day, Lori knew she needed to share this treasure with others.

Listen to this audio while your awake, with eyes open or closed, with headphones or through speakers in your player or vehicle.

Sixth…S.A.D.Ness Be Gone  Finding Relief from Depression and Negative Thinking

Find Relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Feeling Depressed and Lazy. Learn how your thoughts affect your outcomes, mood, and ability to be healthy. Quickly SHIFT to a better brain state in minutes.A superb and effective tool for rapidly building self-esteem, positive thinking and relief from feeling depressed.Combining powerful self-hypnosis suggestions, soothing music, and guided imagery makes this audio transformational!

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Customized Audios’s

Do you struggle with sitting at your desk, get bored, sidetracked, distracted and end up chasing off to another higher stimulation task of less priority? Do you do this often, putting things off until the last minute, sometimes wasting hours of time and now rushing frantically to finish what you could have done days ago?

Set up a session for testing your ability to focus, remove feeling antsy, and function more productively through brain entrainment.  We can create a custom audio for you based on results that can be life-changing!

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Getting the Most out of Mind-Power Audios

*Listen to all our MindScapes self-hypnosis audios with headphones, while in a relaxed position and in a semi alert state.  Make sure the left speaker is in left ear and right speaker is in right ear for specific suggestions to speak to the targeted hemisphere of the brain. Sitting in a lounge chair or on a couch with pillows to prop you up is ideal so as not to fall asleep if you want to get the most out of our recordings.

Do not fret if you fall asleep, the brain entrainment sound waves will still offer benefits and the subconscious mind always hears, as studies suggest.  Most clients do admit, when listening in an “altered” and very relaxed state, not sleeping, is when they experience the greatest amount of benefits.  Either way, you will experience benefits.

Refrain from “learning” and just “listen and notice” what suggestions move your emotions, or jump out at you.  These are messengers that your mind needs to hear.  Each time you listen you may notice you notice different things.

Listening to MindScapes audios is a lifestyle, not a one time deal.  These amazing audios train the brain, so listening often, gets your mind, emotions and brainwaves in shape to achieve the recordings desired results.

Our Surge and Soar motivational audio is an exception.  Listening with headphones will alert your brainwaves and enhance feeling more energized weather you are listening while resting or while exercising.  However you can listen to this audio in the morning to wake you up on speakers as well.

Customers say that the benefits of our audios surpass anything they’ve experienced before…

We offer FOUR amazing layers;

  1. Brainwave Entrainment
  2. Nature sound clips to enhance peaceful feelings
  3. Soothing music that is calming to enable immediate relaxation
  4. Powerful suggestions that will quickly shift you from feeling down and out of control, to being self-empowered and confident.

Suggestions are designed to go into the specific brain hemisphere for optimal effect, utilizing the right and left hemisphere of the brain at the same and at different times, shaping a balanced brain for enhancing focus after session.

We also use our secret echo system to enhance experience for busy minds.

If you don’t have a busy mind, Mind Power audios can work for you too.


“First I must say I LOVE YOU – YOU ARE AMAZING!
I listened to your Breathe and Be Empowered Audio today on the airplane.  Within the first 5 minutes I calmed down. When the session was over and I o

I developed a spacial anxiety after having a CT scan. This was a major problem since my job involves flying at least a couple of times a month. My heart starts to pound, my palms sweat, and I feel like I am being closed in a tight box. I have even asked people to change seats with me and paid extra money to sit in an aisle seat as close to the front of the plane as possible so the anxiety would be minimized. While on such a flight, I listened to Breathe and Be Empowered. Immediately I calmed down, my heart was beating at a normal rhythm, my palms were dry, and I was back in control. Elevators are even no big deal again. This CD is amazing (did I say that already?).pened my eyes to the realization where I was, it was great!  I enjoyed the rest of the flight and was COMPLETELY anxiety free! I can’t believe the transformation in only 30 minutes.

Thank you Lori.  This is definitely a God driven item. God bless you!

“Lisa Burnside – CIC, CPCU, CC, MOUS; Burnside Dynamics LLC

About Neuro Empowerment Sound Therapy

Programming: Using focused psychological techniques, combined with the methods of hypnosis and other fields, Neuro-Empowerment Sound Therapy can help you change nearly anything about yourself. Emotional reactions, bad habits, behaviors, thought patterns and more.

Various Benefits of Using Brain Entrainment with Powerful Hypnotherapy Suggestions

  •     De-Hypnotising of Limiting Beliefs
  •     Re-Programming for More Positive Thinking
  •     Positive Mood
  •     Energy
  •     Performance Enhancement
  •     Stress Reduction; (Benefits are HUGE-READ MORE)
  •     Rid yourself of bad habits and destructive thought patterns
  •     Access helpful mental states on demand

Attracting Abundance; Self Hypnosis Audio that drives your mind and imagination to visualize, change energy-vibration, and attract what you desire most into your life! 

Effortless Benefits

Helping you to effortlessly reach a targeted brainwave state, is why MindScapes self-hypnosis CDs are so effective.  They quickly get you into an alpha/theta brainwave state where the powerful suggestions, combined with soothing sounds are positively received in the mind to change thoughts that hinder your health, happiness and success.

Learn how to enter into the same brainwave patterns of peak performers throughout history, and fully utilize your subconscious resources to realize your goals and dreams.  Simply invest a small amount of your time to listen to a relaxing audio and you’ll find that each time you will achieve desired results faster.

MindScapes audios change your brainwaves through a neurological process known as brainwave entrainment, helping listeners reduce addictions, depression, stress, anxiety, S.A.D., phobias, fears, and so much more…read the RESEARCH listed below on this page!!!

Hypnosis and Brainwaves

We classify our recordings as “Self-Hypnosis” audios. Some people will call them “Meditation” or “Guided Imagry” audios.  If you’re new to the “scientific” term “hypnosis”, it is important to understand that we hypnotise ourself constantly. Anytime you repeat statements over and over again, or allow the same belief to go deeper and deeper, you are being programmed (hypnotised) by what you’re saying and what you believe is true.

Did you know that hypnosis is a state of mind, created by reaching particular brainwave frequencies? Your state of consciousness at any given time is determined by the types of brainwaves you are experiencing at that moment. Certain brainwave frequencies are ideal to program your thoughts and beliefs for positive change.

Beta:  If you are wide awake, alert, and thinking critically like when studying for a test, you are in a Beta brainwave state. That is why our Surge and Soar CD is so beneficial for getting motivated and completing tasks. It effectively activates the Beta brainwave state.

Alpha:  Remember a time when you were leisurely focused, such as reading a book or driving and possibly passed your turn as you drifted away in thought, that is likely a time when your brainwaves slowed down to an alpha state.Once reaching an Alpha state, our In Control and Confident audio can powerfully reprogram your ineffective self-talk and help you overcome procrastination.

Alpha/Theta:  And as you dozed off not feeling a care in the world , not quite awake and not quite asleep, that is called the hypnogogic state, and this happens when you are producing alpha and theta brainwaves. This is why our Breathe and Be Empowered works so well to help you relax and reduce hypertension or anxious feelings.  And why At Peace and Confident helps you overcome worry and negative thinking so well.  Understanding brainwaves helps us realize that, hypnosis is a natural state of mind everyone enters into a few times each day.

Delta:  Sleep.

What is Entrainment?

If you listen closely during a MindScapes session, you will hear small, rapid pulses of sound. As the session progresses, the frequency rate of these pulses is changed slowly, thereby changing your brainwave patterns and guiding your mind to various useful mental states.>


Lori, I have to share!! A co-worker of mine has a friend who has cancer and through all of his treatments he is having a hard time sleeping. I was trying to think of ways I could help. (I stood by 3 family members that passed from cancer, so I have experience to how some of the treatments can react.) Anyways, I gave him your CD, “In Control and Competent” I know how stress free and relaxed it made me, so I thought it can’t hurt. Results: He TOTALLY relaxed and said “he hasn’t felt comfort, hopeful, and rested like he did since his illness started 3 months ago!!!!!!! Lori, you touch and help everyone.

You are greatness my friend…Kathleen Heiss

“Lori, I LOVE listening to the Surge and Soar CD.  Your motivational, inspiring voice does much more for a person than reading a magazine article or self-help book.  By listening to Surge and Soar I can tell that you mean what you say … and in turn, I believe it too.  This motivated me to believe in myself, as these powerful words opened up my mind when I heard the words “Do what expresses you most,” “Here’s your chance,”  “Today … not tomorrow …”  and felt empowered when I heard words like “burning desire,” “unleash,” “fresh possibilities,” etc.  This music is upbeat and enables the brain to think in a more positive way. I catch myself smiling all the time as I listen to this CD.

Rose Duffy-Professional Musician with Armadillo Jump   Sitting in with Music Greats such as Etta James, Buddy Guy, Matt Guitar Murphy, Luther Alison, Koko Taylor

“Lori, I just wanted to tell you that during finals week I had a lot to get done in a short amount of time. I was getting ready for a night of work and turned on some music to keep me alert. Everything that came on my shuffle was distracting, but then your Surge and Soar CD played and things turned around. It was just what I needed without being distracted from the work at hand.

Hanna Carlson – College Student

Lori, thanks for all you’ve helped me with through hypnosis coaching.  My new job you helped me manifest is like a custom fit perfectly tailored suit, I am having a blast. According to the owners I am exceeding all expectations. AND I doubled my income and increased happiness and relationships first year!  I want to keep going with hypnosis. I even wore out the Attracting Abundance and Surge and Soar CD’s, they no longer play! God Bless you!

Tosh – National Marketing Director

“Lori, working with you has helped me deal with my fears and identify the beliefs that were not truths, on the contrary, were lies that had been weighing me down for a very long time.  I listen to your “At Peace and Confident” CD often as it is powerful for me.  It gives me permission to drop the lies I hold onto in my mind, realizing that I don’t need to settle for what I do not really want. For the first time I had no anxiety. In the past when making decisions, I always experienced a great deal of anxiety, sometimes for months afterwards.  I have been through many therapies – cognitive and other – for anxiety and depression but your sessions along with the CD’s are really altering something positively in my brain, in a way that no other technique has touched.  It is very powerful.”

Mary Anne Beers

Hi Lori,   I just had to tell you this little story.  I woke up about 4:00am or so and realized very quickly I wasn’t going to be going back to sleep.  However, it was really cold, so I thought what the heck, I’ll start my day with Lori’s At Peace and Confident CD and enjoy it while I’m still all cuddled up under the covers.  I was really relaxing and felt that my dog Shadow was too.  Every once in a while he’d let out a sigh.  Fast forward, the next time I open my eyes it’s 9:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like I said, Shadow enjoyed it as well, so even he didn’t wake up!  End result is I’ve started my day VERY LATE, but oh so relaxed and at peace!  Thanks!

Ever So Grateful, Wendy

More About Brainwaves…

A lack of Alpha and or Theda brainwaves, and an overabundance of higher Beta activity is characteristic of Anxiety and Stress.  Not surprisingly, people lacking these vital brainwaves often turn to external substances (such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs) to induce the production of these brainwaves, providing temporary, and potential dangerous relief.

Using relaxation-focused brainwave entrainment sessions, you can not only reduce stress, anxiety and cravings for external substances, but you can also increase your brain’s ability to produce the brainwaves, allowing you to better deal with stress in the future.


It has been found that people with addictive personalities have low activity in the Alpha region of the brain.  Research done using Alpha training during the 1980’s yielded incredible results with a 70% success rate in a three year follow up.  Henry Adams, PH.D of NIMH and head of the alchoholism programs at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, found that alcoholics showed a 55% decrease in alcohol consumption after a single relaxation session combined with a brief anti-alcohol suggestion.

Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback results in some 80% of those addicts properly trained becoming non-craving healthy people with well adjusted neurochemistry (Peninston & Kulkosky, 1990).

It has also been found that those with lower SMR levels tend to be more likely to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.  Low SMR levels can lead to an inability to relax or control levels of arousal.  People suffering from chronic anxiety, panic attacks and ADD also tend to lack the SMR brainwave.  In one case study a 29 year long-time sufferer of panic attacks completely rid herself of her disorder by using Alpha training.  (Panic Attacks, Stress, and Anxiety-Biocybernaut Insititue)

Depression is commonly linked to inadequate levels of Serotonin.  Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Ray Smith, Saul Rosenthal, Norman Wulfsohn, Saul Liss and many other researchers have found that depression can be reduced with brainwave stimulation.  Shealy studied Serotonin levels in particular and found that a mere 2 weeks of treatment was enough to lift 60% of subjects out of depression.  Subjects showed a subsequent increase not only in levels of Serotonin, but also norepinephrine, dopamine, and beta-endorphins.

In a study on Seasonal Affective Disorder, conducted by Kathy Berg and David Siever, 84% of the subjects became clinically non-depressed after treatment, and 100% of those treated experience a significant reduction in depression.  Results also showed decreases in anxiety and over-eating while energy and motivation levels increased.  Twelve of the participants actually lost weight (average of 9.5 lbs) during the trail.