Even the most intelligent, talented and ambitious business professional can become scattered, stuck and frustrated to the point where nothing gets accomplished and there’s no momentum to be found. Sales are down, productivity is stifled, and self-confidence suffers.

Are You an Adrenaline Seeker?

You go like a crazy fool and work insanely hard to get things done. You can seem to go for hours, sometimes with little sleep. Then when you’re done with your task…you CRASH!

You seem to be more focused, motivated, and productive when you’re insanely busy, working fast, moving frequently, and doing what is urgent, stimulating, or enjoyable.  When you procrastinate, you push the limits. This last minute head rush (the surge of brain chemicals you get from stress) helps you focus for completing the deadline.  Without the rush, you are often flying by the seat of your pants one minute and daydreaming the next.

When you crash, or try to slow down, it seems that you are unproductive, unmotivated, and slower.  Even the brain seems to be foggy.  You are not as focused.  The mind has a tendency to wander.  You are easily distracted, especially when what you are doing is boring.  Time and time again these less stimulating tasks get put on the back burner, right?  RIGHT!

Over time you find it’s harder to keep up.  You make mistakes, you forget more often, you develop doubts, feel incompetent and more and more negative thinking patterns can result.  You might begin to think “I can’t do it all.”  “I’m not good enough.” (even though others are telling you that you are doing well.  Even though you see that you are performing better than most your peers, you still feel incompetent.)

The harder you try, the harder it is!

Busy brains have unique qualities that need unique resources to function optimally. Not only is an inner life and negative thoughts the culprits that keep busy brains stuck in a self-sabotaging rut, there are other issues that cause significant problems in their life. Other problems that can occur are having less than optimal brain waves.  Another quality of many busy minded individuals is that they are empathic, being highly sensory and picking up on other peoples emotions and body language, having heightened sensitivities to food, sound, visual stimulation, feeling emotional overloaded, leading to possibly being anxiety ridden and seldom satisfied.

This is no way to spend our precious moments on earth.

Lori understands you, this, and can certainly assist you.

“You really CAN take charge of your life and health and achieve any goal you wish when you learn how to use the natural power of your mind.”

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