Mary Heller
  "Lori fit into the most effective category of speakers – educational, entertaining and above all...motivational. She was our keynote speaker and provided valuable information which every attendee found useful. She drew on and shared her personal experience with our attendees which made her very relatable. I was amazed at the amount of information she was able to fit into the limited framework of our session time. Our conference was certainly enhanced this year by bringing Lori in to open our annual conference. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. She is personable, an expert and highly creative. Thank you, Lori!"  
Anna M. Wicks
  Lori, You are STAR quality. You have a big personality that fills up a room and that was exactly what we were looking for. We received good feedback from our attendees on your presentation. I am hopeful we will work together again soon.  
Cindy Winnick-Woner
  Lori is on amazing woman. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. I appreciated the fact that she easily worked things into the presentation that we talked about during our prep discussion, and she cared about our success. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she really motivated my staff. I hear my employee’s saying GRREATT! I love it!  
Chris Hanson
  Lori, the evaluations were all very positive on your presentation, as the majority of attendees gave you 4’s which is our highest rating of “excellent. All the rest were 3’s. You did an excellent job presenting at our fall conference on “Increasing Potential. You are high energy and conveyed a message that everyone can relate to in no matter what occupation. Members stated; “Lori was wonderful, very fun and interesting to listen to! She was fabulous, a great motivational speaker!”  
  • “Lori Bestler is a GREAT speaker who reinforced the fact that positive thinking and attitude are so important.” • “Lori Bestler is an excellent speaker who is fun, informative, and energizing.” • “Lori Bestler had a great message, is very motivating, and made me want to face my fears.”  
Stephanie Weber
  Lori trained our Consultants on the "Top 7 Steps to a Successful Sales Strategy." Her energy and presentation hit the bulls-eye. Our consultants are now energized, motivated and most importantly are fearlessly prospecting like we've never seen. Her training on how to think, believe, and act to succeed in spite of today's economy is very relevant. We will hire Lori again!  
Mary Reipe
  Lori is such a motivating speaker. She sure captured my attention and her delivery was fantastic. Not only was I able to follow along and stay focused she was fun to listen to. Over the past couple weeks her speech has inspired me to take a look at myself in a whole new way, and I am taking little tidbits for myself here and there, which is no easy feat with all my kids. A+ Job!!!!!!!  
  Dear Lori, Thank you for presenting at our first Women in Business Seminar! You are such an informative, fun and engaging speaker. Our survey results confirmed that attendees truly enjoyed hearing your motivational presentation and meeting you. Not only would I recommend you to others, women at the event indicated in the surveys they would too! You are such an inspiration, thank you!  
Stacy Jensen
  Lori Bestler spoke to our At-Home-Mom's club and was able to relate to us on many levels. She emphasizes living your best life and inspired us to not be dragged down by the day to day routine, instead reaching for more fresh ways to live our daily lives. Her positive attitude is completely contagious and you leave her speaking knowing that you can achieve more in your life. She is really uplifting and left such a good impression with me and our group. I feel that many individuals would benefit from hearing Lori speak.  
Lucy Anderson
  “I recently attended one of Lori’s motivational presentations for small business owners and found it to be very helpful. One of my favorite things that she talked about was learning two types of thoughts. I’ve always had problems focusing on things that I can’t change. I realize now through Lori what to actively work on. The passion and charisma she brought to the presentation made it very fun and enlightening. I’ve decided to work with Lori further as my coach because I believe she has the power to help me grow and become successful as both a business woman and young entrepreneur.”  
Maggie Jonas
  Lori, thank you for all the preparation you put into your presentations for our 2006 Minnesota State College Student Association Leadership Conference. Your efforts really shone in the responses we have gotten from students. Thank you again for all your hard work.  
  Lori, I really enjoyed meeting you today. You are a fabulously engaging, educational, and entertaining speaker and have an awesome presentation and concept put together. I would have to say the visualization portion struck me the most. But the whole hour was fun and beneficial to me, and those are things I really appreciate.  
Debby Wermager
  I enjoyed all Lori's stories and thought all her visuals were great. Her program was very interesting and kept me focused every session. I loved this series and did not want it to end. I really believe others, especially my family and friends, would appreciate this training.  
Lisa Iverson
  Lori's loving enthusiastic attitude is such a boost for all who have the privilege to work with her. Her belief in our potential was infectious and I was so complimented when she wanted to have lunch with us. She is such an inspiration and asset to everyone.  
Merri Moore Westlund
  "Lori - just wanted to say that you are inspiring. I truly mean that. I feel like your talk yesterday morning, albeit brief, spoke right to me. Thank you for everything you do to make others feel good about themselves by remembering all the good we each have within us!"  
Molly Bonnett
  Lori Bestler spoke to our mom's club where she provided us with dynamic motivation, funny anecdotes, and smart ideas on how to be your best self and take on new challenges. Her presentation was full of spirit and life. It was apparent that Lori enjoys her work and is good at following her own motivational ideas. Her accomplishments are truly impressive. I believe what Lori has learned through her endeavors is beneficial to many of us who are just beginning or restarting new challenges.  
  Drawing a Record Breaking Crowd at the Small Business Connection Network Lori you were great. Your presentation allowed me look into myself and gave me a new prospective on how my thinking effects my reality. Thank you very much!  
Mark Heiling
  “Lori obviously did a lot of work and research on the topic we selected for our conference. She had good content, stayed on time schedule, and was available to attendees after her presentations.”  
Colleen Eddy
  “I left the Inspirational Leadership for Positive Growth seminar pumped and with the attitude that I could conquer the world! Lori has a gift—she is very knowledgeable, and uses unique analogies to help people visualize the concept she is teaching. This is very beneficial to me personally since I am a visual person. There was no “down time” in Lori’s fast paced three hour presentation. Interactive group activities enhanced the subject matter and gave me the opportunity to learn a lot from others. Lori is a very passionate presenter, who puts in a lot of time to research and develop her programs content in order to present relevant facts that help others succeed.”  
Debra White
  “Lori can take what seems to be a simple concept, expand on it, and then bring it back again so that you can own the concept for yourself. The tools that Lori uses help you to move through the stuck areas in your life and are great to use every day. I could not thank her enough. I left changed and full of hope.”  
Anna M. Wicks
  Lori, You are STAR quality. You have a big personality that fills up a room and that was exactly what we were looking for. We received good feedback from our attendees on your presentation. I am hopeful we will work together again soon.  
Leslie Chermak
  “Lori is a visionary and very motivating. I really enjoyed her energy and ability to engage the group throughout her talk. Lori went above and beyond to find out the needs of our group and administer a presentation specific for PWN. She gave us specific actions to apply immediately and grow our business. She taught us how to communicate more effectively to make positive connections with people through her technique. I would recommend her for any group seeking a professional, fun and motivational speaker."  
Joni Gutknecht
  “Lori, you were so energetic and enthusiastic, and your presentation kept the audience engaged and involved. Thank you for providing several easy tips that could be put to use to shift thinking and create a more positive attitude in my daily life.”