Lisa Burnside
  Lori, First I must say I LOVE YOU - YOU ARE AMAZING! I listened to your CDs today on the airplane. I enjoyed them both and they calmed me, however the Breathe and Be Empowered made a difference in my life! "I developed a spacial anxiety after having a CT scan. This was a major problem since my job involves flying at least a couple of times a month. My heart starts to pound, my palms sweat, and I feel like I am being closed in a tight box. I have even asked people to change seats with me and paid extra money to sit in an aisle seat as close to the front of the plane as possible so the anxiety would be minimized. I have even turned down jobs if the only way to get there was on a small plane. While on such a flight, I listened to Breathe and Be Empowered. Immediately I calmed down, my heart was beating at a normal rhythm, my palms were dry, and I was back in control. I enjoyed the rest of the flight and was COMPLETELY anxiety free! Thank you Lori Bestler. I am looking forward to being in control during my next flight no matter where my seat is nor the size of the plane. Elevators are even no big deal again." If you want a testimony, feel free to use the above. I can't believe the transformation in only 30 minutes. I know a plane is not your ideal place to listen to this, but with the earphones in and right after they came around with the Ginger Ale and closing my eyes I used it. Within the first 5 minutes I calmed down. When the session was over and I opened my eyes to the realization where I was, it was great! I was hoping to get in for a session with you while I was home, but it didn't work out. This is definitely a God driven item. I want to keep these CDs so shoot me a bill. I was so dreading my trip to this beautiful Salt Lake City because of that puddle-jumper plane I had to take. But no more - it's amazing (did I say that already).  
Kathleen Heiss
  Lori, I have to share!! A co-worker of mine has a friend who has cancer and through all of his treatments he is having a hard time sleeping. I was trying to think of ways I could help. (I stood by 3 family members that passed from cancer, so I have experience to how some of the treatments can react.) Anyways, I gave him your CD, “In Control and Competent" I know how stress free and relaxed it made me, so I thought it can't hurt. Results: He TOTALLY relaxed and said "he hasn't felt comfort, hopeful, and rested like he did since his illness started 3 months ago!!!!!!! Lori, you touch and help everyone. You are greatness my friend...  
Hanna Carlson
  Hi Lori. I just wanted to tell you that during finals week I had a lot to get done in a short amount of time. I was getting ready for a night of work and turned on some music to keep me alert. Everything that came on my shuffle was distracting, but then your CD played and things turned around. It was just what I needed without being distracted from the work at hand.  
Rose Duffy
  “OMGosh Lori, I LOVE listening to the Surge and Soar CD. Lori Bestler’s motivational, inspiring voice does much more for a person than reading a magazine article or self-help book. By listening to Surge and Soar you can tell that Lori means what she says ... and in turn, I believed it too. This motivated me to believe in myself, as these powerful words opened up my mind when I heard the words "Do what expresses you most," "Here's your chance," "Today ... not tomorrow ..." and felt empowered when I heard words like "burning desire," "unleash," "fresh possibilities," etc. This music is upbeat and enables the brain to think in a more positive way. I catch myself smiling all the time as I listen to this CD.”  
Lisa B
  Lori, Thank you. What a blessing. I didn't have my yoga DVD with me this morning so I used the SADness Be Gone CD for my soothing music. I feel so great! I now carry more of you with me everywhere. Have a super day!