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Unfocused and Putting off Projects Until the Last Minute

Unfocused and Putting off Projects Until the Last Minute

by Lori Bestler

In everyone's life they are faced with climbing some type of mountain that takes tremendous effort, energy and concentration. On the way you can feel frustration, fear, elation, doubt, and insecurity. At some point you evaluate your progress and clearly see what you've gotten into. Do you look at how far you still have to go or do you focus on how far you've come? Will you meet the demands to finish the climb and relish the rewards or end the pursuit? People who achieve the unimaginable are not the smartest or most talented, they are simply ordinary people with extraordinary mindsets, focus and determination!

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This morning I read a blog post written by Daniel Goleman; Focus: The Hidden Ingredient in Excellence. After that I met with an attorney (a business networking meeting to get to know each others business more). We talked about how I specialize in smart individuals (entrepreneurs and independent professionals), with busy minds and how they can often put things off until the last minute, than the fight/flight stress response kicks in and so does a surge of adrenaline which helps them focus. She said, "I do that all the time." so I said, "How does that affect your ability to be successful and your health?" to which the realization arrived that procrastination limits your ability to get more things accomplished and the stress lowers your immunity, can lead to dis-ease, and sometimes can develop into anxiety and fear. 

Most people don't understand the problems (and solutions) to deal with a busy mind. One way is using brain entrainment to stay focused and on task. At Mindscapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center we offer sessions to test clients and see which sound waves help them be more productive and create customized audios. Focus is critical to being successful in any field. If your busy mind causes you to move in way too many different directions, feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and you can't sit still very well, you get bored easily and you feel anxious sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time, you might want to set up a session and get some help. 

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