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Hypnosis is one aspect of many services that we include in our Mind Empowerment Program.  It’s full of Powerful and Life Changing tools, techniques and technology!!! 

You really CAN take charge of your life and achieve any goal you want when you learn how to use the natural power of your mind! Are you ready for your transformation?

MikeWelch“I want to give an unsolicited recommendation to Lori. As a busy minded serial entrepreneur, father of four, philanthropist, and overall adrenaline junky, I found that I made very little time for me. Through Lori’s guidance and consulting, I have found ways to relieve stress, relax, all while being more productive. I don’t know if she’s taking on new clients in her private practice, but if she is, line up!!!!!”

Mike Welch-President at FranNet of Minnesota

How Can Lori Help YOU?

Most problems are rooted in our thought patterns. People are programmed and run on automatic pilot. When we experience problems we either function from a “lower self” mindset or a “higher self” mindset. Problems are part of life and you can’t change that; but you can change the ineffective and destructive way you think and react to problems when they occur.

How would you feel if your life was different?

Pick a Goal:

  • Clear emotional blocks
  • Manage your ‘busy mind’
  • Lose weight Affordable and Fun Group Hypnosis Weight Reduction Sessions (January-February): READ MORE>>>
  • Stop smoking
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase focus
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Learn self-hypnosis
  • Reduce stress and muscle tension
  • Increase confidence
  • Overcome Test/Performance/Social Anxiety
  • Conquer the fear of public speaking
  • Banish negative thinking,worry and doubt
  • Improve mood and self-esteem, overcome mindset that leads to depression.
  • Achieve personal and business goals
  • Open yourself to abundance

Think about the realistic possibility of any of these coming true for you!

How Much Does it Cost?

1.  One 90 Minute Session:

Most people have several problems even though they think it is only one they need hypnosis for.  Based on our no cost phone consultation we can determine if your issue can be resolved in one session or if possibly the program would be a better investment for success.

One 90 Minute Session is $180

Most clients need a minimum of 4-6 sessions for success.  Therefore, we schedule 4 sessions at a time.

Or, based on a clients history, the program below might be better suited.

2.  Rapid Results Hypnosis Coaching Program – $1240 Month One

Prepay/Book all 4 Sessions in Advance  FEE $795  ($445 Savings)

POWERFUL…Based on how long you’ve had your problem and what other issues are involved, by the end of the program you’ll learn how to stop your inner language that tells you “I have to (habit)”, or “I am not (issue) enough.” more effectively, cast out negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, increase your self-awareness, reduce your stress, feel greater peace of mind and at ease. You will have your own private, customized guide book as a “road map,” to do what it takes to achieve your goal and live a healthier, happier, and more financially prosperous life.

• (4) Weekly 90 Minute Sessions; Includes Coaching Evaluation, Educational Piece, and Experiential Integration of Tools 

• (4) Thoroughly Typed Session Summaries recapping key discussion points-emailed weekly

• (4)  Weekly Lessons; includes extra resources for reading to enhance understanding and success-emailed weekly

• (4) Weekly Action Plans for practicing tools taught and mastering lessons learned-emailed weekly

• (1) Rapid Results Audio for shaping brainwaves to enhance focus and reduce stress, increase confidence, and more.

• 50% Off Audio Downloads 

• Access to coach via emails-responding within 48 hours; answer questions, need insight, other as required 

After completing the Rapid Results Coaching Program-Month One, we will evaluate your progress and develop a plan for continued success.  This plan could consist of continuing with weekly coaching for achieving bigger success.  This plan could consist of meeting once a month for four months for sustaining growth, or it could consist of a one month follow-up session for focus and support.

All Clients in Rapid Results Coaching Program have an opportunity to receive a full Powerhouse menu of techniques used in the Strategic Mind System of Success; Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Crystal Bowl Clearing, Sound Therapy

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Where Are You Located?

Bridge Square Mall
12 Bridge Square
Suite #202B
Anoka, MN 55330

Why Work with Lori?


  • Certified Hypnotherapist by National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner by National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Practitioners
  • Certified Motivation Coach, Stress Management Specialist by MN Institute of Advanced Communication
  • Nationally Recognized Professional Coach, Facilitator and Educator for over 28 years


Lori follows the ethical standards of the National Guild of Professional Hypnotists as a Certified Hypnotist.

What is Hypnosis>>

Neurolinguistic Programming

As a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Lori brings even more tools into her sessions to help her clients achieve the results they desire.


Note:  It is important as with any medical problem, before seeking a complimentary solution, go to your doctor obtain a referral for all complimentary healing modalities. The information provided in this website is not offered as medical advice in any manner. MindScapes UnLimited, Lori Bestler and anyone affiliated with either party are not rendering psychological, medical or other professional services or advice; therefore hereby disclaim all liability for the use of any information or products associated.



“After only 4 weeks working with Lori on weight loss, I not only lost 15 lbs, I am wearing clothes I’d packed away years ago.  Additionally, I am a diabetic and my blood sugar is under control as well as my self-esteem and confidence is better than I can ever remember.” Millie



I got a great email from a recent client; a 78 year old woman named Jean, who had struggled severely with lack of sleep.  After taking prednisone for over 10 years, once off medication, she had only been able to sleep 1-2 hours a night for 4 years.  She went to a sleep center, a therapist, a chiropractor/hypnotherapist, took medications, and nothing worked.  Jean was exhausted when she came to see me, with red blood-shot dry eyes.  I was honored that she trusted me to help her after all she had invested in to no avail.  My heart felt so bad for her and I was really concerned for her health.

After one session and a few emails, Jean sent me this email… “I thank you Lori for your continued interest and help where others have failed. I am so pleased that I’m now sleeping 6-7 hours total a night –most nights–now. I’m sure it’s because of your audio and the self-hypnosis techniques you’ve taught me. It amazes me that when I do wake up during the night I can go back to sleep.”

Gratefully yours,  Jean



Hi Lori,  I have to tell you that since April 28th, I have applied the hypnosis and NLP techniques you taught me and NO more sinus/allergies.  I have also closed my eyes, relaxed, did the deep breathing exercises along with the guided imagery techniques as well.

I have had great success and will continue to practice what I’ve learned from you.  I certainly hope this is something you pursue as I feel it could make a significant difference in the lives of many who suffer from all forms of allergies.

Fondly,  Lori



Thanks Lori for the fantastic hypnosis sessions.  This was my first experience and I was very nervous.  You made me feel very comfortable and it definitely was an enjoyable process. Your Hypnosis Coaching sessions helped me in many ways, especially getting through certain insecurities I have.  As a result I was able to open myself up to wonderful experiences and be able to receive so much more positive outcomes.  I was amazed at how many doors opened up for me! I also enjoyed finally feeling that I was worthy of them! I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues so they can experience the power of hypnosis.”



Lori, due to the awesome session we had on Monday, slowly my “stinking thinking” is going away. You were so right to realize that even though I came to you for weight loss, it was goal achievement and years of stinking thinking and self-sabotage that were my real issues.

Thanks so much! Cathy



Hi Lori, I wanted to let you know that even though I’m not sure I can pinpoint what part of our sessions where the most successful,  I’m definitely doing better because of it.

Thank You! Brandy



“Working with Lori has helped me deal with my fears and identify the beliefs that were not truths, on the contrary, were lies that had been weighing me down for a very long time.

When I left one of our sessions, I was able to confidently make a difficult decision.  For the first time I had no anxiety because I was making that DECISION FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH AND POWER not weakness.  I knew it was the best decision for me.  In the past when I said yes to jobs that did not honor who I was, I always experienced a great deal of anxiety, sometimes for months afterwards.  This time I did not settle.

I have been through many therapies – cognitive and other – for anxiety and depression but Lori’s sessions along with the CD’s are really altering something positively in my brain, in a way that no other technique has touched.  It is very powerful.”

Mary Anne


Hi Lori,  Thank you – I am feeling better as our session yesterday was very very powerful.  I listened to the new CD you gave me this morning and I just set my goals. I am printing the hypnosis session recap off, so I can study it.  It seems to me that hypnosis is a very powerful tool, and you knew what I needed most yesterday and honored that.  I am very grateful for that, and too, that I felt very protected and like I was in a sacred space.

Blessings to you and yours,  Mary



“Lori helped me move beyond the stuck places in my mind and take my business to a higher level.  With Lori’s superior support, encouragement, and suggestions my confidence grew, I experienced business growth and have unveiled opportunities that I had not yet considered.  Through coaching and hypnosis, my vision for expanding leadership and the opportunities our business can offer others is becoming so much more apparent.  I am both excited and hopeful about the future of our company now!”

Stephanie Weber-Owner

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