Anxiety Anyone?

By Lori Bestler-Positive Change Expert 

Heart racing, stomach queasy, brain fuzzy, sleep hindered by all the inner chatter?

 Do you struggle with that discombobulating feeling that you’re not sure what you should be doing but think you should be doing something to keep your act together?


Do you frequently doubt your decisions?  Are you facing numerous fears, fearing making a mistake?  Do you feel like you are running from every situation fearing failure more that envisioning success?


Anxiety is typically the result of these feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it slips away with stress relieving deep breaths, other times you may choose to find reprieve from some pills.


Naturally, the urge is to get as far away from anxiety as possible.  Yet this escape route usually results in being more anxious about being anxious. Flee from the “beast” and it seems to follow.


Numerous individuals dull this painful feeling and annoying and debilitating physical condition with alcohol, drugs, and excessive exercise.  However, in all the efforts to find relief, seldom does one find peace of mind and self-satisfaction.


The symptom may be minimized, yet a new one may develop.  Often people think this is depression. Or feel depression results in anxiety and fear. This teeter totter of shifting symptoms is enough to put anyone over the edge.


How does this beast develop?  If you have a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness, possibly you have labeled yourself as a problem.  Labeling can cause you to feel incapable, incompetent, and in turn breed a ton of toxic thoughts.  Left unchecked, they have the power to infect your mind like a virus.  Just like a cancer grows when left unattended to, toxic thoughts can take over your thinking processes for years undetected.


Just last month I had a client come to my office seeking help with her anxiety.  She was under tremendous pressure on her job and her heart was racing so fast she feared having a heart attack.  Now you may be thinking she is older, yet think again.  She is a young woman in her 20’s who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 9 years old and dealing with high blood pressure already.


Years of therapy, years of being asked the same questions, given the same solutions, and still suffering tremendously with anxiety, she listened to her inner voice and sought a different resolution.


Sitting down and chatting with my client, the first thing I pointed out is that I do not diagnose, do therapy, or prescribe drugs.  I told my client that I treat thinking processes and help clients envision positive outcomes.  The effectiveness of my programs is that once the problem is identified, the goal is to make it smaller.  The solution begins by painting a new portrait in the landscape of their mind.


My client seen herself as a person with an anxiety disorder, labeled for life.  I helped her see her self as a talented young woman and helped her identify her unique gifts.  Then with hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, I helped her reframe her beliefs and envision handling situations differently, confidently, and feeling in control.

After 3 sessions and a customized CD for lasting support, she left my office a changed woman.  Confident, hopeful and full of positive thoughts to grow on, her new thoughts placed her in a much more positive light, feeling worthwhile and incredibly competent.

I called her a week later to see how she was doing.  “Great” she said.  Certainly she experienced a life-changing process where she left my office a more self-empowered individual.  Sometimes a small change in perception can make a big difference.

What if rather than resisting our problems and pushing them away, we actually welcomed them when they showed up? What if, rather than dreading the discomfort they bring, we looked at them as a messenger of inner truth and a prompting to pay attention to?

Could anxiety, anger, or pain be a voice inside our self, a form of communication encouraging our mind to seek a soulful meaning? What if every time anxiety showed up, our psyche invited us to look deeper into our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to recognize what thoughts, lifestyle, or relationships are potentially useless and harmful?

What if pain, anxiety, or troubling emotions were gifts, revealers, somehow saying, “Knock knock, anybody home?  I’ve got something to show you about yourself that you really should see.  Open your mind and listen to me.  You may be surprised how well I can help you move toward your ideal destiny.” 

Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard explained that anxiety is a natural condition. He believed that anxiety is “a cognitive emotion that reveals truths that we would prefer to hide but need for our greater health.” And that these sometimes uncomfortable revealers are valuable for shaping our ideal lives. 

It has been estimated that we think some 60,000 thought every day.  In addition to our thoughts, we handle tens of thousands of bits of information as a result only of external stimuli.  Others have approximated the amount of negative information each of us process to be representative of at least 90% of the stimuli we process.

In “Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Here and How Do I Get Where I Want To Be?” the role the subconscious plays in limiting one’s success is laid out step by step.  The evidence is in: the subconscious instructs the conscious what to do, what to say, when to act and more, and it does so as much as 60 seconds before the conscious mind responds.  The mind is very much like a large container that you can fill with anything you want, but then that input becomes its program.

Think of it this way, there is a deeper authentic you that sometimes gets buried.  As a person’s thinking is programmed in life, they sometimes bury feelings to self protect and the real self can go into hiding.  This authentic, spirited and soulful you can get buried because of emotional abuse, feeling guilt or shamed for making mistakes that in truth is all apart of learning and growing.

Sometimes lives lived in years of constant chaos, cause deep emotional wounds that cause the body to react in like fashion at any similar sound, smell, look on someone’s face, or situation even though you are much more capable at handling that now.

Beneath the butterflies in your stomach and stress in your body, the inner innocent child in you still lives, yet may be too crushed and afraid to come out and move forward.  It becomes needful to alter the dominating thoughts in your subconscious mind so that the real you, trying to break through, can come out.  That is the beauty of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programing.

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