You Are Enough

The world will try to drag you down

Telling you that you are not enough

That you are less than the miracle that you are

I hope you know this world shapes conformity

Yet you need not follow the pack

You need not fear being the diamond in the ruff

Stand up, stand true to you

Be strong, be willing to face opposition

And when others try to tell you what you must believe

You can gently kiss those lies good-bye

You can tell those useless voices in your head

That there is greatness within you

Cast those debilitating self-shrinking thoughts

Out of your worldly mind each time

You’re perceiving smallness

You’re feeling inadequate

That serves no one at all

For you can never fully comprehend

The magnitude of all that you are and all that you can be

So today I hope you can see

Today I hope you believe

That whatever makes you want to hide

Is a falsehood, a lie, and I hope you drown it out

I hope you mute the noise

That keeps you from stepping into your light

Let yourself stand in the light of who you really are

When you stand in the light

When you face your fears

When you realize that who you are

Is much more than just you

You can grow

Like a mighty Oak Tree

Your roots go as deep

As much as you grow tall

And your own truth expands your branches

And your seed then multiplies

That which is worthy of duplication

Of blessings, of prosperity, of joy

And when you acknowledge that you are enough

That light allows you to thrive

That light enhances and expands your life

Today, DO NOT allow anyone

Especially yourself

Make you feel insecure

Or cause you to feel you have to be like someone else

You are created unique, with purpose

You have so much to give the world

Just by being the real you

You were created for such a time as this

No mistakes

Shine On!

You are enough.


Be Well, Be a Blessing, Be Blessed,

Lori Bestler