Changing the Landscape of Your Inner Life

The world is a master of disillusionment, reminding us that the happiness we experience in the external world is temporary and will eventually disappoint. Distractions consume the day and busyness deters the soul from finding lasting positive resolve. Only harmony within our inner life can bring us lasting peace. It is not the circumstances that surround us, or the lack or abundance we have that defines what we feel. It is our ability to embrace every aspect of each day as a valuable tool, our divine teacher, which will provide exactly what we are looking for when we pay attention. 

Now lets say you’re searching for a way to find lasting success and happiness 

… just like everyone else.  Nothing wrong with that. 

Some people think the way is found in losing weight, getting a raise, buying a new home, repeating affirmations and setting intentions that will manifest all they could ever hope or imagine, or some such thing.

Other people think the way to a successful business or career is having a particular academic degree, having lots of product knowledge, being technically skilled, or knowing the right people.

All of those things may have some value and I’ve helped numerous clients in those areas.  However, the good news is–almost all the researchers have come together, saying the same thing, that the way to a GREAT life with rich relationships, financial success, good health and well-being are to be found in the landscape of your inner life. One way to create that inner peace, happiness, and success mindset is through my “Rapid Results Coaching Program”.

Each day enables us to evolve into an enlightened being that recognizes our divinely created self and oneness with all. Each day is an opportunity to choose what we will think about and give our attention to as if it is an entirely new beginning.  Each day is filled with hope and a chance to create the outcomes of our hearts desires.

And when you allow each day to transpire in ways that will transcend your understanding toward a higher place, peace will enter the gates of your spirit mind, especially in the stillness of the day and in the silence. 

Lately I’ve been incredibly busy.  I’ve felt pain in my back and know that the situations demanding my thought analysis and spiritual energy have brought stress upon my body.  This happens to every human being in some extent. The body is our messenger that tells us something needs to be tended to or change.  So what do we do about it? 

I’ve learned to take advantage of the blessings as they come.  Today I had a business get together with a colleague reschedule.  I have much work to do.  It never ends as a business owner.  All done is not a concept I am familiar with. Are we ever really ALL done? Yet today I took the opportunity to listen to my body and take time for me.  One of my positive resolves for stress is prayer and time alone in the quietness of the day.  No TV, no phone ringing, nothing but me and a calming environment to read my devotional, journal, ask for what I need, then listen to what I hear in response to guide me in the days ahead.  Sometimes I need a good chunk of down time to regain the energy and light I give out because I am an introvert in an extroverted environment often. I’ll listen to one of my audios, practice deep breathing and my relaxation program and allow the muscle tension to face away from my awareness and body.

I also need a good chunk of exposure to the sun. I know that we all need sun to gain vitamin D.  Living in Minnesota, we can suffer from lack of it in the winter.  Yet there are those I call energy workers, light workers, healers, and Empaths, who need Sun exposure much more.  If you feel depressed, moody, or more anxious when you’re not exposed to the sun, take a look at this tool many of my clients use to feel better quickly-SADness Be Gone.  You also might find this interesting…

These days we walk shoulder to shoulder with different spectrums of reality, and much of this is becoming more tangible on a daily basis. Diana Cooper says that “To be human these days’ means we are moving in a direction that is calling us to adapt and evolve, spiritually and physically more than ever. We are moving from a carbon based life form, to one that reflects the intensity of the light that we shine. In reality, this system was always present, but was inoperative. It is now lit up, and fully anchored in many, giving the opportunity to fast track through lessons that would normally have taken decades to master.

Our DNA is changing in harmony with this too. The so called junk DNA that Earth scientists have puzzled over is activating, moving us from two strands, to the vast potential of twelve strands. Many are starting to connect to Spirit and feel their limitless potential. One of the main catalysts for this physical change has been our beautiful Sun.

The single core aspect of the spiritual enlightenment process is based around the four body system receiving and utilizing a specific percentage of Light. When the overall quotient hits 79%, the activation starts.

What is the value in being filled with “Light”?

Contained within our amazing bodies there are roughly 37 trillion cells comprising ‘us’. Every molecule of light we emit, every thought, creates and re-creates the dimensional fabric around us. My energy affects you and yours affects me.

It’s important to understand that when you illuminate yourself, the energy of others around you rises to match the octave, sparking the ignition of their own divine existence. It’s like a cellular chime. Every cell of your bodies is an individual Sun blazing golden light around those in your presence and those of the collective world.

Take everyone’s energy and put it in categories such as:

Life giving:  uplifting, loving, encouraging, caring, supporting, healing, peace filled, life sustaining

Destructive; criticizing, judging, condemning, fearful, hateful, hurtful, harming, creating illness, destroying life, hostile, violent

Using this criterion, you can see that the world is a place of dualities, created by us all.  We all have a calling to create a better world.  This calling is not easy.  Survival for some is not easy.  The world is full of greed, abuse and dominance.  Some need to protect and act in both a loving way which protects others while bringing those that are without consciousness and bent on destruction out of a place of power in hostile ways, as a solider does.  And there are those of us that are called to emit the light into the darkness, breathing the hope of God into the wounded and weakened spirit, to encourage the strong and courageous to continue their flight, and to direct those that have lost their way. 

People who need the sun often discover that they are light workers; healers, counselors, coaches, speakers, caregivers, spiritualists, etc. They might be more easily stimulated and sensory, thus affected by conflict, too much noise or visual stimulation for example.  If this is you, I suggest you heed to this advice. You need to be regenerated too. You help others, so make sure you care for yourself!

So today I took a time out. I rested and laid on the floor where the sun shone in brightly through my sliding glass doors.  I closed my eyes as the gaze of my snow covered deck faded and soon I felt the warmth of the sun’s rays shining down on my weary body.  I could feel an inner healing take place as my stress and muscle tension melted like the snow.  After about 30 minutes of bliss, my body sank down into the floor and I felt my entire spine crack and align. As I gave way from controlling my thoughts, actions, and concerns, my letting go healed my body in a big way. It was as if I just had a chiropractic adjustment. And when I woke up, my pain was gone and my head was clear.  The next thing I did was write this article to share the light with you.

For us all

Let this story be a reminder of the importance of taking time to be alone and rejuvenate in the stillness of the day.  For some people, you might need to get away to be alone.  Go for a hike in the woods, a cabin, or to a room where you’ll not be disturbed.

One way to be rejuvenated

Find a moment this week to sit quietly, relax, breathe deeply, close your eyes and envision this. See trillions of tiny cells fill each breath as you inhale and feel it light up your entire being.  Exhale and feel the tension melt away as the light relaxes you.  Just keep doing this until you feel lighter and relaxed.  To move your mind away from the worries and responsibilities of the day shift your thinking. Imagine a peaceful place.  Create an inner world that is glorious.  What would it be like?  Bring into your safe and calm space, all that brings you peace, joy and is refreshing.  Nothing other than that which brings pure light, pure delight is allowed in this place.  If something else enters this place, you quickly take a deep breath in and your exhale will fade it away.  Your imagination has the power to create whatever you want. 

After you feel refreshed, and before you open your eyes, ask yourself what you can do right away to make “your world” a better place? And carry this insight in the forefront of your mind through every waking step of your day.

Another option

Some people do find it difficult to relax on their own.  A valuable tool you might consider that works wonders for so many people is listening to one of my Rapid Results Self Hypnosis Audios.  They’re self-hypnosis because they guide your brain into an alpha theta brainwave state for transforming toxic thinking into pleasant thoughts and SO MUCH MORE. These audios are transformational.  Read more…

A powerful way to inner transformation

Coaching is a great way to reach higher levels in life, way beyond what you achieve on your own.  Coaching begins by setting up a no cost phone consultation with me to learn about your challenges and discuss how my Rapid Results Coaching program and audio series can help you.

Here’s a glimpse as to how I help coach others…

The other day I had a client who before her fourth coaching session started I asked her how the week went. She said my program was pretty intense and I responded, “YUP, it’s called “Rapid Results Coaching”, that’s what you wanted right?” She said yes…

THEN today i get this email from her…”Hi Lori, I wanted to thank you for all your help. My career is going great and I can now see my future options and direction more clearly. I am no longer frustrated and feeling uncertain about my purpose. I am confident now that I am on the right path to do bigger and better things. In spite of challenges, life is going awesome. I have been taking care of me establishing a routine and back to my positive ways. I can’t thank you enough for shocking my brain to think different and teaching me so many valuable life lessons. I am really excited for this year, its going to be the best year ever!! I think about you a lot, and admire all that you have been through, and how you got to where you are. Oh, just one more thing. We had to pick a role model and list the qualities that we like about that person. I chose you!” CS

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Lori Bestler is a nationally recognized Mind EmPowerment Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Self Help Recording Artist with MindScapes Unlimited.

Lori has helped to transform thousands of men and women’s lives through her Strategic Mind System of Success, Rapid Results Coaching Program and Audios, Retreats, Seminars and Speaking engagements. She specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independent business professionals with busy minds as well as empathic and high sensory individuals. Lori helps clients overcome barriers in thought patterns, limiting beliefs and behavior which can lead to issues such as stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and weight problems, lack of focus and follow-through, and procrastination.  Clients experience results in areas such as financial success, improved relationships, confidence, high self-esteem, stress reduction, behavior change, better health, and greater fulfillment in life.  Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Anoka, MN, assisting clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas, as well as all over the U.S.

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