Disable Stinkin’ Thinkin’

by Lori Bestler, Positive Change Expert and Mind Coach
Jeffrey M. Schwartz MD, author of Brain Lock-A four step self-treatment to change your brain chemistry, tells us that “It’s not how you feel, but what you do that counts.”  When you do the right things, feelings tend to improve as a matter of course.  But spending too much time being overly concerned about uncomfortable feelings, you may never get around to doing what it takes to actually improve. 
Depression or discomfort never will leave until you disable its power over you.  You disable the controlling force by taking control back, proving you can conquer your dilemma, and proving it is a lie.
According to the book, “The New Feminine Brain”:
Unexpressed emotions affect many areas in your brain and body. 
Unresolved, unexpressed fear, anger and sadness electrically and biochemically disrupts your brain circuits.  This in turn hurts your capacity to pay attention, learn, or remember things.  Your capacity to see or hear narrows and is distorted. 
Prolonged, unresolved negative emotions can result inhealth reactions especially if you are genetically susceptible.  You may consider Hypnosis to help you move beyond the stuck places in your subconscious mind.  In hypnosis you will pin point what needs to change and be empowered to begin a new way of thinking and doing for a better life.
Thought patterns of sadness are:
Thinking that the emotional pain will last forever
Thinking that things are hopeless, and you can’t do anything to improve the situation
Distractibility and problems paying attention
Forgetfulness and problems learning
Outward Signs:
Face frowning or dull droopy eyes
Body droopy slumped posture, slowed movements, slowed speech, slowed thoughts
Talking about things that are depressing
Criticizing, blaming, being down on things
Health Reactions:
Lack of initiative and motivation
Hollow feelings in chest, emptiness/chest pressure
Shortness of breath.  Problems swallowing.  Dizziness.
Gaining or loosing weight.  Anorexia or obesity. 
Insomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness.
Major PMS.  Depression.  Increase in cholesterol.  Increased pain. 
Inflammation in body: increased risk of heart disease and dementia.
Immune system dysfunction:  increased susceptibility to infection, autoimmune illness or cancer.
About Emotions:
Emotions have purpose to prompt our attention-to look, be aware, change, speak up. 
Emotions are contagious-pick up those from others that are positive and recognize and cast out those that are negative.
Emotions can become hidden or defective.  Renew the Spirit of your mind.  Feed it positive thinking, dream, envision a future you desire, act toward it.
“When life was not tidy, “it was the small things that helped, taken one by one and savoured,” the English writer Rumer Godden recalls in her mesmerizing memoir of passionate, authentic life well lived, A House With Four Rooms. 

Things like planting Japanese poppies, drinking very good tea out of a thin china cup, eating hot buttered crumpets, rereading a love letter.  Small things savoured, even if you have to force yourself to focus on them, is how to remain “happy when you are miserable,” and keep moving toward magnificent. 
You can decide to make big changes and hire someone like a hypnotist to help you rethink your thoughts in a healthier and more useful way. 
Or if your problem is new to you, and not a reoccurring problem, you may decide to start small and begin with our “SADness Be Gone” Audio to support your pathway to more positive thinking and emotional relief.
Did you know that you are not the same physical person you were a year ago?  You may not feel all that different but you certainly are.  Every single cell in your body, depending on the source that figure varies from 50 to 75 trillion cells, is replaced in less than a year.
Everything, your house, your town, the place you grew up as a child, changes. Nothing today, is the same tomorrow, you won’t be the same and your relationship with it won’t be the same as it was. In fact, the whole world as we know it is gone the moment we know it!
Futurist Eric Hoffer says, “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
What must you do to learn to embrace and leverage change? What are you hanging on to in your life and/or your business that no longer serves you? 


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