Embodying Highest Self

Have you ever wondered or even realized that you have a Highest Self? Sure do! Yet how do you know if you are “being” your highest or lowest self. Only one embodiment will allow you to step into the life you love and dream of. So here is the secret to unleashing the power of “being” your Highest Self.

Who are you Being?

When times are tough, ask yourself “Who am I “being” right now?”
More than likely you’re being frustrated, hopeless, anxious, worried, angry, sad, mad, emotionally exhausted, bitter, unforgiving of yourself or others, judging, feeding the inner critic.

The secret to turning off the stinking thinking that is moving you deeper into your busy brains abyss is learning how to tap into a higher state of “being”.

It helps to understand what toxic thinking is, this inner affliction that is a tormentor. When you have conflicting feelings that contradict each other; I really want this (exciting), but I still don’t have it and might not ever have it (depressing), your mind is not clear about which energetic pathway to follow. Your strongest emotion wins your attention, which is usually the painful or uncomfortable thought.

By “being” this lower self, you are increasing the bad feelings associated with lack consciousness. Eventually you feed the negative thought and grow the discomfort which pushes you deeper and deeper into the pit of darkness. This abyss state of mind paralyzes potential, shapes limiting beliefs, and then develops a bad habit where inner negative programming functions automatically behind the scenes and you are totally unaware. Eventually destructive thought patterns are continually fed, become automatized, resulting in taking over your feelings and behavior in a not so good a way.

A helpful place to start is to learn how to release the negative energy and limiting beliefs that hold you captive.  This is an effortless and powerful way to start that process.  Listen to At Peace and Confident Audio.  It is powerfully packed with a transformational script, embedded brainwaves to absorb and retain the suggestions, soothing music, all guaranteed to relax your body and rewire your thinking.

Why Master Your State of Being?

This is so important because when you’re BEING your higher self, your mindset rises up to activate feelings of empowerment. You then move toward what you want.

Yet when you are BEING your lower self, you are being upset, worried, frustrated, anxious, confused, indecisive. One solution to shift from lower self “being” to higher self “Being” that is taught in the RR Coaching program is…

Stop thinking about your problems.
Stop dwelling on what you lack.
Start being your higher self.
Start Being IN the want-imagining it as a reality.
It’s like living IN THE DREAM, right now.

You see you don’t just dream, you ARE the dream!

Your reality is the dream unfolding as you are creating it.
What you wanted 10 years ago, might be what you have now.
Yet now that you have it, it might not be what you want.
Maybe you outgrew it.
Maybe you realized that you didn’t realize all that would be involved in having what you thought you wanted. You now have more understanding. So you continue to dream, to envision, to create your reality.

Being Your Highest Self

Meditate; Enjoy the imagined experience of having what you want.
Envision, imagine it expansively, feel it…
Be the person who has it NOW-how are you different, what qualities do you have that make you feel great, better?

  • What has changed?
  • What is better?
  • How do you see, feel, hear pleasing experiences that are revealing the you are living the outcome you desire most?

The most important and I mean IMPORTANT thing you can do is first envision and feel what you want to manifest in your life. Once you are clear, you are both able to take actionable and enjoyable steps that excite you. You are more inclined to be motivated and also tenacious because you really want it. Emotions are your “power” source. Positive emotions are linked to high energy frequencies within you and around you. Like energy attracts like energy. Your reality is a direct result of the thoughts, energy, and action of the past. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, you start the process again.

Lift You UP

Another key to embodying your highest self which is what will lead you to living a best seller life is identifying when you need help. You are not here to do it alone, AND you are not expected to be good at everything—wake-up call!!! You need to put your ego down long enough to admit you need help, and there are experts willing and able to help you realize your dreams and goals. Most coaches offer a no cost consultation like we do at Mindscapes Unlimited.  Take advantage of it.  Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Remember, one thing can change everything. One belief, one step, one supportive person in your life, and it could be the catalyst to take your life up a notch where you get to enjoy and explore it a fresh.  This my friend, is what will help you live your life as an Empowered Soul!