How to Escape Worry and Enjoy Greater Success in Life

What happens when someone worries?

Basically, they think of several reasons why something might go wrong. And all of those thoughts that are ruminating in their head prompt the system of the mind to satisfy the image of struggle they’re creating. Sadly this subconscious process can easily override more constructive thoughts, sabotaging the optimal outcome they really want…Pretty destructive and self-defeating, right?

But that’s the power of worry!

Now what if you wanted something spectacular to manifest in your life? What if instead of thinking about what could go wrong, you took much more time to think about the possibilities of what could go right? 

Let’s say you want a New Truck, Job, House, Better Relationship, or Financial Success. Instead of complaining about the problems with your truck, details about the job you dislike, morning over the cost of houses on the market, dwelling about all the relationships that didn’t work out the way you wanted, and focusing on the surmounting bills you have….you thought the opposite? 

Using strategies to shift your thinking patterns and feelings will, more often than not, set you on a pathway for unleashing more positive outcomes into your life.  Immediately when you start to worry or dwell on problems, just shout to yourself “STOP IT!” Then intentionally shift the direction of your thoughts!

Start to comprehend in your mind, body and spirit, how it feels to be driving to work in a shiny new truck, completely content in the job you’re perfectly fitted for, seeing the valuable activities your doing with ease, living in a harmonious home with a wonderful partner, and noticing how wonderful it is now that your financial state provides you the ability to live the life you’re truly loving…rich, rewarding, and meaningful!

What would or could happen if you calmly sat down and listed what you want.  What if you thought for a second, how wonderful it would be for those desires to happen easily, fast, and harmoniously? Do you understand that miracles and the unexpected happen all the time!!!  Libraries are filled with books that that share these stories of people with nothing more than belief and a will to think, ask and do what it takes to make that a reality! It’s not hype, its hope in what others have revealed really works.  Why not make it yours?

What if the solutions you seek are right in front of you and would begin to flow into your reality the moment you begin to believe in them?  What if the process really was much simpler than you thought and the biggest obstacle is your own way of thinking about it?  Reality IS, though it may not be the one you’ve been choosing, that when you’re free from worry and full of faith, everything works out fine. What if in the calmness of your character the manifestation process instantly starts?  Would you begin to think differently?

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” —Tom Bodett

Moving in the pathway of one’s well-being is really what we all really want.  Yet in our efforts we often struggle.  Instead of flowing toward possibilities and letting it in, people are focused on problems and resisting their ability to allow what they want to enter into their thinking and life.

You see, it’s the amount of joy you feel that sets the system in alignment with success. Maybe today you can quiet your mind and sit in the silence of just being.  No right or wrong analogies, no I should or they should judgmental expectations, just be still.  Take some time to unwind, to soak in the sounds of nature around you.  Notice what brings you good feelings.  Notice what you like, what calms you, what is refreshing.  Smell the crisp morning air if you can.  Take a deep breath, than another…and another.  See if you can savor each satisfying experience you are awakened to, that reminds you of what you are grateful for.

Take some time to give thanks for what you have, for what is to come, and rest in the refreshment of it all.  This is where well-being begins and how manifestation makes its way into your life!!!


Author Lori Bestler; Mind Mastery Expert and Personal Development Guru, is a Strategic Mind Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, and founder and owner of the MindScapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center.

Lori has helped to transform thousands of individual’s lives through her Strategic Mind System of Success, Rapid Results Coaching Program and Mind Power Audios, and Speaking engagements. She specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independent business professionals with busy minds. Lori helps clients overcome barriers in thought patterns, limiting beliefs and behavior resulting in improving their business, relationships, health and state of well-being.  Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Lino Lakes MN, assisting clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas, as well as all over the U.S.