Never Failure – Only Feedback; Moving Forward to Realize Your Goals and Dreams 

Does fear of failure stop you dead in your tracks?


We all have goals and dreams in life.  Call them desires, wants, or ambitions, we all want something MORE, something different then what it is right now.  And in our mind and imagination, when we are planning our lives they seem excitedly doable – ambitious perhaps, yet we tell ourselves that they are possible with hard work.

Then you begin to work your plan and the real world demonstrates how life is not always as we had imagined it.  What may have appeared feasible now seems a lot more difficult.

It drives up adrenaline when we are dreaming and planning out our ambitious goals.  It is easy to sit at home and imagine yourself taking action, right?  And then when we get out into the real world and face challenges our excitement quickly turns into fear, apprehension and doubt far to quickly. 

The reasons vary – from falling into the “comparison trap” thinking that others are far more capable and accomplished than yourself, or becoming stuck in the “seeking approval” quicksand worrying compulsively what people will think of us.  It could come from not knowing exactly what to do, or worse yet, being paralyzed from trying to be “perfect”; pretending that you need to do or be more or that the circumstances are not exactly right… All of these reasons usually stem from the root cause of having a fear of failure.

We are a proud people, we don’t like to admit defeat, or confess that we can’t do something.

We often protect our ego’s at all costs, and sometimes trick ourselves to believe subconsciously that by putting something off we won’t fail, pretending we can maintain our self-esteem by protecting our image.  Yet this false sense of security causes a severe behavior pattern of procrastination and success is seldom realized.  Confidence in turn suffers and low self-esteem creeps in and grows more debilitating each day you put off taking action.  This step could truly be a huge turning point in life and a victory that builds your confidence, increases success, and enhances the skills necessary to take you even farther. 

Digest this fully now…there is no such thing as failure – every action is a teacher and a lesson learned to grow on.  The only REAL failure is a lack of action.

Time for Your Breakthrough!

Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  If nothing changes, nothing changes. To achieve something different we need to do something different, and this often involves getting out of our comfort zone and casting our vulnerable pride aside. 

When you take the first steps in any pursuit – whether it is starting a weight loss program, giving up a bad habit like stop smoking, or striving to achieve a big business goal like increasing sales by 50% often failure in something is inevitable. Yet with each failure comes a fresh start for something better when you are learning from them.  What really matters is how you perceive mistakes and set backs – some people actually embrace failure – knowing that they are moving forward and with each action getting closer to achieving an amazing outcome.  

What I have learned in life is that often my goals are achieved in ways I had ever even imagined, in ways much more advantageous than I had hoped.  With each victory, each goal achieved I can now frame failure and mistakes in the landscape of my mind as a positive outcome that is attached to an expectant hope that something even better is on the way– I can accept failure as inevitable and no longer give any of my precious energy away by being consumed with worrying about it.  Failure is the first step on the path to success, and it is impossible for anyone who has a dream to know exactly how it will play out.  So the goal to keep in mind in the process of achieving any goal is to enjoy the journey.  Go easier on yourself and simply adjust to your unfolding set of circumstances and you will very likely experience many more successes than failures guaranteed. 

People Who Are Successful Failed At First! 

Famous Failures

On the way to success people who are industry leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, typically have experienced failure on a massive scale. They have encountered many obstacles and overcame them. 

Take the… 

• Entrepreneur my business colleague told me about last week, who failed and filed bankrupsy in his first year of business then went on to now own 5 different and successful businesses. 

• Person who is petrified when she first had to do a public speaking presentation; experiencing sweaty palms, hives, fear, forgetfulness and racing heart – and today speaks in front of audiences that number in the hundreds.  This is me by the way. 

• Person, my friend Scott, who finally shed the 180 extra pounds that he had carried around for years. He spent years trying different diets, learning what works and what doesn’t and through persistence learned about hypnosis and finally found what works really well for him. 

A great way to create a healthy mindset about failure is this analogy of a rocket aimed at the moon.  Scientists say that a rocket flying to the moon “fails” every few seconds – it is constantly just a millimeter off course.  This would mean it would miss the moon completely. However, the course is constantly altered by adjusting the trajectory. This fine-tuning puts the rocket back on course. Eventually the rocket reaches the moon and the whole world sees this as a massive success.  The key is to not look at the failure, but focus on dealing with the bends in the road, and changing to adapt. 

Failure is nothing more than feedback.  Each condition that is not what you had hoped it would be can be a beneficial lesson you needed to learn and help put you back on the path to success. 

Anytime you start fearing action or failure, immediately say in your mind, “STOP IT”.  Then START OVER.  Once you do this consistently to break the pattern of fear, you will soon lose the fear of failure and start taking positive steps towards your goals. Do this process repeatedly and then it will become second nature to you.  I invite you to live your life by these “mindsets” and measure your success by the obstacles you’ve overcome as well as goals achieved.  

I truly wish you the best of success and all the world has to give, Lori.


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