FUN, ENGAGING, AND ENERGIZING Seminar Series for Women

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This series aspires to bring you through an intimate journey with yourself. As you progress from beginning to end of this program your thoughts will become more positive, your confidence will grow, and your view of yourself and your future will be revived. We will do some mental housecleaning lessons to remove the clutter of “stinkin thinkin,” and have fun doing personal discover exercise.

I. Essence of Positive Thinking for a Happier You. This session will help you discover the thought processes that frame your “Self.” You will learn how your thoughts become your destiny. We will empower you to burst through thought barriers that keep you stuck and help you grow in a healthy new way.

II. Igniting and Unleashing the Power of Perception for Emotional Well-being and Personal Growth. The emotions you have can be healthy and great teachers, or destructive and cause serious illness if we don’t understand how they work. Have you ever felt offended? Are you easily hurt by what people say? Emotions affect self-esteem, personal growth, and our relationships. Learn how to take charge of your mind and emotions for a happier you.

III. Increasing Potential for Greater Fulfillment. Are you ready to live a life full of unimaginable possibilities that express the person you love to be? Women have enormous capabilities that often are unrealized, undeveloped, or unexpressed. This last session will show you how to enlarge your vision, magnify your strengths, and expand your abilities and talents beyond what you thought was possible. Develop an exciting focus that will take you to a higher level of fulfillment.

FRESH START for Women* 60-Minute Keynote: Have you struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or think it’s too hard to move beyond the stuck, unenergized, unfulfilled state of living. Know you’re not alone. There is so much more to life. So many women can easily give so much that they leave nothing for themselves, forget who they are, and what value they bring to the world. Take the time to recreate a new mindset that reveals and releases who you really are so you can start doing what you were destined to do! Stand True-Stand Up-Stand Out! Start Today.

This program is great for women who are on their journey back to wellness and wholeness.

  • Find the courage to live according to your authentic self and embrace the real you.
  • Learn how to channel your thoughts, beliefs and energy most effectively for positive outcomes
  • Recreate a new mindset for finding greater success and fulfillment in life.



Location: Stillwater High School
Register: Stillwater Community Education (Adult Enrichment-Health and Safety)

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