STRESSED…Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • Burnt out, stressed out, rundown and tired?
  • Out of balance; out of control, feel anxious?
  • Frustrated with mind racing constantly?
  • Too much to do; not enough time for fun, family or relaxation.
  • I’m never able to get my “to do” list all done.
  • Interruptions throw me in a tail spin.
  • I procrastinate on challenging and important activities.
  • Less satisfied with what I’m doing because of lack of completion.
  • Too many priorities; often feel unprepared, incapable and pressured?


  • Distractions and the urgent rule my life more than focusing on goals?

MindSoar Wellness Center CAN HELP

Mission Statement:

MindScapes Unlimited presents the MindSoar Wellness Center for the mind.  MindSoar is dedicated to the purpose of offering the highest quality Stress Reduction, Positive Change and Personal Success Seminars, workshops, keynotes and coaching anywhere along with lifelong support to our clients.

The MindSoar Wellness Center is a place to…well, think well, and relax, and get re-energized and leave feeling better than you have in a long time! 


  • Enjoy Stressless, Effortless Workouts.
  • Heal with Powerful Relaxation and Stress Reduction Sessions.
  • Gain the Power to Achieve What You Want More of and Find the Freedom to Overcome What You Want Less of for Lasting Dynamic Change and Growth Both Personally and Professionally.


In the month of July and August we are offering a free 1/2 hour Stress Management Session to sample our center and services.  Enjoy results over the phone or at our comfortable facility designed with the utmost care to create a welcoming and refreshing environment for our clients.


Simply call Lori at 651-464-9034 or Contact Us on our website today and schedule your free session before the dates and times are booked up.