Empowering Women to S.O.A.R.-Start Over Authentically Restored

Where Amazing Women Grow Wings and Dare to Do Great Things

Learn How to Rise Above Adversity, Live More Fuliflled, and Fly Free Toward Your Dreams

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In this Engaging, Energizing and Educational Keynote women will learn how to manage their mind and manifest the life they want.

Have you struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or think it’s too hard to move beyond the stuck, unenergized, unfulfilled state of living. Know you’re not alone. There is so much more to life. So many women can easily give so much that they leave nothing for themselves, forget who they are, and what value they bring to the world. Take the time to recreate a new mindset that reveals and releases who you really are so you can start doing what you were destined to do!


Stand True-Stand Up-Stand Out!


This presentation is designed for women who want to move ahead in their journey. Enjoy fresh possibilities for self-awareness and unleashing your enormous potential. This program is great for connecting with others who, like you, are on their journey back to wellness and wholeness.


  • Gain an appreciation of your authentic self to embrace the real you.
  • Burst out of your captive cocoon with courage and confidence. 
  • Learn how to channel your energy and thoughts most effectively for positive outcomes, and recreate a new mindset for revealing and releasing greater fulfillment into your life.


Lori Bestler will share her story of overcoming numerous adversities, determined to live a life of no regrets. You will be inspired and empowered to move ahead, encouraged that better days are just around the corner.


Once Betrayed and Broken, Ms. Bestler says that her life is now BETTER THAN EVER!


Does that sound good to you? If so, Lori invites you to travel with her in this journey of authentic living.

“If I do not live according to my authentic self, my entire life will be nothing more than a lie!” Lori Bestler


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