Get “F.I.T.” for Achieving Goals

When we set challenging goals for ourselves, and we’re not disciplined or taking responsibility to care for our mental and physical health, we’ll struggle. The key is to take little steps that will make a big difference in the long run and daily in your quality of life.

To help you get started, here are “Four Indispensable Tips” that can help you stay “Fit” for achieving success:

1. Encourage Yourself! If you have a judge in your head who criticizes you for being disorganized, making mistakes, or distracted from your goals, speak to that voice as though it were a defective transmitter: Turn the dial as though you have a bad connection. Tune into the truth and tell your mind that the message it is receiving is wrong. Say OUTLOUD, “I’m not lazy. I refuse to beat up or put myself down”! Speak to yourself as you would a best friend. Focus on what you’re doing right instead of on what you are doing wrong. Every time you catch yourself speaking negatively to yourself, turn that thought around. Think in terms of opposites. I am so slow/I am a thorough person and take time to learn. Encourage yourself, you will go so much farther in life when you do.

2. Cut Yourself Some Slack. If your best friend, co-worker, or child falter, you encourage them, you don’t beat them up. Learn to cultivate the same compassion for yourself! The number one reason for self-sabotage is perfectionism. Their are three reasons for success-sabotage and they are the culprits that rule your unconscious mind.  Lori Bestler’s unique coaching program can cast out them culprits so that your confidence can grow.  Remember, if you can’t do it perfectly, do it imperfectly. If you have a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad month, acknowledge that you are off track and recommit! All it takes is renewed commitment to get back to working your plan!

3. Exercise Your Body. Moving cardiovascularly every day is an essential aspect of keeping your energy high and your spirit soaring. If you can’t bear the thought of hopping on the treadmill, take an invigorating walk in the park, take a swim, jump on a mini trampoline while watching television, or turn on some music and dance! If you’re crunched for time, break up your walking into ten to fifteen minutes before work, during lunch, or after dinner. Walk up escalators and stairs. There are plenty of opportunities to exercise and your body will serve you well for your efforts!

4. Practice Self Nurturing. Take care of yourself as you take care of a pet or plant. You would take the dog out for a walk every day and insure that you fed it. And if you noticed your plant wilting, you would water it, right? Why, well it would loose it’s life and dry out. Make sure you do the same for yourself! Eat healthy, exercise, and quench your thirst.

You cannot fix yourself because you are not broken.
The more you try to fix, the more you find to fix.
Only wholeness heals.
— Alan Cohen

Remember, sometimes it is difficult to accomplish challenging goals on your own.  You may have issues with your thinking, your debilitating memories that have ineffectively framed your “mindsets”, or need help assessing, developing and being accountable to your goals.  Get the effective support you need to move positively forward in life.  You deserve it.

Live Well! Stay F.I.T.!

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