Getting the Most out of Mind-Power Audios

*Listen to all our MindScapes self-hypnosis audios with headphones, while in a relaxed position and in a semi alert state.  Make sure the left speaker is in left ear and right speaker is in right ear for specific suggestions to speak to the targeted hemisphere of the brain. Sitting in a lounge chair or on a couch with pillows to prop you up is ideal so as not to fall asleep if you want to get the most out of our recordings.

Do not fret if you fall asleep, the brain entrainment sound waves will still offer benefits and the subconscious mind always hears, as studies suggest.  Most clients do admit, when listening in an “altered” and very relaxed state, not sleeping, is when they experience the greatest amount of benefits.  Either way, you will experience benefits.

Refrain from “learning” and just “listen and notice” what suggestions move your emotions, or jump out at you.  These are messengers that your mind needs to hear.  Each time you listen you may notice you notice different things.

Listening to MindScapes audios is a lifestyle, not a one time deal.  These amazing audios train the brain, so listening often, gets your mind, emotions and brainwaves in shape to achieve the recordings desired results.

Our Surge and Soar motivational audio is an exception.  Listening with headphones will alert your brainwaves and enhance feeling more energized weather you are listening while resting or while exercising.  However you can listen to this audio in the morning to wake you up on speakers as well.

Customers say that the benefits of our audios surpass anything they’ve experienced before…

We offer FOUR amazing layers;

  1. Brainwave Entrainment
  2. Nature sound clips to enhance peaceful feelings
  3. Soothing music that is calming to enable immediate relaxation
  4. Powerful suggestions that will quickly shift you from feeling down and out of control, to being self-empowered and confident.

Suggestions are designed to go into the specific brain hemisphere for optimal effect, utilizing the right and left hemisphere of the brain at the same and at different times, shaping a balanced brain for enhancing focus after session.

We also use our secret echo system to enhance experience for busy minds. 

If you don’t have a busy mind, Mind Power audios can work for you too.