Living the GREAT Life Exists… In the Eyes of the Beholder

By Lori Bestler-Positive Change Expert and Mind Coach

Recently I had a very dear friend tell me that I was living a fantasy.  The way he viewed what was realistic and the way I viewed what was possible caused a clash of perceptions and interpretations.  Both wanting to live our best life possible, we became challenged by deciding how to do that together.
Certainly we had different coping methods consisting of thoughts, beliefs and behavior, as our means of living in the now for the future.
Days passed as I relived that conversation numerous times in my mind, hearing what I felt were offensive words, feeling a bit betrayed and rather wounded for several weeks.
Then one day I had a switch flip in a different direction in my thinking, like someone turned on the light. 
I thought, well didn’t’ people think that Benjamin Franklin was living a fantasy while he worked relentlessly to invent electricity?  Didn’t naysayers and doubters say the Wright Brothers were living a fantasy when they believed they could find a means to enable man to fly?  Didn’t numerous in the box traditionalists at first think people we now admire today were living a fantasy?  How many people thought Amelia Earhart was living a fantasy believing she would be the first women to fly around the world?  Who thought Rosa parks was crazy to fantasize that blacks would ride the bus in dignity?   How many people doubted the daring individuals who fantasized they would fly a man to the moon?
Soon, as my mind wandered off from one person’s limiting perception to numerous others who had a fantasy that came true, I became more confident that my expectancies were founded in some way.  I found a fresh inner strength growing within my spirit encouraging me to hold fast to my fantasies regardless of what others think.

In truth, our country was founded on fantasy.  Of course for fantasy to become reality, this requires a plan, a commitment, a focused effort to move toward such a passionate burden that burns deep within the soul.

Is not fantasy that which brings dreams to life?  Is it not a gift when the imagination is given permission to soar, in living color, limitless in its desires, full of meaning and hope for something good, better, or GREAT?

Granted some people can fantasize for too much and be ungrounded, unstable, and get into trouble when they do not have boundaries.  Some people can dream, and be so dreamy that they never act, never do anything to bring their dreams into a reality.  Fantasy requires action for your dreams to come true.  Otherwise they are merely fleeting thoughts unfortunately filling up useful space in your amazing mind.

Fulfilling dreams and your deeply seated fantasies, is seldom easy.  Often much patience, persistence and unrelenting passionate focus is required in the wonderful grueling world of living dreams come true.

To realize your dreams, you must surround yourself with ambitious, positive and forward thinking and constantly moving ahead people.  Supportive and optimistic people are necessary to your success beyond being nice to have. They are required for you to achieve big goals.

So the next time you’re surrounded by someone who wants to put you down or rain on your parade, kindly and excitedly walk away.  In some cases RUN away.  Simply thank God that you’re not stuck in the same limiting “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ “ rut.  Give others permission to be, think and do what they want.   Let go and stand strong. 

Far too many people are so afraid of change, fearful of taking hold of the miracle right in front of their eyes.  When they choose to live in their fear they cannot see the blessing that awaits them.

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” James R. Cook

Fly free in your dreams.  Let your spirit soar.  Soon you’ll experience the amazingness of living the impossible.  If you’re stuck, get support.  Hire a coach.

And as this “thought” may assume many things, one of which assumes that the statement “you’re living a fantasy” is intended to be a put down, in truth, it could easily simply be an inner fear, precaution, or personal perception expressing its self.  This could have had nothing to do with “me”.  Every statement shared is certainly a person’s means of expressing their soul for their own sake.

Do we all not do what we feel is best either to avoid pain or activate pleasure?  We self protect to a fault.  We interpret events based on an ineffective conscious mind that reacts based on an ill formed subconscious mind.  And the beauty in all that irony is that we all walk down this same road of evolving minds and personal growth.

The reality of relationships, if reality is in fact ever reality in essence, is this…based on our focus we are forever doing one of two things in a greater capacity– living abundantly or dying. 

We can become the authors of our own best selling book, or the architects of our own misfortune.  When we grow in systems of multiple perceptions, needs, and wants, our unnatural selves are formed.  Thus, misfortune often leads the way.

Forced to abide by the “rules” with in the systems we strive to survive in, our “self” yearns to thrive in it’s deeply seated truths.  Daily struggling to adapt to numerous systems that set the stage for our life, we are pushed to conform to their ideologies or pay the price.

Difficult it is, to know what to do.  Decisions plague a person daily.  Conform, adapt, or break-free from others persuasions and soar according to the song you sing deep within your heart.  I dare to encourage you to not die with your song still in your imprisoned soul.  This is a daily reminder that the path is not always easy to find.  Life is all about choices and making decisions, or not.  Listen to your inner voice and assure that you will not be 80 or 90 years old wondering if your life has been wrong, a lie, and filling you with regrets?

As we grow older, do we not begin to decipher the remains of the past?  As archaeology, theology, and many other ancient era interpretations attempt to make meaning from, however questionable they may be, we learn that differences of opinions and dualities of definitions have and likely will exist endlessly.

Forever there will be divisions and diversity in thought.  For to remove one or the other, would bring forth a greater destruction to human kind.  One sharpens the other.  Thought is a two edged sword.  Existing in a robotic life style, where lack of expression and passion paralyze the spirit, would stifle human nature, would it not?  To learn, to experience, to work through conflict, to suffer, and to succeed is a continuum of what enlightens and makes life worth living.  Life challenges the beliefs of human kind and stirs up the emotions in ways nothing else can.

Today as I bring forth my thoughts, from pen to paper, I shall close by expanding on a comment I read this morning from my daily devotional.  Let this insight give you greater courage and peace of mind.

To fully take advantage of living the “GREAT” life, I encourage you to move beyond your afflictive thoughts that cause inner turmoil.  Instead give your energy to where it is profitable; prospering in mind, body and in the spirit of love.  To do that we must each stop being over concerned about our personal perceptions and points of view and start by focusing on reinventing our “self”.  Pursuit of His Presence-Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Revisit a fresh perspective each day.  Learn the lessons from the past and move on.  Possess a wonderful expectancy about the future, and be fully present and committed to making each moment a miracle.  Capture the awe that surrounds you versus giving way to the disappointments.  Feed the thoughts that give you peace of mind, joy, and an imagination that makes what you hope for become a reality.

Make each moment a journey, an opportunity to discover those things that take your breath away and nurture a life you’ll never forget or regret.  Live in an unmistakable reality where reality is a mere illusion.  Accept each day as way to manifest what your heart desires and soul requires to be your best self daily.

Best self to me is an expression for experiencing life fully, without fear, so you can grow.  This does not mean being perfect, for there is no such thing.  Perfection is merely another illusion.  To be your best self is to be true to you, embracing what matters most, letting go of what paralyzes you, and living in the most profound reality you can create.

Live out of the abundance you have, however trivial you may think it is at times, while on your way to so much more.  Be blessed and be a blessing to others.  Such as this, is truly living the GREAT life.

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