Extraordinary Coach

 Extraordinary Results – Extraordinary Success – Extraordinary Life
…With Strategic Mind Coaching


Lori helps clients the areas of: 

  • Health and wellness; holistic health, nutrition; weight loss, sugar addiction
  • Remove negative thinking patterns, build positive self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem
  • Busy Mind; stress reduction, sleep issues, anxiety, unfocused, procrastination

She has decades of experience in how to help clients:

  • Build a successful business or career
  • Balance work and family or improve relationships
  • Overcome adversity, overwhelm, fears and doubts
  • And get focused, build confidence, and be clear on your desires and direction to live the life you love! 
Lori also has over 28 years in the personal development and professional growth fields. That means she can help with training teams or individuals in the areas of:
  • time management
  • effective inner/outer communication
  • power of visualization
  • emotional intelligence
  • mindfulness
  • sales
  • goal setting and strategic planning

That is why people say that Lori is an extraordinary coach.  She has vasts amounts of tools and knowledge to help clients get from where they are to where they want to be; healthy, financially wealthy, and in wonderful state of well-being. 

Results-Driven Coaching

Go Ahead!  Take Hold of Your Future; Unlock Your Potential and Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

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