7 Ways to Manage a Busy Mind-ADHD, Naturally

by Lori Bestler, CH

Sadly, many adults and teens with busy minds, who are possibly struggling with symptoms of ADHD, believe that medication is the only or best solution.  The fact is there are many natural approaches that can make a difference.  Several natural solutions can even help to reduce or eliminate medication and we work in conjunction with medical providers to assure you are given the best care possible (always check with your doctor before altering prescribed doses).  

  1. Many people have found that Neuro Stimulation, as found in MindScapes Audios, for instance, uses mind programming and brain wave entrainment to lengthen the effectiveness period of time that the ADHD medication works.  A good choice to listen to regularly and reduce hypertension, stress and anxiety is “Breathe and Be Empowered“, our best selling audio.

  3. Make sure your sleep is good quality sleep and you sleep at least 7-8 hours a night.  Avoid caffeine, sugar, and engaging movies that stimulate the brain 2-3 hours before bedtime.  Create a good sleep routine and stick to it.   Adequate, quality sleep calms the nervous system and allows the body and mind to correctly repair and create chemicals that support a focus.  During sleep, your mind never rests.  Your brain can work most effectively with your subconscious mind to sort all the information from the day and file it effectively in your “memory” drawers for retrieval later.  Without quality sleep, even a person who does not suffer from ADHD will feel scattered and unfocused.

  5. Wake up and meditate for 30 minutes to bring to mind what you want to get done most that day.  Plan your focus.  Take some time to think through how your day will unfold and pick 3 activities you will for sure get done that day.  This simple strategy goes a long way toward feeling more in control, and reducing stress.  Many people with busy minds and ADHD find that if they visualize how they want their day to unfold, then their day goes much more smoothly and efficiently.  Listen to “End Procrastination-In Control and Competent” before you get up and watch how much more confidently you go through the day.

  7. Get good nutrition.  Eat Protein in the morning and brain foods like celery and peanut butter, nuts, fruit lower in sugar, throughout the day with will keep you focused, energized, and balanced.  Blood sugar spikes cause stress and anxiety which lead to increased ADHD symptoms. Poor blood sugar management is well known to make people feel foggy, scattered and unfocused. Take good nutritional supplements as there are a number of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that affect ADHD.   

  9. Drink water.  Drink one 8 oz glass every hour at least.  Most people know their thirsty too late, when their dehydrated and think they need carbohydrates/sugar to get energized.  Prevent that from happening and just keep your glass full and keep sipping through out the day.

  11. Exercise each day.  Why? Moving the body in ways that prompt deep breathing and oxygenation increases the production of feel-good chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and beta-endorphins.  Out of shape?  Start where you are, and always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise routing.  I even had a client who had Fibromyalgia, exhausted and in pain, start by listening to my Surge and Soar CD while sitting in a recliner. The motivation and altering brainwaves affected her so positively that when she finished listening to the audio with her headset she got up, did the dishes and cleaned out her bedroom closet.  Rest, breathing and movement all make a difference.  The key is to do something positive.

  13. Create the optimum brain state for reducing the symptoms of ADHD; procrastination, anxiety, insomnia, and increase the ability to concentrate, build self-confidence, and achieve goals by getting a hypnosis session or listening to a self hypnosis audio. The brainwaves produced and suggestions used during a hypnosis session have been scientifically proven effective through decades of research.  And using these natural tools will train your brain to create the pattern of a focused person, naturally, and without drugs.


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This article was written by Lori Bestler-Strategic Mind Coach and Award Winning Motivational Speaker with MindScapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center.

Lori Bestler, know as the Mind Mastery Expert specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independant business professionals with busy minds who are struggling to take more control of their life, very possibly feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and stressed out. She teaches people the mechanics of the mindset that enables them to overcome barriers in beliefs and behavior to improve health, wealth and well-being. Through her Strategic Mind Coaching program and speaking engagements, Lori has helped thousands of individuals live the life they desire most. Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Lino Lakes assisting clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas. For a no cost consultation contact Lori at www.mindscapesunlimited.com .  And please join our email list for a FREE “Be Revived and Energized 10 minute MP3 download and Monthly Newsletter.

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