Mastering the Mindset of Successful People  

Rotary Club of Blaine
No image Date:  Feb 27, 2013
Speaker: Lori Bester
Topic:  Mastering the Mindset of Successful People

Are you ready to learn the secrets to take control of your business and succeed beyond expectations?  Join us in the interactive and energizing presentation and learn why all success starts in the mind, and lasting success is first and foremost an inside job.

Attendees will understand what it takes to: 

  • Overcome barriers in beliefs and behavior that causes stress, doubt, and overwhelm

  • Maximize brain potential to manage priorities better without procrastination

  • Quickly shift negative thinking to positive expectations for achieving goals with greater ease. 

Lori Bestler is known as America’s Positive Thinking and Mind Mastery Expert.  As a Strategic Mind Coach and Award Winning Motivational Speaker, she has personally taught thousands of individuals her brain based transformational formulas which work on a conscious and subconscious level for big break-throughs. Lori is a recognized leader in working with high level entrepreneurs and business professionals with busy minds to gain more control of their life and career.  For more than 26 years, she has spoken to, trained and coached thousands of men and women from all walks of life (and of all ages and backgrounds) to live a healthy life of unlimited success and well-being.  Lori runs the MINDSCAPES UNLIMITED Mind Training and Coaching Center in Lino Lakes, MN  651-260-4540 Free Consultations