Do You Need Money?

Taking my dog Coco for a walk this morning in the field, meditating and having my conversation with God as usual, I asked a question.  Lord what is the most significant thing I am to talk about as a professional speaker?

As I can talk about many things, inspiring, motivating, and educating in areas of positive change, sales excellence, mind management, and unleashing potential, I often wonder which area(s) to promote.

Immediately the words came to mind, “Power of Positive Thinking”. 

I’ve always been passionate about helping people renew the spirit of their mind to soar higher than ever before and this made full sense.  I agreed, accepted the answer and said aloud.  Yes!

As I walked over to the trash barrel to throw away my dogs doo doo that every responsible dog owner does in a public place, I looked down and there rolled up lying in the grass was money-cash-five and one dollar bills.

Now keep in mind, this is NOT the first time I’ve found money on the ground and have stories most would find to impossible to believe on that topic.  To bad I say.  Anyway, I know that far too many people want proof that what is proposed works, something measurable or else they do not come on board with the concept.  Again, what a tragedy I think.

So before you cast aside any belief that may seem a little “out there”, like hypnosis being bad for example, think again.  Check it out.  Do your research.  You’ll likely discover that you have framed your beliefs in mis-communicated information or poorly formed opinions. 

Now keep in mind, I wasn’t focused on finding money, I was focused on getting an answer.  When the thought came into my head, I agreed.  Yet when I found the money, the answer was deeply confirmed in my mind.  That’s usually how the process of meditation, seeking, even hypnosis works.  Answers come and confirmations root them deeper to grow strength and confidence from.

Today commit to opening your mind to fresh possibilities, open your mind to question more, research the beliefs and opinions of others and of yourself further.  Seek deeper truths and likely, very likely you will find much wisdom to take you to higher levels of health, happiness and success.

Believe in the Power of Positive Thinking, and watch your focus, actions, and beliefs positively change and life get better and better each day in some way.

Blessings, Lori


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