The Prosperity Student On-line Radio Interview

Attracting Prosperity Into Your Life

“Our thoughts are powerful”, explains Lori Bestler.  “What we think, what we believe, drives the actions we take and the day-to-day outcomes of our lives.”

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This episode of The Prosperity Student Radio Show, host Rebecca Metz talks with Lori Bestler, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with Mindscapes Unlimited.  Lori will share how your subconscious mind may be holding onto long forgotten memories that are still affecting you; holding back your ability to be prosperous.  Rebecca and Lori will take you through a demonstration on how the power of your thoughts can manifest in a physical way; from creating anxiety and stress to experiencing joy and peace.  Learn to shift your toxic thoughts and bring prosperity into your life!  The Prosperity Student Radio Show is only on Next Stage Online Radio, part of Next Stage Media Group.


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