Immeasurably More…

By Lori Bestler

Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, does not mean that it will never happen. Very likely, you’ve done better than you realize. You’ve helped more than you can grasp. And you’re closer than you think.

There has never been one time when I’ve wanted to achieve a goal or satisfy a deep desire that I did not make it happen.  Was it easy?  All I can say is that I made it harder than it was.  I didn’t appreciate my accomplishments.  All I focused on was what I still had to do. My thoughts, beliefs, and expectations got in the way and I imagined problems more than solutions.  I often said “I can’t, or it should have been done sooner, or I don’t have enough money or time or support.”  All sorts of useless thoughts cluttering my head caused me to think my efforts had to be excessive and I made my role harder than it needed to be which hindered my ability to stop worrying and simply enjoy the journey.

Hindsight is usually better than foresight. Yet to help you enjoy the journey more and feel less and less that it’s hard, here is what I suggest. 

Train your mind to trust that there is PLENTY of power to see you through to victory; a power you possess personally in undiscovered potential, and a power outside yourself that works in, through, and all around you.  Trust that together these resources will help you manifest your desires.

To ignite the powers and realize your goals and dreams, it takes three primary qualities:

1.  Faith; Believing in what you do not see.

2.  Courage; Willingness to do what you’ve never done before and at times will doubt you can even do.

3.  Just Do It; Do one thing and see what happens. Keep taking action.

Faith:  I once looked up the definition of the word test.  I really dislike taking test because memorization of facts and figures does not come easy for me.  However, this definition really appealed to me because it said that passing a test enables you to advance to a higher level, to qualify for the rewards ahead and enter a more pleasurable place. Well I never thought about the “pleasurable place” while in school.  I was never taught to visualize what I wanted, and imagine myself in the role and what it was that excited me, made me feel worthwhile, and satisfied my desires. Today I now understand that feelings are the root of all you do. And when you feel motivated to move toward something, and you believe you can do it somehow, you begin to shape the faith that can move your “mountains”. Each day nurture a faith that believes you have abilities beyond what you now realize you have. And have faith that outside resources are available to help.  We seldom achieve great things by ourself.

Using a power statement helps shape your faith as well.  Say it over and over again until it becomes a part of you.

The best is yettocome

And with faith in what you cannot see, you can trust that your dreams and the desires of you heart will, in time, be satisfied; especially when you believe that they are there for a good reason.

Courage:  Now I’ve never believed in the word luck, although I have held tightly to the perception that the harder a person works the luckier they seem to be. To have something you do not have requires persistent action.  No one I know has ever gained their fortune, fame or an astounding faith without investing time and effort, sometimes years of time, and mental, emotional and physical energy. They’ve always possessed tremendous courage as well.  You need tremendous courage to keep moving forward when rejection, confusion, and frustration surfaces. 

Just do it:  Lastly, what I found to be essential to making dreams a reality is to “Just do it”, just do something to move forward and be watchful for the open doors in the process.  I’ve discovered that the pathway is more clearly revealed in the process not the planning.  Having a plan is valuable. Most people use GPS’s or road maps to guide us in a specific direction. Yet you do not have to know every single detail before you can take action. You can never completely prepare for every obstacle you’ll face along the way, so quit worrying and seeking perfection.  Just start.

When you feel as if you cannot help but go after what is beckoning you beyond your comfort zone, a passionate burden of sorts, than you know it’s meant to be. You’ll always wonder “what if” and have regrets if you don’t find out what can be. Therefore, press on toward the prize…yet not for the sake of the prize but more so for the purpose of whom you meet, whose lives you change, and who you become in the process.

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This article was written by Mind Mastery Expert and Personal Development Guru Lori Bestler. She is a Strategic Mind Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, and founder and owner of the MindScapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center.

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