Beliefs that limit your ability to live a happy, healthy, and an abundant life that you love, are what hinder people from flourishing. You can recognize them by noticing:

  • When you fear making a mistake
  • When you feel like an imposter promoting your expertise
  • When you never feel as if you’re good enough
  • Or think you cannot do enough to realize your goals and dreams

Those are limitations in your mind that hold you back.

As you experience your outer world, your inner world criticizes, judges you, it disempowers you. This is what the practice of fueling limiting beliefs does.

You become guarded, avoid risks, and never really allow the “real” you to reveal itself.

Isolating yourself and avoiding anything that could cause you to feel vulnerable is common.

All those issues are like driving for miles with the emergency brake on.

I remember a time after my divorce, when I was on a date with a guy I met on  We were biking on the trails in White Bear Lake.  For some reason, after about 20 minutes, I felt exhausted.  Now keep in mind, I’m in pretty good shape for my age. Yet I was feeling very old at that time.  I was exhaustively doing my best to keep up with Greg, usually 20-40 feet ahead of me.  Then unexpectedly, Greg hit his brakes and stopped in front of me. He turned around to see where I was at and possibly take “five”.  I was very close behind him, so weak I couldn’t even squeeze the brakes that quick.  I hit his back tire and you can just imagine what happened next…

Flying through the air, both my bike and I, we landed on the ground, both a bit wounded from the experience.

Greg made sure I was ok, which I was.  I survived with a few bloody scrapes yet no broken bones or major concussion. He then looked at my bike to see if I was rideable. He spun the back tire and it quickly stopped spinning.  We came to realize what had caused my exhaustion.  The brake pads we’re rubbing tightly on the tire.  Locked in that state, it’s no wonder I felt like I had to work so hard to go anywhere.  I was fighting against a resistance that I did not know was there.  Eventually it threw me off, and I crash landed.

This is how it is in life.  We work and work and work, we do and do and do, and we tell our self that we can keep up even though we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or incompetent.

Eventually something happens…

We burn out, our body forces us to makes changes because it is shutting down with a disabling condition like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, a heart condition, or an illness.  And for some people, they cope by choosing to drink alcohol, take drugs, even over eat, or consume sugary or high carbohydrate junk food to feel better.  This pattern can turn into an out of control coping mechanism, drawing you more deeply into the pit of problems.

What if there was a way to flow in life with ease, to flourish and to feel more whole, complete and balanced?

What would life be like if thriving is your norm?

That is exactly what our focus is at Mindscapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center. We have two powerful programs to help:

The Rapid Results Mind Empowerment Coaching Program and the Rethinking Reality Retreats for women.

Depending on how extraordinary you want your life to be, and how many traps, triggers, and limiting beliefs you’ve developed over time, you could be well in the flow in as soon as 4 sessions, or a few months, and for some clients, they’ve chosen to work with me for years, keeping them in check and continually advancing toward their expansive goals. Everyone is unique.  This I do know for sure, is that my clients know if they got what they needed and are done, and if they got what they needed and want more.  It’s clear.

Here is where I recommend you start the flow. If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or even simply stuck, take a break.   The first thing you need is time alone, to rest, to rethink your situation and reconnect with your values, purpose, goals and dreams.  Sometimes we just need to meditate, or listen to a self-hypnosis audio that helps you relax, release all the muscle tension, and bring your state of “being” back to homeostasis like my Breathe and Be Empowered Audio does.  And if you find that that does not help, and your problematic issues run deeper, find a place to plug into for support.

Who is your life-line going to be? 

  • Not someone who has problems too, or is a complainer-feeling better because you’re both struggling. 
  • Not someone who continually puts you down.
  • Not someone who is unable to comprehend your circumstances because they are not at the same level of competency, drive, beliefs, or intelligence as you. 

With wise advisors plans succeed!  Find someone not equal to you, ideally they’re above you, as in competency and ability in areas you need help with.

You need to find someone who has risen out of the trenches, who has moved from adversity to success, who has a more expansive experience and wisdom that can assist you in not only breaking down barriers, and also build a rock solid foundation from which to establish your flourishing life on.

If you want to unleash greater potential, create a more balanced and prosperous life, you need someone who will help you completely change your present perspective on life and step onto a path where you realize greater potential.

You’re higher self can get you in touch with clarifying what you need, and bring onto your pathway a person who is perfectly suited to help you move forward from where you’re at.  So quiet your mind, relax, and listen.  Trust that you can and will be given that which you deeply desire and seek.