MindScapes Unlimited Training Program

Process for Positive Change and Personal Excellence

Cheering Group of Successful People

Organizations in the midst of change, wanting to increase morale and productivity, or wanting to deepen their understanding and skills in the areas of:

  • self-motivation, confidence
  • achieving peak performance
  • maximizing brain performance
  • removing negative thinking
  • conflict management
  • improving communication and influence
  • managing stress
  • emotional intelligence
  • goal setting
  • time management
  • mindfulness practices; visualization; focus, clarity
  • effective meeting facilitation
  • sales success

About the Training Programs: Lori’s programs follows her exclusively designed, one of a kind, format full of unique concepts, making her presentation a favorite amongst many. Together they make up a MindScape structure where clients find limitless possibilities to achieve personal and professional success.

At the core of everything Lori teaches, lays her concept Mind Mastery for continual positive growth and change.  To be more positive and less stressed, more productive and organized, a better communicator or listener, or influential leader, requires change.

Change is the only constant in life, and positive changes that begin in the mind, especially in the subconscious mind, last. 


Lori Bestler delivers an engaging, enlightening and educational employee empowering program — tailored to fit the client’s needs. If you’re looking for a training program that has a life-time impact, “Empowered” is perfect.

Full Day Seminar

Numerous scientific studies reveal that most people think according to how they are programmed, reactive and habitual, not based on effective thinking processes. People often believe the negative self-talk; lies we tell our self-“I am not good enough” for example. It is important to recognize the labels and definitions that try to define who we should or shouldn’t be. Learning how to think effectively enables a person to move beyond limiting beliefs, and shape a positive self-identity necessary for achieving challenging goals. 

Power to Excel; Empowering Employees to Burst Through Barriers and Unleash Human Potential:

This Full Day Interactive, Educational and Engaging Seminar Will Help Attendees:

  • Understand the Dynamics of the Mind
  • Maximizing Brain Processes and Health
  • Reduce Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Embracing Positive Change
  • Reach Higher Levels of Human Potential
  • Get Lazar Focused for Personal and Professional Growth
  • Achieve Goals with Greater Ease and Efficiency

Attending this training program will result in attendees having the tools to achieve peak performance much more rapidly, live a life of better health and well-being with less work time lost and more job satisfaction. Tools taugh help attendees achieve goals on time, overcome procrastination, and escalate the process of attracting the “right” things into their life such as attracting more customers or quality relationships.  

Learn How to Think Well to Excel and Unleash Your Full Potential for the Health and Wealth of it with Minds Scapes Unlimited.


Lori Bestler, provides customized programs to suit your organization.

Find out how skills taught such as stress management, guided imagery and NLP techniques can take your workforce to a much higher level of performance and well-being.

From small groups to large, Lori will engage everyone in your group.  An award winning national motivational speaker, Lori creates interactive programs that are motivational, memorable, and educational that people will talk about and apply tools taught for weeks and months!

Do you want a shorter program?

Let Lori teach a 2 hour workshop for your group:

  1. Power of Visualization; Learn how to use the imagination to increase focus, motivation, and success.
  2. Stress Reduction and Maximizing Brain Performance; Learn skills to be calm instantly, and utilize the brains prefrontal cortex most effectively (where decisions are made).
  3. Moving Beyond the Negative Thinking Traps; Building confidence, cohesive relationships, and emotional intelligence to resolve conflict.

Training is dynamic, interactive, and uniquely inspires attendees to put lessons into action right away.

Lori is also available for speaking engagements in the Twin Cities Metro area and nationally.  Read More>>

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