Amazing Way to Start 2011 STRONG

A goal is nothing but a dream with a deadline. 

How important is it to know what you want and where you’re going?  A study of the graduates of one Harvard class thirty years later says it all; 80 percent had no specific goals, 15 percent had only ones they thought about, and 5 percent had written goals (dreams with deadlines).  The 5 percent, measured by net assets, had not only surpassed the goals they wrote down, for themselves but, as a group, had more net worth than the other 95 percent combined.  IMPRESSIVE, don’t you agree?

Creating a road map is necessary if we are to become successful individuals.  Our goals drive us, they allow us to shape our future and provide us with the ability to grow and excel in each endeavor.   OH, the possibilities!

Throughout the years of coaching professionals, I have come to recognize that very few individuals actually write down goals for themselves, which quite frankly shocks me. On average, two or three out of 50 admit to having goals, and typically only one person will actually have their goals written down and monitor it.

Even worse, many cannot even imagine what their ideal life would look like.  For some it is almost as if they were unworthy of anything better.  Hypnosis has helped my professional clients in this area tremendously.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

What would happen if you got into your car and drove off not knowing your next destination? Where would you end up?

It is important to remember that in order to achieve our goals we must take time to envision what you want.  Then document them and draw the rough draft of the map.  This is FAR more then most people do.

Before I begin developing my plan for the New Year, I evaluate what I have accomplished, and review everything that has manifested throughout the year. It always makes me smile when I see what I DID achieve.  I often notice that the goals which had a strong desire attached to them, really wanting to achieve them with a burning desire, even if I did not really know how I would get them accomplished, got achieved…amazing how that works! 

I have learned that it is very important to recognize my successes.  This motivates me to create new goals for the coming year.  It also assures that goals are being accomplished and my confidence grows with revived energy.  Soon exhilaration fills my being and opens my mind to future possibilities. This process gives me permission to live fully today with the future in mind, assured that good outcomes will happen in the year ahead. 

Each day desire to finish strong, doing your ultimate best.  You may not always meet all your expectations, yet you recognize that you are growing stronger and getting closer to achieving you goal.  

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