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Success Strategy # 3:  Develop Positive Thinking  

Today’s successful people earn their lofty status in part because they have a great attitude. By investing in yourself through professional training and personal enrichment, you can create the positive outcomes you desire.

When you get right down to it, success is fairly simple.  Positive attitudes and positive energy bring good results.  And negative attitudes and negative energy bring bad results.

In these times of change and challenge, you simply can’t afford to be negative.  A negative outlook will defeat you faster than anything else…faster than a faltering economy, a lost pay check, or a floundering relationship.  When you’re positive, you not only get through the tough times at work and at home, but you also have the tools to make great things happen.   

According to John Maxwell, leadership expert and best selling author, “Some may even think in tough times such as these that it’s not the time to think about pursuing dreams, right? Wrong! The truth is this is the time when dreams flourish–when we’re forced to think differently and pursue creative alternatives.” 

Try this regimen to develop a positive attitude and thinking processes. 

6:00 a.m.  Wake up Check up
Before you get out of bed, take a deep breath and put positive thoughts in your head:

  • Give thanks for what is good.
  • Grow an attitude of gratitude.
  • Gather your thoughts to acknowledge what three goals are most important to accomplish in the day ahead.
  • Then get out of bed, embrace the day with enthusiasm, and trust that it will be a great day knowing you will do your best and your best is good enough.

A super way to start your day is to open your eyes, and before you start to think about all the challenges ahead, just look up, give thanks for the good to come, acknowledge what you are grateful for, and smile.  You’ll immediately feel a bit more motivated, energized, and hopeful about what is to come.
And as you may think that doing this daily maybe a bit tedious or feel useless, yet I sincerely encourage you to disregard these feelings.  At this stage of morning consciousness, feelings are irrelevant.  Trust me, it’s the thankful, being grateful attitude that gets locked into your subconscious mind and sets the stage for a great day to unfold.  After you get into the habit of daily expressing the positive, it will soon become a natural, inspiring and ingrained part of you that offers numerous rewards.  

Now, if you really want to get good at maintaining a positive attitude, then add to your daily regimen, the mid-day mental makeover.  


12:00 Noon: 

Mid-day in the work day Mental MakeoverRight before lunch is a great time to do a check up of your thoughts and body condition.  Take time to perk up and think positive. Take a moment to become aware of your energy levels, motivation, and the thoughts in your head.  Notice how often you’re thinking self-defeating thoughts. 

Negative thinking will steal your joy, your energy, and your ability to achieve your goals faster than anything I know. When you catch yourself thinking, I can’t, feeling fearful, doubtful or putting yourself down, tell your thoughts to “Stop”. Then take three minutes to pump in your mind some powerful, positive and peppy self-talk. 

If you’re feeling drained and defeated about a deadline, project, or presentation, imagine how you will feel when it is over.  You might also acknowledge the times you’ve accomplished challenging activities before, surviving and succeeding.  Then simply say “I can do it”, being assured now that you can do it again.

Keep in mind that when you make work and responsibilities sound like such a chore, thinking that you “HAVE TO DO” something, you subconsciously are thinking you don’t have any other options.  Deep inside you feel forced, as if you have no control over the situation.  When this is the case, how can you feel confident and embrace the challenges ahead with enthusiasm. How can you ever enjoy something you think you have no control over?” 

Keep in mind that negative thoughts produce negative words, and negative words produce negative behaviors, and negative behaviors produce negative consequences; ill health, low self-esteem, and poor relationships often result.     

More stress, less success, more doubt, less courage, more fear, less confidence also can manifest in and around you from the seeds of negative thinking.  You can feel paralyzed and begin thinking that you’re living in a prison when in fact the prison is in your mind.  

So as you do your morning wake-up check up and your mid-day mental makeover, pay particular attention to your thoughts and words.  Cast out the negative thoughts when they come.  Start feeding positive self-talk into your daily routine and you’ll soon realize that when you think well, truly you do excel, unleash your enormous potential, and live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life.  

Positively Living, Lori


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