The Power to Never Be Stuck in Powerlessness Again

by Lori Bestler-Positive Change Expert and Mind Coach

In one way or another, most people often feel “trapped” by life. They can easily become consumed by the thought that their circumstances will last forever and there is no way out.  If it weren’t true, people wouldn’t spend as much time trying to “escape” circumstances by denial, addictions; over eating, smoking, drugs, drinking excessively and falling into a pit of depression.

Far too often people today are so involved with overwhelm and stuck in a “stinkin’ thinkin’ rut, they never consider this important question: what if the condition they wish to escape were only a generalized misinterpretation, an illusion that feels real? How would such awareness change our lives?

Let’s look into these two questions, starting with the feeling of being trapped.

What do we know about “Stuckness”, which can be described as hopelessness?  For one thing, the perception it is neither gender nor economically selective; everyone has a share of this unwanted state of self doubt. We also know that no one would remain feeling trapped if they had the power-tools, to change their condition.

Consider for a moment that millions of people frequently feel powerless every day. And when we see no solution to our situation, confusion clouds our cognitive processes and increases stress in our body. Frustration grows. We feel imprisoned behind a wall of fearful expectations.

There is a way to a life that is not overcome by such limitations.  You can uncover the root of this powerless feeling — and release yourself from it — first by discovering the nature of the illusion that creates it.

For most of us the mindset gets shaped like this: “Why did he have to do that?” or — “Life isn’t fair!” or “Why can’t I ever get anything right?” But these reasons are not the source of our pressing stress!

First we must see that these moments are events, not powers; they are passing conditions, not prisons. Seeing this in the light of truth, one can quickly regain their lost power.  When the “enemy” no longer has power over your thoughts the “truth” rises up so you can take your self power back.

Here are a few vital facts: the feeling of being powerless has nothing to do with what someone else did or didn’t do – or with what you did or didn’t do at any point in your life – what you are or are not capable of–regardless of your present circumstances. A little “truth” work will prove this statement.

What’s the first thing we see when we hear an opinion that runs counter to what we believe? We don’t really “see” anything at all; instead our attention is seized, absorbed by a familiar negative reaction and confused state of mind.  The feeling mind and body reaction to negatively received information, usually responds by making a person wish that the uncomfortable situation and response would just go away.

This response acts on our consciousness as a “blinding” and binding force, so all we can “see” is our own negative perception; what we wish wasn’t happening! We literally “look” at, feed, water, and grow what we don’t want to be there.

For example, when expectations get crushed, we don’t focus on fresh possibilities unfolding; all we see is the way things should have gone. We don’t see what can be with all of its positive possibilities.  By dwelling on the negative, you naturally perpetuate the problem.

We feel powerless because we’ve become a captive prisoner of a mindset that is resisting change.  You become a prisoner of your own mind struggling to escape its own negative images by staying stuck in the same stinkin’ thinkin’ rut time and time again. This is just like stepping into perceived quicksand.  Once you’re in up to your head, you see no way out and never even try to escape.  Often the reality of the situation is not what you think it is.  You may perceive that what you are in is quicksand, and in reality it is a pond with thick residue floating on the surface. You’re not stuck, but simply need to crawl forward toward the shore and you will soon find your way out.

The key is movement.  Should you choose to move, to do what you can to get past your paralyzing situation, you soon find freedom.  There is nothing but powerlessness in fighting to resist a problem; fighting with your imagination, because by law whatever we fight to resist … persists!  See beyond the muck and look to the solution found in the subconscious shore.  Soon you will see brighter days and ways of doing things better, being a better person, and living a better life than before.

The only way to liberate you from the confines of this subconscious relationship to toil is to develop a new awareness of what it costs us to remain in its captivity.

Know that there are two forces of power that operate in this world.
One power is building and life giving.  Another is destructive and brings forth death.  Keep in mind, you are either growing or dying; No in between stage.

Ask yourself, what kind of “power” do I feed when we you resent any moment for unfolding as it does, to wish it didn’t happen? Does it change the moment in any positive way? No, it does not.

Does our struggle with stinkin’ thinking and emotional pain prove that our position is right? To the contrary: the more we don’t want what is happening, the more we give power to that problem.  As you obsess over your problem, it becomes overpowering. This false perception and problem is then strengthened and our sense of control is lost as the thought becomes overpowering and paralyzing.

Freedom to Overcome

Whenever you feel like a powerless captive of some condition-thought, clinging onto a negative perception and giving “false power” strength such as worry, fear, anger, self-loathing, self-pity . . . stop the stinkin’ thinkin’.  All these negative states are a useless toxic waste that saps our joy, buries our potential, and ruins our lives whenever we embrace their empty promise of empowerment.  These thoughts are disempowering at the least and can lead to ill health and death at the most.

By contrast, real power comes by way of knowing that we already possess everything we need to succeed in any moment.

Let’s examine this important idea.

We’ve all seen what happens when — due to “unscheduled changes”, “unplanned circumstances”— our power source is suddenly unplugged. We either collapse into powerlessness, or scramble around frantically searching for ways to feel in control and empowered. Either way, we remain a captive of these reactions.

Real power lifts us above challenging circumstances; it enables us to move past fears that want to keep us stuck in a rut and cast off stinkin’ thinkin’ thoughts about the past, today, and tomorrow.

Real power is the quiet but certain understanding that everything that comes to us works for the good of us, no matter what it is.  Open your eyes, look for the blessings and you will find them, you will!

Power to Achieve

How do we enter into relationship with such pure power? We begin with a startling insight:

Human beings posses the power, the ability to choose to be empowered or disempowered – to choose from the power that is potential revealing or paralyzing –to choose which power will embody and serve their self-expression.

Those who resist change, fight to stay in their comfort zone, fight for what they believe they should have, do, be, deserve in life — who hate conflict or fear uncertainty – who want everything to be perfect, become the instrument of a power that effectively renders them powerless to do anything but struggle.

But those who realize that the only power negative states have is to create the illusion of a negative outcome. This new awareness reveals that like fees like.  What you feed you grow.  What you think you usually act accordingly. 

A great teacher and carpenteur named Jesus once said:
“Believe and as you believe so shall it be.”  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall it be.” 
“As a man thinketh of himself, so shall he become.”
“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Assuredly, if you plan for nothing, nothing you will usually get.

It takes practice to think in terms of positive outcomes, to view your situation through a futuristic lens that portrays your life as you desire it to be.

Instead of thinking about everything that is wrong, envision what can be right?  What would you rather see happen?  If this is not possible, then what else is possible?  What could be an even better outcome?

You can tap into this new power anytime we want its strength and safety.

Start by remembering that in any moment of heartache, worry, or fear, we need not suffer.  When you refuse to give this negative force your thought energy, telling yourself in your mind that this experience does not define your today or tomorrow, what you are experiencing your sense of powerless shrinks.  Acknowledge it, and overcome it.  Say, “I am frightened”, however I know I am capable of moving beyond my fear and most often what I fear never happens. Instead of feeding your negative thoughts, bring reason and a positive outcome into the picture to overpower the negative thought. 

Begin today taking control over your thought life.  That is something you can always have control over, unless of course you have some serious psychological issues.

Rather than live with the pain of a thousand regrets, allowing your lack mindedness to rule your life, simply accept the reality that dwelling over the past does not change it. The light of this new awareness empowers us to start fresh each day, in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Rather than feed anxious thoughts of worry to help us through a fearful situation, realizing that anxiety serves and empowers fear, take control of your thinking by letting go of both these destroyers.

When we dwell on our mistakes, we can never learn the lesson at hand that took us to a deeper level of understanding for personal growth.  Disregarding the lesson ensures you will meet that lesson again, along with its misery.

The light of this new awareness is empowering and helps an individual accept what life is teaching, learning the lesson and moving on.  Then the truth surprisingly sets you free, by allowing you to not dwell on the negative but learn and grow.

Negative states want to convince us we are powerless in the face of what frustrates us. However the words, “Let go and let God” take on new meaning in the midst of the “spiritual mind”. We now understand what must be done to let the Divine Light in and help us do what we can’t on our own: to know true power, we must release all bondage to it.

Often to do this a person needs help.  To tap into the “Power of the Subconscious” and renew the spirit of your mind, hypnosis is a fantastic means to make the positive changes you desire in your life.  Be it breaking through a bad habit like procrastination, smoking or losing weight, or learning how to build your confidence, self-esteem, and peak perform to achieve amazing goals, hypnosis can help.


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