It should be easy shouldn’t it?

What do I tell people I do for a living?  I coach right?  Well what kind of coach am I?  There are success coaches; sure I help people be WAY more successful.  There are business coaches, who like me, have helped many an entrepreneur rise above their procrastination and break through the bottlenecks in their business.  There are executive coaches, who like me have helped multimillionaires (one billionaire) and top corporate executives achieve goals.  There are relationship coaches, who like me have helped individuals with finding the love of their life…some call me a match maker, and others I’ve helped save their marriage, and some, well let’s just say some marriages are not meant to last forever.  I’ve also opened the eyes of some of my clients to see their career path more clearly and land the job of their dreams. So, hmmmm, does that mean a career coach?  I guess!  Yet, I ended up calling myself a “Mind Empowerment Coach”.

Where’s the category for that on google places?

Well, maybe life coach is the next best thing in those categories?  I do help with personal growth.  Yet I do also help people get healthier.  Hmmm, health coach then.  Yet, more often than not I work with entrepreneurs, so we’re back to business, helping business professionals.

The title Mind Empowerment Coach in itself should clearly depict what I do, right?

I mean, heck I’ve been coaching, um, educating, um spiritually guiding, um…wait there’s more, many more ways I’ve been empowering clients to, well, hmmmm, up level their life.

Clients have overcome numerous obstacles, regained a significant sense of self-worth, self-identity, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Is there an Up Leveling Self Coach?

Clients have risen above the inner bully, you know, that part of us all that creates self-doubt, worry, fears and all sorts of limiting beliefs that bury our dreams in a heap of negative thinking rubble.

Oh yah, let us remember those bucket loads of clients I’ve worked with that struggled with anxiety, the kind that caused phobias, kept them from feeling safe to leave the house.  That same inner critique caused many clients to feel isolated, withdrawal, and land in a place where they were unable to feel good in any social setting-panic is more like it. Many felt so alone, even and especially when they were in a room full of 100 people.

Obviously it’s obvious, isn’t it, that a Mind Empowerment Coach helps people change habits and self-defeating behavior like emotional eating, biting nails, or increase motivation to exercise, eat healthy, and as all sales professionals know, you need a coach to encourage you to pick up that 10 pound telephone to make the calls necessary to grow your business.  Focus!  Yah, I help with that too!  Busy brained entrepreneurs love my calming and brain optimizing tools.

Isn’t it easy to understand how a Mind Empowerment Coach is keen at supporting those High Sensitive People who are triggered by so much overstimulation, who are maxed out on a daily basis, find a place of purpose and peace of mind?

Or isn’t it evident that I work well with those Empaths who wear their emotions on their sleeves, picking up on the emotions and toxic energy of everyone around them?  Of course I help them protect their “inner light” so they are not so drained when around energy vampires…you know, those gloom and doom, addictive personalities, and narcissistic people they attract?  Its common knowledge that they need energy work, direction, and help with setting boundaries and being more assertive, isn’t it? Ineffective communication is a huge weakness, and needless to say, learning what, when and how to say something gives Empaths and us all the edge in life.


It should be easy to know when you’re talking to your stressed out, racing minded, anxiety ridden, negative talking, life crumbling, dream professing, intelligent, intuitive, tired, stuck, sinking friend, family member, neighbor, colleague, or stranger, that they need a Mind Empowerment Coach to help them UP LEVEL THEIR LIFE, right?