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    Why Use NLP Mind/Body Group Weight Loss Coaching Sessions?

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     Synergy and motivation

     You get to lose weight with other positive achievers

     You will not only learn how to lose weight but also love yourself…and so much more.


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    Group weight loss coaching sessions are limited in size to offer a more comfortable, supportive and motivating environment.  

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    How Many Times Have You Tried to Lose Weight?

    If you are like most people, the answer is probably “MANY!!” Think about it: you more than likely would not be reading this if you were happy with how you look and feel.  If you felt happy, self-assured, confident, and were consistently following a healthy eating and exercise plan you likely wouldn’t have a weight issue.

    You probably tried a low calorie diet like Weight Watchers, a low fat plan like the Ornish Diet, a low glycemic index diet like the South Beach, a plan your health professional has given you or a cabbage soup diet your friend turned you on to.

    You KNOW in your conscious mind that if you just stuck to the plan and added in regular exercise, you would shed the weight and your level of HEALTH AND WELL-BEING WOULD BLAST OFF — not to mention your amazing energy and positive attitude you would have due to your new appearance!

    If you lose just 10% of your body weight, studies have shown you can expect:

     Increased energy
     Improved mobility and breathing
     Deeper, more restful sleep
     Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
     Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes
     Fewer aches and pains from the reduced stress on your muscles and joints
     Reduced risk of coronary artery disease (plaque buildup in the heart)
     Prevention of angina, the chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle
     Decreased risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke

    Suddenly work becomes more motivating, leisure activities are more fun, physical body feels more comfortable, and it’s easier to have an increasing sense of purpose and positive mental outlook.
    Losing weight definitely opens the door to a higher quality of life.
    Imagine there is a proven, well-researched method, approved by the American Medical Association that would actually make you WANT to make the choices that produce a great life, living healthier and happier?
    Imagine these positive behaviors being effortless and becoming second nature, almost like you can’t NOT do it.

    In a one-year study of 160 overweight adults, researchers split people into four diet groups:

    • Weight Watchers (low calorie)
    • The Atkins Diet (low carb)
    • The Zone Diet (low glycemic index)
    • The Ornish Diet (low fat)

    Their results proved that all of these diets worked when the participants in the study followed them. Unfortunately, less than one in four were able to stay on their given diet for just one year!

    It should be noted that “no single diet produced satisfactory adherence rates.”

    So instead of looking for that “PERFECT DIET,” it makes a lot more sense to find a satisfying and successful way to maintain good health.



    If you’ve ever done your weight loss research you would discover that hypnosis is by far the safest, most researched, and effective way for you to stick to the healthy living plan you have chosen.

    So why haven’t more people sought out hypnosis?

    Miscommunication of what true hypnosis is has hindered many people from taking advantage of this medically proven field of psychology. 

    The movie portrayal and stage hypnotist image that projects hypnotists in a negative and distrusting light is far from an accurate representation of what the profession of successful hypnotherapy offers individuals seeking effective and lasting change. 

    Because hypnosis is not a clear cut scientific method like taking a weight loss drug or having surgery, many institutions unfortunately ignore the vast array of success stories. 

    Additionally, many religious institutions are not educated on what certified hypnotists do and misrepresent this profession. 

    However, this is quickly changing and many medical experts, religious leaders, and mental health professionals are adding this skill to their programs to help others and significantly increase success rates.

    Hypnosis, when practiced by a legitimate provider, is approved for use by both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.
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