Neurolinguistic Programming

As a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Lori brings even more tools into her sessions to help her clients achieve the results they desire.

Despite the thousands of people who read the books written by “overnight success” authors and attend their seminars, there hasn’t been a sudden increase in wealthy or highly effective people: why?

 Such books and presentations fail to include the subconscious mind management elements that combine with external behaviours to create successful “lasting” results. The process of changing the deep internal elements to facilitate success is known as Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP.

During this process, the structure of an individual’s experiences can be changed, improved upon, or removed with the goal of creating positive change, personal growth, and professional success.

NLP is a branch of psychology that brought about the ability to analyze and transfer human excellence, thus resulting in the most effective and practical psychology known.

In today’s world, NLP can mean the difference between reaching your goals or not.  NLP is used in conjuction with coaching and hypnosis services to enhance positive results.

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