Eclipses: An Emotionally Intense Time

On Aug. 21, 2017, America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse.  

The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles.  The last time the contiguous U.S. saw a total eclipse was in 1979.  People are planning on traveling to see the best view of the eclipse.  They are busy buying glasses to protect their eyes.  They are taking their kids out of school to be a part of creating a monumental memory as they experience a moment in our world’s history.

Now, as many are excited about being a part of history, others are struggling

Are you feeling intense tension, weird, ungrounded, emotional? 

Well you are not alone… I and many other high sensory, empathic individuals are too.

Why?  Well while so many people are excited about this special Eclipse, eclipses are known to trigger INTENSE energy that affects our bodies weeks before the actual eclipse.

Lately, I’ve had headaches, a hard time sleeping, feeling scattered, moody, and just unsettled.  Have you?

If I hadn’t heard about what happens during an eclipse I would be going insane wondering what I did or what was wrong in my life that triggered my feelings. Therefore I am sharing this information because I feel that many of my clients and followers are busy minded people, sensitive to atmospheric changes and the negative energy of others, and are likely dealing with the same thing. It is very important for your sanity to know what is happening in the universe and stay calm with what is happening in your mind and body right now instead of fighting it. I’ve read where some writers say that  Eclipses can affect us on many levels, in particular our dark (shadow) side. They note that many cultures perceived them as omens: symbols of fear and obliteration. These energies are strangely amplified causing a scattered focus and unexpected things happening

However the eclipses can also represent a turning point in our lives. I like giving my thought energy to this potentiality.  Once we comprehend that energy is just energy and that we need to surrender to it (meaning let go of whatever is not serving your health, happiness, or level of success you deeply desire), then you can do some more internal work that will calm, clarify, and rejuvenate you. When we feel discomfort we tend to think more deeply and bring to the surface the need to tend to unresolved issues stuck in the emotional body, physical body, even in the tissue. When you feel this serious unrest, its a great time to do what it takes to release this intense energy and clear the old negative energetic build up.  Here are some tips…

9 Best Tips for Releasing Intense Eclipse Energy

1.  Listen to self-hypnosis audios like BREATHE and BE EMPOWERED for calming the body and mind, imprinting positive messages into your subconscious mind and shaping your brainwaves in a healthy way.

2.  Get grounded; Touch the earth with your bare feet, garden; get your hands into the soil, spend time in the woods with the trees, listen to the sounds of nature, be by a waterfall, take a hot sea salt bath, exercise, spend time with your loving pets to get rid of stress.

3. Understand these times: emotions might run high and the sense of discernment can be distorted. Don’t buy into stinkin thinkin, thoughts triggered by emotions like fear, worry, and blowing things out of proportion.  Instead stay calm and know that this too shall pass. 

Something important such as spiritual insight, healing, completion of projects, clearer messages, significant changes, etc might come out of this chaos. Be patient.  Go with the flow for awhile.

4. Remove from your life what doesn’t work and replace it with something healthier and constructive. During this time do a serious internal house cleaning and get rid of unsupported thoughts, events, habits, even people that do not serve your highest level of excellence. An eclipse is a messenger telling you that it is time for you to grow, expand and evolve. It’s time to get rid of the stress in your life and toxic energy accumulated in your body on a daily basis during this time.  If you don’t cleans this energy from your body, you will feel incredibly tired.

5. Be aware of things getting escalated on an Ego level. During these times ego can be inflated big time!  The poor me syndrome, the victim mentality, or being reactive and insensitive of others can result.  Be careful.  When you sense your ego is trying to be in control, BREATH deeply focusing on long inhales and slow exhales, bringing awareness to your heart energy and the saying, “I am love, I am loved, I love.

6. Reduce exposure to risk during this time. Be extra cautious of any spontaneous decisions like risky investment possibilities or intense physical activities, or implementing new ideas.

7. Detox your physical body: drink lots of good water, diet detox (summer detox juices)

8. Calming and uplifting essential oils: I like clary calm, lavender to calm and wild orange and peppermint to uplift. 

9. Meditate: Eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons are very powerful times to be still, go somewhere quiet free from distractions and meditate, pray, journal.  We get a lot of insight and messages from the higher guidance during these times. 


Lori Bestler is a nationally recognized Mind EmPowerment Coach, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Self Help Recording Artist with MindScapes Unlimited.

Lori has helped to transform thousands of men and women’s lives through her Strategic Mind System of Success, Rapid Results Coaching Program and Audios, Retreats, Seminars and Speaking engagements. She specializes in working with high level entrepreneurs and independent business professionals with busy minds as well as empathic and high sensory individuals. Lori helps clients overcome barriers in thought patterns, limiting beliefs and behavior which can lead to issues such as stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and weight problems, lack of focus and follow-through, and procrastination.  Clients experience results in areas such as financial success, improved relationships, confidence, high self-esteem, stress reduction, behavior change, better health, and greater fulfillment in life.  Ms. Bestler runs a private coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Lino Lakes MN, assisting clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metropolitan Areas, as well as all over the U.S.